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  1. A

    flood light cable

    Hi guys. Just wondering if any one can help on a small job I have, that I will be using as my minor work for upcoming assessment. Customer wants a flood light over their front door, was going to put a switched fused spur next to a socket in the bedroom run along in trunking for around 2meters...
  2. O

    The age old Grid switch topic

    From what I can gather, these grid switches can be crap. Burnt out, poor quality etc. is a common topic I'm picking up here. So, which companies to avoid etc.? My fixer-upper house falls under the regs of new build and thus I need to isolate hidden appliances. In the kitchen, I was going to...
  3. G

    Computer program for single lines

    Anyone know of a good computer program for creating single line diagrams of power systems? For something like this for example:
  4. Leesparkykent

    Hollycroft software

    Wondering if anyone uses the above software? I'm particularly interested in the rams section. If you do use it, how do you find it? Cheers. Produce Electrical Certificates, Risk Assessments and Renewables Certification quickly -
  5. R

    Decent Multimeter with backlight and auto-off.

    Hi, I'm looking for a cheapish but good multimeter with a backlight on the display and turns off automatically. The cheapest Fluke 101 has auto-off but the website doesn't say if it has a backlight. Thanks.
  6. R

    Dusk to dawn lamp

    Fitted a new outside light for customer and dusk to dawn lamp, the lamp keeps flashing off and on every 20 seconds. Found the fault to be the reflection from the clear plastic housing is lighting up the photocell and causing the lamp to switch off, then in darkness the lamp switches on again...
  7. I

    Strip Light changes in standard dimension?

    Question about the standard size that these come in - have they changed in last decade? I have several nominal 11.25in fixtures that the only available size close to i can find is 284mm - these fall out because too short!! Any advice where i can get the older (longer) bulbs?? thanks ian
  8. gutterball

    can anyone id these lights.

    The lamp holders have melted and the landlord wants to see if they are repairable.
  9. Dan

    What Are Your Solar Pv's Generating?

    What are your solar PV's generating?
  10. Hellmooth

    Under cabinet LEDs

    Looking for some led under cabinet lights, looked at these from tlc, have also fitted the LED tape which I was impressed with, looking for similar ideas, cheers!
  11. A

    under stairs cupboard light

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone can reccomend a light for under the stairs cupboards. Looking to install one in my house for part of my assesment from consumer unit and was thinking of using a batten holder, but just think it would look bad, maybe a bulkhead? If anyone can help with a suitable...
  12. C

    Domestic Under cabinet lighting/socket unit...Please, I need help!

    Hi there, I live in an apartment that got kitted out from international companies... all of the toilets and built in appliances are all strange and it's nearly impossible to get things replaced/fixed. I had an electrician out who told me he had never seen anything like the unit I have in the...
  13. M

    Led microwave bulkhead emergency

    Hi all looking for the above seen them for £77-128, anyone used any & what's best price & place you found?
  14. B

    Domestic outdoor trunking

    Hello All Is there any type of square trunking that can be used outdoor for domestic purposes. The customer doesn't want to paint over cable or galvanised trunking and I need to run a 10mm supply to an outer building. Any suggestions? cant go In the ground either as he has blocks on top of...
  15. yellowvanman

    Wireless PIRs?

    Hopefully someone may have come across something like this. Customer has a remote garage and wants a PIR on the garage and one on the house to jointly control a number of lights on both buildings. Getting a cable between the buildings would be a pain (not impossible), if there is a wireless...
  16. Z

    80a hrc fuse
  17. T

    SDS drill options

    As some will know just starting out and building up tool collection. Looking at SDS for chopping out , domestic. Decided on corded for now based on prices. I have noticed there are different kg ratings. While I realise higher value will make job easier, would a 2kg for example do an adequate...
  18. sythai

    Any suggestions please...? Low energy security lighting

    Good Morning all.... Have a small job to do soon, replacing a a couple of outside halogen floods for a customer of mine. At present he has a 1 x 300w and 1 x150w controlled of a standalone PIR. PIR fine just lights are shot, cheapy B&Q tat! He wants to go for low energy, but not spend mega...
  19. R

    Easy Switch

    Are these any good or is there a alternative? EasySwitch Easy Switch Wireless Switches I've been asked to provide lighting in the garden switched from the kitchen. The garage is detached, I can get power from the garage board to the lights but cannot run switch to kitchen without digging up a...
  20. S

    PPE For Service Fuse Pulling

    Hi All What PPE do you chaps wear when having to pull a service fuse for a CU change. Also has anyone pulled a fuse that has been damaged in any way leaving a dangerous situation? Thanks
  21. S

    RCBO Questions

    Loving these things. Can the functional earth cable conductor be trimmed down to make it more tidy? Do you put earth sleeving over the white functional earth conductor? Do you put the functional earth in the earth block on the same way as the circuit CPC or do you group all functional earths...
  22. HandySparks

    LEDlite. Any good?

    Hi, I have a couple of jobs to quote for, to install/replace downlights. I'm thinking of offering LEDlites which only seem to be supplied by TLC (they're local to me). The price seems good (£30+vat) for a 10W LED alternative to GU10 fittings. They're IP66, fire rated, dimmable and an emergency...
  23. i=p/u

    data trunking

    i have been asked to install some basic white data trunking in an office at existing socket height . i plan to pull existing sockets through to front of data trunking, add a fused spur and then add another 2 sockets. the run is only about 9 meters with 1 external corner, 2 internal corners...
  24. gutterball

    Dimming LED's

    Hi is it possible to dim led gu10's? i have a job to replace a normal switch with a dimmer, but not sure if her lights are dimable.
  25. K

    Why cant the iet do this with bs7671 ?

    The Institution of Engineering and Technology Welcome [logout] MyIET HomeWiring Regulations Cable colour changes BS 7671 CD-ROM Books Ships and offshore installations e-books Courses Electrical installation Test and maintenance Wiring Matters 2004 For advertisers...
  26. D

    working on cruise ships

    Hi there looking for a new challenge, im a 17th edition qualified electrician and was wondering what qualifications you would need to get a job on a crusie ship. Thanks
  27. C

    External Wall light PIR + Photocell

    Hi Anybody know of a brand that do a Lantern style wall light (to be sited outside the porch area) that comes on via a photocell at half illuminance - stays on all night & when detects movement comes on via PIR at full light level?? Been looking and B&Q seem only place I can find...
  28. O

    "sunken" Fusebox

    Being lazy! Came across a sunken BS3036 fusebox today and the customer would like it updated. The install is about 30 years old. Are such products sold now? Sunken I mean, not BS 3036 Thanks
  29. sythai

    MEMRA 2000 mcb ---> rcbo ?

    Hi chaps, Been to look at a job tonight, mem cu in there with memra 2000 mcbs. (domestic property 13 years old.) Can you get an an MEM RCBO that will fit straight in there, and if so any idea on a price please ? Many Thanks, Sy
  30. sparky3366

    Spirado draw wires

    Does anyone know a supplier of spirado draw wires? I cant seem to find a supplier for them anywhere...
  31. A

    Domestic Bench-type Sockets for a Kitchen

    Part of a new kitchen installation will be against a stone wall, so there's no opportunity to install wall-mounted sockets. An option is therefore to install a bench-type socket on the worktop. Having looked at the MK Pinnacle and Centaur President solutions, they look rather commercial and I...
  32. A

    Pull cord switch - cooker isolation?

    Wouod it be possible to use one of these for cooker isolation instead of a wall mounted switch? 45 Amp Pull Cord Switch - BG Thanks, Al
  33. B

    trade qualification assesment

    Hi, I am new to this forum and must say this is a very useful forum. I do however have a question to which I could not find an answer. My wife and I are moving to the UK so she can be closer to her family. I need to know what I must do so that my trade qualification will be recognized in the...
  34. J

    PIR sensor

    Im in need of a really good pir sensor for some flood light, the customer doesnt want it going off when leaves move ect just wondered if any one had any recommendation as i normally just buy cheap one's from screwfix and have notice they have this problem thanks for the help jimmy
  35. S

    Domestic connecting to existing lighting circuit

    Greetings, i have a question about a kitchen install. The previous kitchen had under counter lights switched from a normal light switch, i have checked the fuse board and it's not on the rcd side, they will connect new under counter lights to this circuit will it have to be put on the rcd side...
  36. R

    Floor Sockets

    Hello All An old friend of mine has bought one of these chairs that move up and down to help him get out of the chair, basically he wants the socket near by so that there aren't any cables along his carpet. I was thinking of one of those ressesed floor sockets, however, he also wants his...
  37. Amp David

    What backbox in Kingspan backed plasterboards.

    When walls are going to be dot and dabbed with the insulated plasterboard, what type of backbox is mostly used. I was thinking of running my cables in as normal to position of sockets and switches, covering with capping/clipping to the masonary. Then if plasterer/builder bring the cable...
  38. M

    Workwear for Myself SS Bobby101

    Workwear Kilt, High Vis Kilt Im still in shock n trying to figure out WTF
  39. S

    3 Phase Motors

    hi i have to wire up a few 3hp 5A 3 phase motors and usually use a 3 core swa but is there an alternative cable to use apart from singles?? Thanks for your help in advance
  40. richardg

    new member remote switching help

    Hi to all i'm planning a garden lighting system and i have been looking for a way to control the lights remotely from the house 40m away. There will be 4 lighting circuits running led systems from saxby and aurora. Each circuit has a very low load less than 20w. I have looked at the WISE DIM...
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