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  1. C

    Tax and test sheets checked?

    Hi all, Hypothetically speaking of course, If HMRC were ever to investigate someone can they contact your scheme to enquire about how many cerificates and jobs you have done to compare against what you have declared to the tax man?
  2. S

    Re L: Electromax Combi Electric Boiler Problem.

    Good Morning Forum. I have an issue with a customers Heatrea Sadia Electromax Combi Boiler, i was wondering if any one had much dealings with fault finding on those units. Im based in Aberdeen, going on 19 years self employed up here. 6 years ago we installed one of these Electromax Combi...
  3. beachlover

    How often should PV panels and the inverters be checked or maintained

    I'm only asking out of curiosity I am not an electrician or PV specialist I'm just a consumer and I have panels on my roof and and inverter in the loft and something else in the consumer unit. (Noob) I know nothing about them The landlord got some government funding a few years back and put...
  4. R

    Shocked/buzzed by shower faucet

    Dear All, Sorry in advance if I am posting in a wrong section but I would appreciate your help: A few days ago while having a shower I got buzzed when I touched the shower's faucet. First I though it was my imagination then I touched it again and felt it again. Although only on my finger where...
  5. K

    Distribution Circuit

    Hi all, I want to feed a small 2-way distribution board from a spare way in the main consumer unit. The new 2-way board will have either two B6 MCBs for separate lighting circuits, or there'll be one lighting circuit and a separate socket circuit. What sized breaker do I need to use in the spare...
  6. Blademan_98

    Domestic Screw through the lighting circuit

    I did something silly today :( I bought a new luminaire for the kitchen and decided to put it up as a surprise for the wife. The fitting was in a different orientation to the old one so after going through the safe isolation procedure, I removed the old fitting and screwed up the new one 90...
  7. G

    broken core work round, help please

    Hi gents, advice please new conversion, in bedroom newly decorated hi wiring was carried out about 4 years ago but this part of the house has just been finished. we have two 5A sockets for table lamps either side of where the bed will be. also have to wire in/connect the wiring for 2-way...
  8. G

    Vokera 29e fault

    Hi all i am having a bit of bother with a vokera compact 29he ,the boiler wasnt firing up the fan was just running and not trying to fire up so i thought there was a fault at the air pressure switch so took the cover off and checked the tubes were clear and the switch was clickin then turned the...
  9. K

    Domestic Power loss to wall sockets mystery resolutionr?

    Hi Apologies, I'm not an electrician, but wondered if someone could suggest a reason for the following: Last night, around 10:30, I put the tv on in my bedroom, and headed downstairs to make sure everything was locked up - ended up watching tv downstairs for a while, and eventually headed for...
  10. happyhippydad

    Screwfix sale on Timco screws..

    I wouldn't normally bother putting up any screwfix 'deals', but this one is VERY good if you fancy buying in bulk or live near a screwfix! It looks like it's just on some 'Timco' screws, so you can either follow the link supplied below, or go to the screwfix website and type in 'timco' and then...
  11. C

    Triton Cara Shower

    Hi All, Wonder if anyone has come across the same problem that I am now facing? Replaced old 8.5kw shower with new Triton Cara 8.5kw. Also replaced pull switch with new MK Double Pole 45 amp with neon. The cables are only 6 years old and are 10mm T&E with runs of around 15 ft from the board to...
  12. N

    Single Plug Socket replaced - PROBLEM!!

    Hi, i have replaced my single plug socket and am unsure of something. I know how the wiring works as in red is live, black is neutral and yellow/green is earth. There are usually two of each to go in the terminals? There are 3 earth wires and i didnt notice if all three were in the previous...
  13. brizospark

    New three phase motor winding burn out

    We have been involved in the installation of a dust extraction system which is powered by a fairly large 3 phase motor (18A). The motor was pre-wire to a control box on the side of the extraction housing and the star/delta starter was also pre-wired. The only wiring that was required was the 2...
  14. M

    TV wall aerial socket issue

    Hello All I'm looking for some advice/pointers regarding a tv aerial socket problem. I've moved into a new house where the tv signal was a bit dodgy due to a damaged wall socket (the metal femail part of the connector was damaged probably as a result of the aerial lead from the tv being...
  15. A

    3 phase problem

    Hi all This is probably very easy but for the life of me I haven't been able to discover the answer and solution. Three phase taken to a tpn fused isolator, then taken to a sub meter and split to three spn consumer units (each being sub metered again) The neutral has been taken to a Henley...
  16. L

    Neutral Fault

    Hi guys and girls I have had a phone call from a friend saying that the socket under the kitchen counter for there washing machine is not working. I tried a socket tester in it and there is a neutral fault. IRd the circuit and tested all the other sockets. All's fine. The socket is controlled...
  17. A

    low ac volt reading.

    After installing a garage unit i carried out a voltage test at the furthest point of the installation. i got a reading of 112.5 v L-N. I checked it L-E and got 242v. I ended up back at the rcd and measured the live side and got 242v. When i checked the load side i got 112.5 v. I disconnected...
  18. J

    Rcd fails test.

    Hi, I've been installing a new shower, using a shower consumer unit complete with rcd. All the tests passed, r1 And r2 were 0.23 ohms, insulation resistance was >299M ohms, polarity was correct. But when I test the rcd I cannot get it to trip. It passes when the test button is pressed but will...
  19. F

    Domestic Immersion heater and Economy 7 switches getting hot

    I have 2 switches that control my hot water, one is an Economy 7 switch the other a standard immersion heater switch. I have recently noticed that both of these switches become really hot to the touch if they are left on for about half an hour. I had noticed them become slighly warm before...
  20. M


    If I add a ring main to a fuse board in an industrial unit and certificate it and it tests fine. Then I'm only liable for the work I do, correct?
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