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  1. D

    Commercial Hi there I’ve just purchased a Megger pat 150r and a fault code of err 8000 2030 has appeared can anybody help as nowhere open to get it looked at reg

    Hi there all I’ve got a Megger 150r pat tester and it’s stuck on an error code err 8000 2030 And no we’re is open to get it looked at Can anybody help as can’t seem to find fault codes on net Regards Dave
  2. O

    Spotted in a bookshop today .....

    Stocking fillers anyone?
  3. T

    Light bulbs blowing and crazy wiring..

    I'm hoping to get a bit of expert advice on a problem I have with a friend's wiring. Initially I was asked to take a look at a three-bulb light fitting that was regularly blowing bulbs. I took the fitting down from the ceiling to check for loose wires and found that several came out from the...
  4. Dan

    BBC Click looks at the future of Solar PV

    BBC News Channel - Click, 01/10/2016 - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07xy112 Anybody watched this episode? They looked at moving panels (they only move a CM or so) to target the sun better on the cells. Also looked at using other materials with silicone to capture more of the light...
  5. E

    380 volt

    A friend of mine has just bought a pizza oven and the rating looks like 380 volt single phase at 4.5kW. Any idea how I can connect this to our current supply ? It's definitely single phase as the thick flew coming out of the unit is only 3 core (live, natural, earth)
  6. edexlab

    Industrial controls courses

    I've been looking at various "hands on courses " for Industrial ie controls , as upto now I've not had much contact with this type of work, I've done plenty of installation jobs in Industrial settings ie containment , wiring into panels, power distribution and so on, but any mods or problems...
  7. MadWelshWizard

    Domestic Help Identifying a Fuse

    Heya Folks, I've been sent the following photo by a client and they want me to go round and fix it this afternoon. Apparently one or both of these has gone. Does anyone recognise them and know where I can get replacements? Thanks, Craig
  8. T

    Need help with solar!

    Hello all, having spent a few days researching solar panels, contacting companies and doing maths I'm looking for a second opinion on my issue; I have been tasked with an appropriate solar means of powering a static caravan 30ft x 9ft roughly in size. To fully power the home it would take...
  9. E

    Tripping 6amp breaker

    Morning, Called to a mates house last night and he tells me his lighting 6amp breaker keeps tripping after about a hour or so. He says it keeps trippiong more often each day. Any ideas ?
  10. Jay Sparks

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Passed Elecsa

    Hi Guys & Gals, Just thought id share my good news that i passed the Elecsa assessment today. I was absoloutly bricking it. He looked at all my paper work, then asked me a question on referance method. My mind went completely blank:6:and I just sat there and looked at him. He said I could look...
  11. T

    Is this the best ad on ebay ever!!

    Just looked at facebook and a friend has posted a link to the bay if you look for item 330591109342 at the moment it has 3 pages of q&a funny... it is well worth a read:smile:
  12. B

    ECS Assessment

    Hi Everyone, My grade card expires next month and I've been told I need to redo the ECS in order to renew it, anyone know where it can be done around Glasgow and how much? Cheers.
  13. M


    Imagine playing with the wean n theres an almighty BANG!!!!! rushed to the front door to see what it was (sounded like fireworks landing in my garden when i looked out n heard sizzling n POPIN coming from a joint on DNO pole I called Scottishpower emergency number while neighbour called firy...
  14. J

    Starrett Arbor drill bits - where from?

    Hi all, does anyone know where you can get the pilot drill bits for starrett arbors?
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