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  1. J

    HELP! Lost Regs book and on site guide

    Hello basically had my log book and on site guide with me on site put them somewhere on site and can't seem to find them anywhere, which is a real pain in the arse because both where all marked and tabbed for everything i needed, so ive bought a new set and i cant be arse going through...
  2. S

    electrician wanted

    electrician wanted to work in hanworth tw13 6st at a school called lindon Bennett,its work for about a month and then will have more work in other places nearer to London and south east once work is complete.
  3. B

    Installation to maintenance

    Having always worked in installation I want to get a maintenance job now as I want more job security, paye, holiday pay and not always on the lookout off the next job. Anyway, is there a course which can be recommended which will gain me skills for maintenance so I can work in a factory or...
  4. A

    Counterfeit on-site guide

    Do I have one? Front cover seems a very dark shade of green to me and I've noticed a mistake in the conduit sizing. Purchased from this week
  5. T

    EICR Static Caravan

    hi I'm carrying out EICR on 200+ caravans on the same park. Do I have to fill in all 9 pages of the EICR report or is there another form i can use thanks. Otherwise it is a lot of trees lol.
  6. Dan

    Facebook Likes Required

    Hi lads and ladies. I need a favour. The following new Facebook pages all need likes. Clearly it's not secret now that this forum will be getting a dedicated classified ads website very very soon. :) As part of that, we have Facebook pages for each of them. Could you be kind enough to...
  7. Amp David

    EICR, why oh why!

    Why have section 7 - 'observations and recommendation for actions to be taken', when we now have 4 pages of 'inspection schedule'. Also this further investigation required tick box. Am I right in saying that if you've identified something as a deviation, then no need to tick as you've...
  8. J

    EICR - time taken to complete

    Is it just me or is it taking 4 times as long to complete the new EICR. I inspected an office and workshop with 2 CUs and therefore using the multiple boards cert...its a joke. Doing it through Amtech probably isnt helping, but i'm thinking of putting the cost up! I can just about understand...
  9. tony mc

    Castline Form Fill PIR Sheet

    Hi all I know this free down load is used on the domestic front by forum users. A quick question when filling out the PIR page. There is a facility to include extra pages re observations and recommendations. This is a...
  10. zone77

    checking rcd tester

    i ve got my NICEIC inspection at the end of the month and just wondered if using a cheap plug-in RCD unit is ok for testing if my instrument is accurate.:cool:
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