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  1. B

    Thermonuclear Art – The Sun In Ultra Hd 4k

  2. S

    Ring Final Tests

    testing a ring final today end to end test L 0.24 N 0.24 CPC 0.37 figure of 8 L1 -CPC 2 L2 - CPC 1 0.25 L1 - N 2 L2 - N 1 no reading IR >999 cant figure out why open circuit on figure of 8 any answers?
  3. B

    Rocket Explodes While Being Tested At Cape Canaveral

    A spaceX rocket due to be launched saturday with a satalight as a payload has exploded today whilst being test fired . The spaceX rocket are trying to create a reusable rocket with trips for paying passengers into space. see SpaceX rocket explodes at Cape Canaveral ahead of launch - BBC News
  4. GMES

    Just For You Marvo

    Just popped in to prove to @Marvo that there is nothing to fear in here so you can now come and explore to your hearts content. Ps If I get hit and killed by a flying fridge freezer today I will come back and haunt you.
  5. Pete999

    It Beggars Belief

    Put the freakin lock nut on before you slide the box in the drywall, oh yeah
  6. C

    Changing Key Fob rechargeable battery. Landrover. Freelander.

    Those rechargeable key fob batteries eventually wear out, here's how to save money DIY:
  7. V

    Sacked for doing a good job?

    Got a call yesterday to quote for an office/factory PAT and went round there this morning. They had no idea on numbers of appliances and the previous test was done back 2011. Did a survey of 3 offices and a 2 factory floors, I guess around 200 items need testing. I decided the best policy was to...
  8. F

    Tidy up my Virgin cable installation!

    Hi I am refurbishing my front room and want to tidy things up a bit. I have two cables entering the room from the front of the house (cable and phone), the first cable goes into a Virgin media plasic wall mounted box (connected to a Technetix fully isolated system outlet), is extended out by 6...
  9. P

    home theatre network

    Happy new year everyone I'm in the process of renovating my first home. 3 bed house with Open living room and dinning. I'm going to be installing the cabling for a home theatre system as i rewire. Ill give you and idea of the end product/system I am after: I want to be able to have a htpc on my...
  10. P

    New website offer

    Anybody used Lime Media Design for web design? The guy said he had my details from Elecsa website and had designed lots of electrical websites??
  11. P

    9p Solar FITS Cuts More Fiction Than Fact

    The mainstream media is well known for using scaremongering as a ploy to “sell” news, and this week rumoured changes to feed-in tariff (Fit) rates for solar have fallen victim to such tactics. How can the media do this? Where do they 'get it from'? 9p by March...
  12. i=p/u

    windows media player letting me down,,,,,,

    my computer wont let me watch dvd ,,,,,, does any1 know a driver i can download or a programme..... Help!!!
  13. Bromd123

    Computer network

    was wondering if anyone might be able to help with this one. I've got several computers in my house and want to set up a wireless network usingmy living room computer as a kind of hub allowing other computers to use media i.e. films and music stored on the main computer. is there a way to do...
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