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  1. SWD

    Plumbers eh.......................?

    Plumber avoids punishment for sex act in friend's home | Daily Mail Online - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6838189/Plumber-avoids-punishment-sex-act-friends-home.html
  2. Andy5678

    Plumbers worst nightmares....

    Thought I’d share this, if you ever think you’ve had a bad day at work
  3. SWD

    Funerals and you think plumbers earn a fortune

    As some of you know my Aunt passed away earlier in the week and as I am at a loose end I have been helping my other Aunt the executor of the estate to sort things out. £5500 for the funeral, this doesn't include the flowers......... £1500 to open the grave as its a dual plot/stacked...
  4. D

    Sparks vs Plumbers... What's the score?

    What's the beef? Unusually, I'm a member of both electricians forums and plumbers forums, I work across both areas, in fact I frequently combine water and electricity in many varied and fun ways! This leads me to ask why sparks and plumbers are forever complaining about each other in their own...
  5. Murdoch

    Self employment & Pimlico Plumbers court case ...

    This is common sense IMHO The Supreme Court upholds worker's rights in a landmark gig economy case - https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/pimlico-plumbers-uk-supreme-court-gig-economy-employees-gary-smith-a8396471.html
  6. Murdoch

    Considerate plumbers ..........

    Went to see a refurbishment project today and noticed this: Nice.
  7. happyhippydad

    Plumbers are great!!!

    Today I was in a customers house. I had to take up some chipboard flooring in the bathroom. I set the circular saw so that it will cut to the right depth and not too deep.... I think some of you have already guessed where this is going :D .... and start cutting. Now in the five years I have...
  8. Dan

    Plumbers, lazy and bone idle!

    Plumbers, lazy and bone idle! advice reviews and feedback 2017 I've recommended two plumbers to a customer and neither has been in contact. Not a massive job but still money to be made. What's the problem? Kind of made me look bad also! Are you a DIYer? find a free diy advice websitehere...
  9. B

    Our friends from the plumbers forum

    Hi Dan Whilst I like the input from these guys Including knowlege as well as banter.Sometimes its hard to know who you are talking to. Any chance of transfering there titles from the other forum? so we all know who they are or giving them an honerary title of your choosing (wont suggest...
  10. Dan

    Update: Recent Downtime

    Hi guys and gals, Just a quick one to let you know about the recent downtime. We have some hard disk related issues with the SSD. We have a new server built and it's being customised, and we'll swap the data to it once it's secure. You shouldn't see any downtime during that process, but you...
  11. Dan

    Van Insurance for Electricians Vans

    Van Insurance for Electricians - Electricians Van Insurance Prices and Insurance Companies Edit: We've teamed up with an insurance firm to offer you discounted insurance, as well as checking all the links below provided by us and forum members, please checkout the following link too...
  12. normanton

    Anyone working for Welsh Water?

    Just wondering what sort of plant you work on if possible please guys. Give me some sort of idea of what to expect if I apply for a job there. Thanks
  13. jackhammerJIM

    working with too many plumbers

    been doing a lot of subbing to a heating firm recently , teams of 4 plumbers and one spark installing biomass boilers . the latest load of nonsense from them ... spark : why is there 3 x 2 port valves on that s plan ? plumber : the 3rd valve is a safety feature for the unvented cylinder ...
  14. J

    Can kitchen sink & dishwasher waste feed to main sewerage waste?

    Or should it be totally separate to prevent risk of blockage / backflow? Builder has suggested running new kitchen waste to the sewerage downpipe that is in the room rather than digging up the front garden and tarmac drive to access the sewer direct. What would be the correct thing to do? He...
  15. KAS1


    Just done an EICR on DB03 (I've got 3 DB's) on my own property today. All was ok, no codes, only thing I did notice is I must be getting over weight as I was getting out of breath up and down stairs, back and forth to the DB. I think I'll do another DB next week lol
  16. T

    Domestic domestic prices

    is it just me...when I'm at my wholesaler there's not much chat between sparks, just customer and wholesaler. let alone any reference to prices charged etc, yet when I pop into the plumbers merchant next door....loads of chat and discussion on prices. it is so competetive in Brighton that...
  17. TaffyDuck

    Trades Which Survey

    Which have published a survey. 84% of people trust Electricians, 52% trust Builders and 22% trust Solar Installers! Guess the solar industry has an image problem.
  18. darkwood

    Zoning and other trades ......!!!!!

    :sad3::sad3::sad3::sad3:..... crap morning but saved by been prepared, was pad-sawing out a socket box in dot and dab about 1m from a window with a radiator under it, then psssssssssssssss water squirting out, was hot so isolated boiler to drop pressure and bashed out a large section of wall...
  19. P

    floor boards

    Hi Guys, Just wondering what method you use for getting up floorboards without causing too much damage ? :smartass:
  20. L

    Total Trade Services - Wales

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of total trade services? anyone worked for them or with them? good or bad experience? cheers
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