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  1. O

    Current limited charge relay

    Hi there, I am looking to charge an auxiliary windlass battery (130Ah lithium) that is located 35 feet away from my main bank (1030Ah lithium). My charging input will range from to 40 to 100 Amps, but I need to keep the wire size to a maximum of 6AWG. Do you know of any current limited charging...
  2. S

    Limited company directors NI

    Hi All, Just set up as a limited company and have a meeting with my accountant on Tuesday but just trying to work out the NI payed by the employer (me) In a nut shell I have full time job with amazing hours paying me £36k a year. These hours have enabled me to set up my own limited electrical...
  3. happyhippydad

    Why are 'most' LED dimmer switches limited to 10 led's?

    As in the title. The varilight V-pro and MK intelligent dimmer both say they can dim up to a maximum of 10 LED's. Why can they dim no more, even if the maximum wattage is not reached? I can find no explanation on their sites. Zano produce a dimmer which can dim a much higher amount of LED's...
  4. A

    Hello - noobie with limited knowledge

    Hi - Andy here - joined in the hope of gaining some knowledge and understanding of the many wires in my life that inhabit my house.
  5. D

    UK NMG Limited - National Maintenance Group

    HAs anyone heard from or had any contact with UK NMG or National Maintenance Group (Glasgow-based) recently? The phone rings out although the website is still live. Emails and letters are going unanswered?
  6. Lenny

    Limited Company Setup Advice.

    Hi all. I'm about to start proceedings for creating a limited company. I've not had any real experience nor have any real knowledge of this area and have a couple of questions. 1. When invoicing another company for work carried out, would you deduct say 20% of the total amount and place it in...
  7. LeeH

    Limited vs Sole Trader vs 25 characters

    I need to become self employed to do a 4 mounts temp contract. What is the quickest way to do this and what are the pros/cons of s limited company? I know nothing about being self employed... Any advice would be appreciated!
  8. banny07

    How to set up limited company

    Hi Guys, I want to set up a ltd company.Could someone guide to right direction where to start procedure and how much it will cost. Cheers
  9. Dozer 73

    Cards in or limited company £££

    As a rough guide cards in job 42k a year , van for works use only , hold pay etc Or same labour only as limited company 42k , 100 mile a week travel At the end of business year , with good accountant , in which situation would you be better off money wise
  10. C

    Recess led light in limited space

    i know this is a regular occurrence,the fitting of recess lights in limited space & with celotex being fitted.why is it always the sparkles problem,when you've got designers specificing the fittings. We've got about 100 mm from bottom of joist to ceiling,to be fair the builders have cut out the...
  11. S

    Part p course

    Hi there I've just completed and passed the part p course receive my card and certificate do I need to register the certificate and card Kind regards Joe
  12. akwoody2

    Is it worth going LTD?

    Evening, Im currently employed working shifts, on my days off i work for myself as a sole trader, roughly 2-3 days a week. Every penny i earn self employed i get taxed 40%. It got me thinking, is it worth going LTD to avoid this? To the people that are LTD whats you experience and what are...
  13. G

    Buying a new van

    im considered buying a crew cab van probably a transit custom, has anyone bought one recently and how much you paying for it ? I think Vauxhall are doing 0% Apr at the moment so I might give them a look.
  14. F

    Limited company or sole trader

    What have most lads gone for when setting up there own bussines sole trader or limited company and what has been your pros and cons of either
  15. M

    MCS accreditation of PV mounting kits

    The deadline for accreditation expires on 30th of June. Is anyone bothered with it? I know that Hilti got their certification and say that the kit is 4 times stronger than Clenergy's. H
  16. D

    Paying for training through limited company

    Hi chaps, I'm very new to the business side of the game, but I'm going to be setting up as a limited company in the next couple of months. I'm going to be the sole shareholder and will deposit a lump sum to fund the start up. At some point I'm going to go back to college and do my 2392 and...
  17. M

    The Return of the Fluke 1654B Limited Edition Kit

    in 2012 Fluke were running a special offer with their flagship Fluke 1654B Tester, the limited edition kit included downloading software, socket test probes and an earth spike kit. The offer ran until early summer and was a great success, due to the great value for money. Fluke have announced...
  18. G

    help needed with dno

    Help needed witj dno installed 3.9kw system with sma 3600tl which limits output bang on 16a max but dno says this is g59 as panels are over 3680 w is this right what they are doing?
  19. La Poste

    Fly builders operating limited companies

    I don't know where to put this thread so I shall put it here. My Electric boss has been ripped off three times in the last year and at the moment I am wiring up a very large garage for my friend. My friend has had extensive building work done with a lot of problems not yet fixed by the builder...
  20. D

    DNO or NOT for a 4kw system

    Guys - I am sure this has been answered but I am not clear. I have been advised by two installers that if I have a 4kw system ie 16x250w panels I don't need a DNO providing the inverter is not capable of or is limited to 3.5kw as can be done on the SunnyBoy. He said he installs all systems...
  21. BigSi

    Going Limited? Package or Accountant?

    Hi guys, after a little bit of advice. I’m currently sub-contracting to a large company through a recruitment agency. One of the managers asked if I had ever thought about subbing direct to them on a labour only bases (day rate & price work). They have a lot of work coming up (working for...
  22. simpson93

    sole trader to limited

    hi guys at the moment im a sole trader doin abit of subbing to get experiance up thinking of maybe goin limited in the future just wondering if some of you could shed abit of light for me. is limited better then sole trader, benefits for each? how do you set up a limited company? are there...
  23. T

    How long sole trader before Limited

    Sole trader at the moment. How long where you a sole trader before you went for limited co status and how has it effected you? What are the positives and negatives of being limited? I know I can ask my accountant but I was looking for a more personal opinion from you who have made this step
  24. O

    Sole Trader and Company "Director" at the same time?

    Does anybody know if HMRC will allow you to be a Sole Trader and a Company Director in the same year. The reason for asking is that I'm a Sole Trader, as is my mate, but on bigger jobs we work together, invoicing clients seperately. I was wondering if we could retain our sole trader "roles"...
  25. B

    sole trader or limited company?

    which one is better? sole trader probably is more flexible and only myself do the job, however once something goes wrong my property might be at risk, so is it a better idea to have a limited company?
  26. K

    Sole Trader / Limited Company

    Hi All If I manage to pass all my exams to become a qualified electrician I would like to setup on my own but am confused about whether to setup as a sole trader or limited company. I'm already employed full time so to begin with, the business will be very low turnover taking on small jobs to...
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