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  1. littlespark

    Happy new year

    Some of you have already reached 2020, some still to come... but let me one of the first to welcome you all to a new decade. sitting watching jools hootenanny on bbc2... waiting for my brother in law to appear at the end with his bagpipes. i bet he still hasn’t asked for one autograph.
  2. Jay 1987


    :) Happy bday sparky chick cx
  3. Lou

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to our members across the pond! Have a wonderful day!
  4. Marcus Vaughan

    Not happy with this John Lewis design - non compliant.

    Just put this light up. 35mm gap between the shade and ceiling - you can get your hand in and touch the chock blocks. Not right is it. Not sure I can work around so I guess it’s got to come down. Not good.
  5. NDG Elecs

    My gravity flappy lid Eureka moment for happy labelling!!

    It's only took since the start of AMD3 for me to realise the powers of a magnetic level in making labelling easier!! Can't post photo though! File too big. Have screenshotted it to make it smaller but no joy. Basically the level holds the lid open! Staff /Dan /Lou - what's the maximum image...
  6. H

    Trainee From a new member and happy to join here

    I just wanna say hello I'm an electrical engineer from Iran
  7. dmxtothemax

    Happy New Years to one and all !

    To all you happy chaps out there !
  8. Kitty0307

    Not too happy with this work...

    We're first time house renovators and recently had an electrician in to replace the main board and rewire the kitchen. I'm really not too happy with the results. There are cables coming out of the wall below the sockets and running back into the floor, multiple holes around sockets and where...
  9. N

    Happy to join this community

    Very grateful to be here. hope I'll be learning many thing of my career ( Electricity ) and share with you what i can. Thank you
  10. O

    Adding a circuit to a CU your not happy with

    Hi, I have been coming across situations where I need to add a MCB into a CU and for example the CU is at the wrong height, new builds, but they are either really high or low, or wrong glands used, multiple circuits in one MCB etc etc. What do I do in this situation? Sorry I can't do the job...
  11. T

    The Happy Tradesman - 25 Characters

    I've recently stumbled across this guy on youtube. May be worth a look for anyone running there own business. The Happy Tradesman -
  12. Electrical2go

    Merry Christmas all and a fantastic New Year

    Hi All, As a forum sponsor we would like to take the time to thank you for your support. We hope you, your families and loved ones enjoy the festive period and have a fantastic and prosperous New Year. :):):) Cheers, From all at Electrical2go.
  13. Pete999

    Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year

    Just in case I get bogged down over Christmas, Mrs Pete999, and Me would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. Don't drink and drive, drink sensibly above all enjoy the break.:):tongue::thumbsup:
  14. T

    Ex forces, looking for domestic electrical experience early next year. Happy to be paid in knowledge

    Making a career change for a more stable home life in Liverpool/Northwest. Armourer by military trade but have a keen interest in perusing electrics. I will be completing domestic installation full scope, 17th edition wiring regs, c&g building regs and JIB ECS H&S. I by no means think I would...
  15. Techgenius

    Introduction cause I'm happy to be in here

    Hi Guys,I am a colledge student taking Electrical engineering in Tanzania.I am happy to be here since I know that this forum will help me increase and gain more electric knowledge.I am having a lot of difficulties in doing my assignments and homework.Hope u guys will cooperate with me and help...
  16. G

    new to site

    hi every one and welcome new to site a bit late but happy new year to all
  17. S

    New member

    Happy new year looking for knowledge and to provide some
  18. happyhippydad

    Thought I would say a Happy new year to everyone!

    Happy New year everyone. I do hope you have all had a good Christmas. I personally am happy that all the mayhem has died down and things are getting back to normal! I must say I have not spent as much time on the site since it has changed. I can't put my finger on why not. It just doesn't seem...
  19. K

    Happy New Year

    Hi I'm new to the forum and currently studying my Level 3. Great site Thanks Kevin
  20. 7029 dave

    To you all

    All the very best to you all for 2017, hope you have a good new year, going to bed soon early start.Well somebody's got to keep the lights on. Dave
  21. i=p/u

    Happy new year

    Wishing all sparks a happy new year.
  22. dmxtothemax


    From the colony - :innocent:
  23. Pete999

    Merry Christmas and a prosperous and safe new year

    Before I have far too much Red Wine I would like yo wish everyone a Happy Christmas an as the title says a good new year. good luck everyone staff included, Oh and Tel not too much of that stuff you call beer OK? :p:D:eek::oops:o_O
  24. GMES

    Incentives for staff

    Thought I would put this idea out there for discussion and hopefully get feed back. I would like to to hear from employees, Bosses & even one man bands can answer from a point of view of they used to be employed before they went solo. I will start off by saying that the three Lads I have are...
  25. B


  26. gnuuser

    whew! busy with work and school

    whew Im getting tired! job schedule at work is a bit busy and also attending schools for the fire department! doesn't leave me much time to soak up a few cold brews. hopefully it will quiet down soon but my boss is happy with my work, and the Fire Chief is very happy to have me in the...
  27. L

    Domestic Looking For Work Experience Peterborough Area

    Hi there, my name is Liam, a trainee electrician currently studying my NVQ level3 and am looking for work experience in the Peterborough city area to tick off the unit so I can qualify. I have a 125cc bike so I'm more than happy to travel but obviously I can't go too far. Willing to work for...
  28. M

    MCS 012 fire rating in roof systems

    Hi All reading the guide it mentions performance of different panels & how they react, Maybe with all the guidelines & standards we have to adopt they should have had more stringent standards on the panels in the first place & then they would not need the requirement. Evidence has emerged...
  29. happyhippydad

    Changing a battery in a remote control leads to.....

    Evening all, About 6/7/8?? months ago I was called to see a elderly client (who I had previously done one or two small jobs for) who's electric awning would not open. It turned out to be the battery in the remote control!! I had to make 2 journeys out to him and buy the 'odd' battery off the...
  30. M

    annual assessment

    just passed my annual niceic assessment! happy days!! :8:
  31. D

    Domestic 2 supplies, one board

    Talked about this on here a while back, but can't find the thread! Registering with ELECSA and going to replace my own DB for the inspector... I've currently got 2 15th Ed boards, one 4 way for the economy 7 and one 6 way for the standard supply. Thinking about replacing with a single board...
  32. vini

    Compensation for customer

    Have any of you ever tried to help a customer get compensation from another spark who left a shoddy job? Customer out £1,500 for a part rewire, no certificate and spark not prepared to finish the job or pay back any money.
  33. I

    Payment for a job.

    Just finished a job in an Indian Restaurant. The owner wanted to pay me in free meals, I said free takeaways won't pay of the overdraft. He thought for a while and then offered me peanuts. Well somethings better than nothing, so I accepted. At least it should keep the monkeys in the Bank happy...
  34. S

    bad workmanship??!

    Hi lads, just had a look at some wiring done in a friends bathroom. All looks good apart from elec rad..... Feed to flex output for rad in 1.5mm [email protected] but the feed to the rcd fuse spur (outside of bathroom next to skt)is 0.75 flex. Not seen this before, is it ok? Rad is 400w Cheers
  35. G

    Derby Apprentice/Mate Journal/Job Experience Required

    Hi. I am currently (an older student) studying the 2357 course with ATL (distance learning - no time off required for day release). Started in January. I'm a career changer with an architecture/survey background. I also have wide ranging general building skills and experience (including my own...
  36. tombrooker84

    How do you pay mates/ subsides

    Hello guys, I recently needed a hand , so advertised for a mate on here, and he's been working for me for about a week now. We obviously agreed payment and I have paid him, but I wondered if you guys had any sort of template you use as a receipt, stating such things as "I'm liable for my own...
  37. D

    Price per point, new build, london area

    Hi lads just doing a quote for some newbuild flats just outside the M25 (mainly studwork internal walls by the looks of it) and wondered what the going rate is for a socket/switch/FCU etc Ive currently gone with £50 per point but the total has come in pretty high and im thinking of dropping it...
  38. G

    Which paperwork?

    Hi again Getting certs together for my first Elecsa assesment. My project was a CU change at my brother's flat. Notified building control as advised and completed, tested, energised and filled out the certs. All good. Building control came and inspected the work and advised on some further...
  39. calpol91

    Customer is asking for hob to be fired up and put on the cert?

    ive just had a text from my customer which follows: Cal, you need to power up the hob mate, first thing in the morning, its part of your remit, should be on the cert, see you there. Weve just finished a full rewire there, all tested, all good and passed, hob working, (its electric FYI) certs...
  40. E

    Proud owner of Two Solar Power Systems

    I am now a proud owner of a 4 kwp system ! Yingli & solar edge ! I have installed a 4 kWp spilt over a south facing roof (8 panels) and the rest on the north (8 panels ) the system will produce around 2900 kwh per year so I am happy at that I did not have enough room on the South front of the...
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