1. Gavin John Hyde

    Do you honour a guarantee on work when house is sold?

    I did some work for a lady a few months back just before christmas. she was selling the house and had me change some outdoor lights that had gone rusty, stopped working (bulbs non replaceable). Installed 4 new lights that the lady supplied (cheap LAP wall lights). Had a call this afternoon from...
  2. Davisonp

    Lightrabbit do not honour their 5 year guarantee claim.

    Be warned, Lightrabbit do not honour their 5 year guarantee claim. According to their web site, all lights sold by lightrabbit have a blanket 5 year guarantee with no conditions or further action notified on the web. I have just tried to get replacements for to lights that have failed after...
  3. Davisonp

    What LED failure rate is acceptable?

    Hi, What do people consider is an acceptable failure level for LED bulbs? I have two examples, both from TLC "LEDLite" home brand lights. 1st, I fitted 6 of their 8W filament LED bulbs with 2 years guarantee in my parents house, and 3 have failed within the first year. (50% failure in...
  4. T

    guarantee on work

    What sort of guarantee should I offer on domestic work? I was thinking along the lines of 10 years on all fixed wiring and '1st fix' work, and 'as per manufacturers guarantee' on fixtures and fittings. Does this sound about right and should I state it on my invoices?
  5. uksparks

    Guarantees On Workmanship

    Hi, Just a quick one, does anyone ever put anything in writing or even say to a customer if they guarantee the installation they have put in, for example, rewired a house. Do you ever say the cables are guaranteed for say 10 years by you parts and labor under normal conditions, excluding...
  6. S

    Underfkoor Heating

    Is it normal not to get a guarantee with underfloor heating. I had underfloor heating put in and so far I have not received the guarantee. The company have not received the form which he filled in whilst I was there but has not sent it in to the company involved. Also I discovered that he had...
  7. M

    deposit protection and insurance

    well, for the first time ever I have been asked by a customer for deposit protection and third party warranty cover. I don't want to go down the REAL route so wondered if anyone has ideas on who may provide this independantly. cheers
  8. F

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic notification

    Hi people, When notifying work on the niceic website I pay £1.50 to notify it then £1.50 for a guarantee. My question is can you get rid of the guarantee payment and how? Im doing a lot of single circuits for a new contract so although it doesn't seem a lot it will quickly add up over time...
  9. S

    Installation Guarantee Conundrum

    We offer a standard 2 year warranty on our installation work on the premis that if anything is going to happen it's going to happen in the first few days/weeks of installation and certainly within the 2 year period. We only install locally and provide a great follow up service to our customers...
  10. SolarCity

    Sanyo panels - 10 year guarantee

    Apparently, Sanyo are extending the guarantee on the HIT panels to 10 years. This is after having only 50 panels returned to them out of 2,000,000 panels produced. An impressive figure and yet another plus point for Sanyo panels.
  11. M

    Joining part P scheme

    Looking into joining either Napit or Elecsa, both seem to offer the same sort of thing however on the elecsa requirements page I saw this Guarantee Insurance Provider - You must be able to offer insurance with your guarantees and we will require the details of your provider. This is a...
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