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  1. R

    Meter tails over 3 metres???

    Good morning Looking for some advice on a domestic job. The consumer unit is being moved from kitchen to cupboard in hallway. The meter is staying in same place but the distance between meter and board is around 7 metres. I have been advised to fit a 100amp isolator at meter and run tails from...
  2. T

    Consumer's Tails > 3 metres - RCD or not RCD

    I have been going over this for some time, and every time I think I have it sorted I read something else which sows doubt in my mind again! TT system. CU to be replaced and moved to new location as not enough room where currently sited. New location will result in tails being approx 5m in...
  3. W

    3 x 100 metres of 16mm earth cable for sale

    hello im selling 3 x 100 metres of 16mm earth cable for £100 each if anyone is interested please message me. for collection only near gatwick.
  4. S

    Fuse box?

    Hi My oma (grandma) rang me earlier and she is looking at moving from lincs to here. She likes the house/apartment she viewed today, whichever it is, but the fuse box is up a ladder in a small cupboard. Shes 76ish and theres no way im letting her climb up there if it trips. Can this be moved...
  5. E

    9kw Shower and cable size

    Im well aware that I'm being blind and not finding whats in front of me in the BGB but anyway! Was at a property today, haven't finished the test there yet but they have a 9kw shower being fed with 6mm. Run of 2-3 metres into the isolator in mt4 and then chased another 2 metres behind tiles to...
  6. the pict

    Nailed through SWA

    As an experiment I asked my joiner mate to see if his paslode frame nailer would go through SWA yep it did, so we tried a bit of 4x2 on top of the cable same result, we played around with other stuff too,3mm ( i think) galvy trunking put up a fight, so we changed nails, he is going to bring his...
  7. G

    Domestic length of pvc conduit run

    Its been a while since I last worked with PVC conduit but I seem to remember you had to have an access box every so often. Can anyone remind me of the regs regarding this.
  8. W

    Fp 200 for sale

    Prysmian gold 100 metres 1.5 2 core + earth (RED) 100 Metres 1.5 2 core plus earth ( White) £110 the pair including delivery BOTH BRAND NEW AND SEALED :-)
  9. 1

    25mm 4c swa for sale

    Hi, I have a brand new drum of 4 core 25mm swa available for sale 116 metres unused on a job and another around 80 metres, if anyones interested please message me! cheers, JB
  10. J

    general testing questions

    On a PIR test to confirm Zs values i obviously go to thr BRB page 48.But when do i use the rule of thumb i.e 80% Method ?. I understand there are differences between a cold install to one that is in service as resistance changes when cables are warmer. On previous posts i have noted to qualify...
  11. X

    Help. Any way to measure the length of a self regulating trace heating cable?

    Here's the problem. We have a self regulating trace heating tape installed on a piping process line where we need to know the length of the tape. The tape was estimated to be 10 metres (approx 32.8 feet). However the guys who installed it have reported that they have installed 19 metres...
  12. W

    150w work light

    Hello. I have a work light, very similar to the one in the picture below. It is a 230v 150w halogen light but the cable is only 2 metres long. If I replace the cable with 2.5 flex, how long can I have it, would realy like it about 20-30 metres, is this ok? Thanks
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