1. M

    Hit a brick wall with resetting Bosch Washing machine classixx 1200 express. After changing brushes.

    hi, I qualified as a sparks in 2008 and after doing many maintenance contracts mainly with the NHS, I only have time to do private jobs and my own. It’s currentely my own that I’m in a tiswas with. I just changed my brushes on my Bosch machine WAE 24162uk/08. They were worn right down to the...
  2. D00DY_T00DY

    Washing machine capacitor

    Hi all, My washing machine is buzzing which I thought the motor was f&&*Ed but thought to test the capacitor by giving the motor a push start. Starts just fine after which confirms it for me. Anyone know any sites for spare parts? Part number is 11.126/856-324 Not sure if this is the start...
  3. A

    Makita brushes wearing out too quick

    I've got a makita impact driver, the original brushes lasted about 2 and a half years, so I bought some more (what I believe to be official makita brushes) and they lasted about 6 months. Replaced them again last week and now they've already worn out. Anyone know any reason why they would...
  4. i=p/u

    18v drill

    My drill started smoking (not an e-cig) any of you wise men know if carbon brushes can cause this or is the windings coating breaking down. the brushes are wore but not completely. Small springs push them in and thinking maybe not enough push onto the armature/rotor
  5. M

    Washing Machine Motor - Earth Fault

    Bit of a fast ball. My missus is determined to have a new washing machine! I am more determined to spend that three hundred quid wisely investing it with william hill (other bookmakers could also be used(I'm not advertising)) whilst slurping strongbow. Anyway our washing machine has wrapped...
  6. D

    sudden loss of power on 24v bosch

    My 24v Bosch had suddenly lost all its oomph, even with fully charged batteries. Could this be the brushes?
  7. G

    Carbon brushes for Drill

    My Hitachi dh36dal stopped working on me today, out of the blue.Was working fine last week. thought it was the batteries but they all measure fine. Can see the fan moving very slowly when i press the trigger. Guessing it is the carbon brushes but not had chance to open it up (otherwise am...
  8. J

    Domestic Faulty treadmill motor

    Hi all, I have very little electrical understanding and I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on a problem I'm having with the motor in a treadmill. Here is a video of the problem... Broken treadmill motor - YouTube I've asked the manufacturer for help and they supplied me with some new...
  9. the pict

    motor testing

    How the hell can I test a washing machine motor, is all the variations done by the pcb how is it reversed, speed changes I get just pick a differant colour wire and zap it with 230V, looks like my Doris is getting a new washer, bugger and I thought I was getting a weeks fishing in Pict
  10. Q

    What are these brushes or rings in AC generator for?

    Hello, I am wondering what do these brushes/rings do in an AC generator? what is their purpose? I'm a newbie..
  11. K

    Bosch 36v GBH SDS

    Got 2 of these now, however when running together, one of them which Ive had for 3 years runs slightly slower, thats with any battery. I've ordered new Brushes, do you reckon it'll speed it up, or is it on its way out? K
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