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    Question help

    any help with this greatly appreciated..the output of a series dc motor when connected to a 230v supply and running at 1320 rev/min is 3.5kw. the supply current for this loading is 20.5A 1.calculate torque developed 2. Operating efficiency
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    Cable tray install

    hi all Need some help here regarding cable tray installation on uneven suraface. This job was done a few weeks ago and need to wire a new supply for a sub main board. It's a new restaurant that is getting done. So need to supply power for kitchen appliances. My question is regarding cable tray...
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    Does anyone still fit panels on slate roofs

    Hi looking to see if anybody fits PVC panels on slate roofs, reason being I have 483 schueco brackets, for sale
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    pre victorian wooden building

    Hey guys, im starting a project where the building structures are as described above but at some point (possibly original) rendered on both sides. This is new to me and I would be really grateful of any info you may have for me. It is a high street and the owners would like brackets fixedto the...
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    Solar Limpets

    About to order the kit for a plain tile install next week and considering trying Solar Limpets plastic brackets. I saw them at Eco-Build and can see how they could save time (which is not really an issue at the moment). I am just wondering if they comply with regs and offer any benefit other...
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    Mounting on Redland Grovebury profiled tiles

    Hi, Looking for advice on the best way of fitting brackets with these tiles: Monier:*Redland Grovebury Roof Tile | Traditional Concrete Pantile Roof Tile Clearly if we fit brackets to the rafter, depending on where the rafter hits the tile, we will need a different height of bracket. To...
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    Panels on sagging roof

    Hi I've got a roof to do a quote for, part of which is on an old part of the house which is about 4m wide. It has recently been re-roofed but still retains the old 'sag.' Over the 4m, it probably sags about 50-60mm at the centre. Now, I could discount that part of the roof but it could take...
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    A few questions about trunking....

    I have these questions I have to answer as part of my assignment for my electrical course and I am a little stuck on these three questions. Describe how you would support trunking from brackets. How would you support lighting trunking? Describe how you would fix tray to allow fixing of cables...
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    First installation

    Anybody had any problems using a Schuco fixing brackets with curved clay tiles? Also, does it matter whether you use the pos or neg for the long cable back to the isolator?
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