1. Murdoch

    Light changing LED Flood light - reading the instructions....

    I bought a light changing LED floodlight on the web and it arrived today - as I'm slobbing around I thought I better take a look at it and read the instructions before I install it... So this is the unit out of the box: These are the "instructions" for the unit: And these are the...
  2. Pete999

    The QUO

    Sad news Rick Parfitt passed away.
  3. B

    Christmas adverts

    Well we get new ones every year anyone remember "ticker ticker timex la la la" Well it aint christmas till the coca cola advert comes on itv. Well now we have an english version by cadburys! Well we would have but cadburys is owned by Mondelez (kraft foods an american company) Does this look...
  4. Pete999

    Pete's Videos For all us tool tarts

  5. H

    Foam Party at a Power Station

  6. Murdoch

    Spotted in a bookshop today .....

    Stocking fillers anyone?
  7. Taylortwocities

    Bloomin' Football

    Now, I need some help here, and I will admit that I am not a fan of football Given what's been happening in the last year around this sport Crazy goings on at FIFA Alleged misbehaviour that causes the England Manager to step down after only a few weeks Reports of abuse to young people by...
  8. B

    Oldest electrical appliance or gadget you still use.

    Must be on a plug top and you must have used it in the last year. Mine is a weller soldering gun think I got this for my 12th birthday in 1972. 2 heats and instant warm up trigger action. This is a pic from the net and the pins on the plug are not shielded :oops:
  9. C

    Main bonding

    Just finishing workshop,no external services to bond,but wondering what to do with the steel framework,this is not continuous & main beams/rafters to the building are wooden,ceiling panels are corrugated plastic. Wondering do these need bonding,being they are not bolted or connected together.
  10. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Oh dear

  11. Pete999

    Trump / Farage

    I see Donald Trump would like to see Nigel Farage as UK Ambassador to Washington, an idiot trying to get another idiot into positions of power. What's your opinion?
  12. Pete999

    Who Else

    Who else in the world has guys like this, America take note, the bravest of the brave and they aren't even born in this country, hats off guys well done.
  13. Pat H

    A different type of xmas ad

    In view of Brexit and the rise of Trump a great video on just how we all fund the hate press.
  14. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Good for a laugh

  15. Dan

    Graphene-based Solar Thermal Fluid - Solar Thermal Forum

    Some interesting advances in solar thermal fluid, graphene-based thermal fluid. Anybody come across this yet?
  16. B

    Electricidy is like water in a pipe analogy

    Anyone remember this when you first started learning about electricidy? It did help and was a reasonable analogy as electrons do flow. Even Kirchoff used this analogy when he made his circuit laws. Now lets turn it around! Plumbing is like electricidy in a wire. SO IF YOU GET WET YOUR DEAD:)...
  17. Pat H

    Green housing

    An interesting new build idea. So is the washing machine next to the shower compliant (its in zone 2) And what happens to zones once you start moving walls around....
  18. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Spark v Fitter