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  1. TheGronk

    Time clock recommendations

    can anyone recommend a digital time clock, either din rail or surface mounted with count down the on-off with some kind of start button function instead of having time frames in which it’s on or off Many thanks
  2. diyterry

    The big question, teabreaks

    Sitting here having a cup of tea and a chocolate hopnob or two set me thinking, what do people do in their teabreak, assuming they have one that is.
  3. Dan

    ElectriciansForums.co.uk Now Using HTTPS instead of HTTP

    I just have a few more tweaks to do, but we're now running on HTTPS instead of HTTP. Which is more secure and prevents the likes of 'man in the middle' attacks when you're out and about browsing our forums. Note that we also allow two-step verification for logging in too. So that you get...
  4. M

    Earth leakage tester

    Thinking of getting a earth leakage tester , any reviews of any you own would be appreciated (the cheaper the better ) .
  5. D

    SWA Installed inside Shot Blasting Booth

    We've got a shot blasting booth with a steel working platform inside, bolted to this platform are 4 x LED floodlights (mounted inside a steel enclosure with tempered glass door). They are wired up with SWA cable which is clipped to the underside of the platform. Is there any regulations...
  6. T

    Commercial kitchen water heater ideas.

    Anyone got any brilliant ideas for a over sink water heater for pretty demanding washing up environment? Could be under sink I suppose. Actually doesn't need to be brilliant could be just a good recommendation.
  7. W

    ...and one more ... Hi All.

    Hi All from Australia. ...lurking since 06.06.2012 Geoff
  8. Joshua

    Electricians Working Rights Initiative: Sign the petition

    Sparks link : Electricians Working Rights Initiative - https://www.change.org/p/sparks-link-electricians-working-rights-initiative?recruiter=685093910&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink Please can you take a minute to sign and share this petition. It's been well known for years now...
  9. W

    James Dewane Tool box

    Hi guys I have been looking into marketing for my business and have come across James dewane electricians tool box. I have read his book Sparks blue print and I'm tempted to sign up. Just wondered if there are any subscribers on here?? cheers
  10. Pete999

    Pete's Videos What ruin a Sharpie? on yer bike

  11. Adie moore

    led bollards

    anyone fitted some of these they would recommend. specifically they are to be fixed in to soil around a garden border. Digging a hole and filling it with concrete and bolting down to that is an obvious option, do any of them come with spikes that have worked well? any other means of fixing I'm...
  12. D

    adding socket like this

    would this be acceptable?

    ElectricalOM New Version Ready

    We have just released ElectricalOM Update 2017.01.31.01 with some great new features. Our main goal is to provide a powerful, fast & accurate software for domestic, commercial and industrial low voltage electrical design. At this point we would like to thank the users who provide valuable...
  14. G

    Warm white and cool white lamp, where from

    hi all, At a house the other day and dining and office lights had a lamp in that when you switch off and on quickly it swapped temp from warm white to cool white as and when you switched it, anyone know where I can get some on these . Looked really cool and gave you that choice if needed ...
  15. J

    video entry

    Evening chaps hope your all having as fun as a Friday night as me! quoting for 3 flats in 1 building -they want vid entry any recommendations of a kit that is decent but not the world! seen prices range from £100-1000 would need 1x 3way buzzer then 3 phones/screens guessing the actually lock...
  16. akwoody2

    Meter Calibration

    Hi All, I need to get my Megger calibrated soon and i normally get it done by the wholesalers but wondered how many of you use an online service where they collect it and return it within 4 days and how was your experience? Thanks
  17. H

    MEM 3-phase board

    Morning all, As the regulars know, I work in a school part-time (while sparking part-time), and I'm going to do a bit work for them - they need power dropping in for 11 PCs. No problem, 2 RFCs should do to share the leakage currents of the machines, bit of dado trunking round the room, RFC...
  18. G

    Floodlights and SWA cable.

    Hi all. I have been asked to put two lights on two 30ft floodlight pylons. (one on each) They need to be at around 6-8ft high. It will be a new circuit and run in SWA. Is it 'correct' or acceptable to run the cable up the pylon to that height? (on the outside) Also, any ideas on cable fixings...
  19. Jackflash

    new wiring of Y plan

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have any tips on wiring a boiler with mid position valve. I've been rewiring a house and have had the job of wiring the boiler dropped on me by the plumber. I have a.. Worcester boiler Center mid position valve Honeywell RF Chronotherm 'wireless' programmable thermostat...
  20. gazdkw82

    Led tube fittings

    my new 16x6 garage gets delivers in a few weeks and in lookin at lighting options. Iv already got a supply installed from a previous workshop. I'm looking at an led tube fitting. Has anyone used one? What's the light output like?
  21. driverman

    American 3 phase Identification

    Hi guys, anyone of you guys know the American 3 Phase Identification? Terminals on Generator are marked UVW. Any info? Thanks
  22. M

    Anyone used TrainingInElectrical from Notts?

    Hi, I am looking into a Level 3 2365 course. And because i live in Notts i have looked at this company: Training in Electrical : Courses at affordable prices - https://www.traininginelectrical.co.uk/ Has anyone has experience and can review Training In Electrical? I'm also skeptical as to...
  23. A

    Electrical OM software

    Has anyone else used this software? Seems pretty good tbf but seem to be unable to spec rcds amd rcbos... Am I going wrong somewhere?
  24. B

    Just joined

    Now that filament lamps are no more and the energy saving lamps are dull, what is the best alternative?
  25. G

    Unprotected and damaged Earth to Electrode - C2 or C3?

    C2 or C3, which do you think? Can't make my mind up. Any other thoughts? From MET, through wall to Electrode, not clipped to the wall, just dangling free. Electrode fully buried at the moment, under leaves and debris. Not cleared this away yet. Then.... .. as you can see, the insulation has...
  26. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Oh my

    Barnaby @ Home: Trim Work | Klein Tradesman Club - https://www.kleintradesmanclub.com/video/barnaby-home-trim-work 2nd fix has a new name Trim work
  27. B

    Nostalgia time

    Her is every ARGOS catalogue thats been printed online for you to view. Remember those old drills you had a retro game you bought in the 80s etc. Retromash - issuu - https://issuu.com/retromash
  28. Dan

    15% Off Everything at RF Solutions!

    15% Off of Everything at RF Solutions! CLICK HERE TO CHECKOUT THEIR PRODUCTS!
  29. L

    Not sure how to re-wire this switch

    I'm in the process of replacing the standard white plastic switches in our bedroom. Having unscrewed the existing, old double switch that controls the light in our ensuite and the ensuite extractor fan I'm not sure if I've bought the wrong replacement switch or how to re-wire it. I've rewired...
  30. N

    What are the brightest GU10 LEDs.

    Hi guys...I'm not a spark but can I ask your advice. We have 6 GU10 halogens in our kitchen...they use a lot of electricity and I would like to replace them with LEDs. I tried this maybe 18months ago...and the result was disappointing...the bulbs where quite dim...but where supposed to be...
  31. X

    Landlord Recently fitted this Storage Heater...Is it right?

    Hi all, Apologies for this being my first post on the forum, I intend to write an introduction post too once I've finished here. I've recently had a storage heater fitted as a way of heating my property (I'm a student). I can't help but think it looks extremely dangerous and I'm dubious about...
  32. G

    Decent crimping tool?

    im after a good crimping tool preferably with insulated crimp dies and un-insulated dies up to 10mm2. Seen these: Kennedy Industrial - RATCHET CRIMPING TOOL C/WINTERCHANGEABLE JAWS 8PC - Cromwell Tools -...
  33. Leesparkykent

    Delay start timer bathroom extractor fan

    Age old problem of the customer wants to have the bathroom extractor to come on with the bathroom lights but doesn't want the fan to run if just going for a number 1 in the middle of the night o_O Having a look about I've pretty much decided on an Air flow icon 15 fan with delay start timer...
  34. D

    Lighting Circuit - Power at switch

    Hi all, Just a quick question if I may I'm building mock circuits on an old desk to get a practical element to the theory I am studying (connected via 3 amp plug with RCD protection on supply) I have been watching John Ward on YT ( John Ward - https://www.youtube.com/user/jjward ) and find...
  35. Dan

    Electricians Chat Room

    Do you think we need an electricians chat room on here? We used to have one but it rarely got used. Perhaps have a chat system in the arms again? I think that's where it was before.
  36. dansk

    Tesla Solar Roof

    seen this? Tesla Energy | Tesla - https://www.tesla.com/energy/?utm_campaign=GL_Energy_102816&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=social couldn't belive it at first, how realistic the tiles look, and new storage solution to power a house for the day.
  37. Dan

    Update: Browse the forum using SSL

    If you're fussy about this sort of thing, you can browse the forum using 128bit encrypted SSL. Just replace http://www.elec...... with https://www.elec..... in our URL in your web browser address bar. If you couldn't spot the different there, you just add the letter s after the http part. There...
  38. G

    Computer program for single lines

    Anyone know of a good computer program for creating single line diagrams of power systems? For something like this for example:
  39. S

    unistrut fixings

    Good day. Delta bases, M10 and M6 zebs, flat and angled plates, beam hangers and other random items. Can drop them off in Norwich area if it helps. Just make an offer. ta
  40. I

    Commando socket/plug

    hi have a query reguarding the possible use of a 240v 16amp commando socket/ plug i cant find a plug connector( or socket inlet) with a ip rated cover they all appear to be for internal use.Dont really want to fit an enclosure.Customer requires the ability to have power in shed/summer house...
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