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  1. L

    how to wire the "soft start" of a Bosch GWS8-125 angle grinder

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to wire the "soft start" of a Bosch GWS8-125 angle grinder. There are 3 connectors : blue wire, white wire and a plug-in connector near the blue wire (see pictures). Thank you in advance. B.R. Larry.
  2. Dilwyn

    Can. I run 3 phase motor off single phase 4 wiresABC

    Can I run a 3 phase motor. Off single. Phase 3 Black wires ABC 1 earth wire. Any info. Would be great thank you.
  3. H

    Makita 110v 9 inch grinder

    I have a 3.5kva generator wich has burnt out 2 new makita grinders .. they are used for cutting 3mm steal box section .. not forced through the metal at all to be fair it hardly scratched the surface. Triped the generator half a dozen times then the grinder got slower slower and nothing...
  4. Simonslimline

    Best Cordless grinders?

    I am looking to buy a cordless grinder and just wondering what to go for! I have been looking at the dewalt 54v flexvolt range. Pretty pricey though. Anyone have any suggestions on decent, fairly priced ones? Thanks in advance.
  5. AyresomeBoro

    Makita Wall Chaser - Required Training?

    What training would be required to operate a 110V Makita wall chaser with dust extractor on a building/construction site? My employer has recently provided what I would describe as an afternoon awareness course for Makita battery power tools, in which a Makita representative briefly informed on...
  6. S

    DeWalt TSTAK system - any good

    Hi, my missus is giving me grief every time I empty the expensive gear from the motor every evening, as most gets left in the hallway. I'm also tired or making several trips with drill boxes etc to the motor, especially when I have to park up the road when the street is full. Has anyone got any...
  7. i=p/u

    Trunking and pipe

    Hello starting new job on Monday, some will say a proper sparks job instead of facility maintenance. This job involves trunking and pipe which I little experience in installing.. I've told the guy this and he said long as you don't ask what's a running coupler etc. so feel fine. But anytime I...
  8. M

    110v transformer reading 56v

    Bit confused, have a 110v grinding machine and a Caroll and meynor 110v transformer this one Portable Transformer with 2 Output Sockets 3kVA | ive hooked the two together but the grinder is running slow. I checked the voltage reading across the two poles and it reads 56v. Whats...
  9. Z

    Best drill bits for metal and stainless steel?

    Hi guys, I am sick of buying cheap or expensive drill bits which only last for a couple of drills. What do you think which exact make or model is the best and lasts longest?
  10. J

    Starrett Arbor drill bits - where from?

    Hi all, does anyone know where you can get the pilot drill bits for starrett arbors?
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