1. O

    Nice to know I've been throttled!!!

    I've been buying Lottery tickets since 1993 when it started and have done OK over the years. Today I've been trying to buy a ticket online but every time I tried to log into my account, I got this page: And I have the...
  2. akwoody2

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma

    Hi, Is anyone else registered with Stroma? If so id like to hear your opinions and what your site visit consisted of. Thanks
  3. GMES

    Best cert software

    I know there are a few threads out there but it's sunday morning, so I thought it was a steady thread to post. I am looking for the best software for doing all the certs. I have a bit of a mixed bag of stuff but really want something that is the bees knees, I know Pirform and easycert can be...
  4. S

    Time required for EICR

    Hello Gents, I am new to this site and looks pretty impressive - I need some advice - any idea how long to carry out an EICR on a 3 bed standard terraced house - floorboards up and down. Thanks Sparky 63
  5. T

    Meeting with the business manager - New Account

    Ive got a meeting with my local branch business manager tomorrow. All i am doing is opening up a business current account with Natwest. Spoke to the chap on the phone yesterday and hes said the meeting will take about an hour and a half. Just wondering what they entail? What should i take...
  6. R

    Main Fuse ID

    Hi guys . Got a main 80amp fuse with just BS 1361 -1978. Type R Wondered what the rated KA is for one these? Is this a type I or II ? even though it says Type R.. Never seen one before... hope you all well and good.
  7. a12jpm

    Domestic Anyone in the Epsom area - board change to price for sister in law.

    Looking for someone in the Epsom area to do a board change and a couple of remedial's on a lighting circuit and ring. I'm about 500 miles away so a bit of a drive for me to do it so get in touch if your interested.
  8. J

    Sole trader or LTD?

    Hi all Ive been working as a sole trader for one particular firm for about a year or so, recently hes given me an abundance of work on price with quite alot of continuity. my question is is it worth me going LTD? the values per month will b quite substantial and im just trying to work out...
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