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  1. Dan

    FIXRADIO Tunes Request Thread (And DAB Radio Recommendations Thread)

    FIXRADIO - Tunes Request Thread - The ElectriciansForums.net official unofficial tunes request and shout-out thread. This isn't something we've organised with FIXRADIO officially. So it's the unofficial official tunes request thread. If you really really want a tune on, use the usual...
  2. S

    Getting +12 ignition for radio

    Hello My car, Golf 5, doesn't have +12 ignition wire, only the +12 permanent. Can I get it from the permanent wire with a switch like this? I think the answer is no because the radio starts to heat up but I dont understand why. Can somebody explain it? Thanks
  3. L

    Car Radio, what is wrong???

    This is really pi$$ing me off now. Got an 03 combo van. Stock radio would light up but screen was smashed and couldn't get it to play anything. Bought an aftermarket radio. Swapped them over without a problem, or so I thought. It worked fine, until the van started moving then it would cut out...
  4. G

    Radio telemeter help

    Hi this is a long shot but was hoping to find some help if possible i moved into a new house and its just burning money the strange thing is my house isn't that far from where i used to live, it has storage heaters and so did my last house but this one is just eating power i went through £70 in...
  5. T

    Roberts Play 10 DAB Radio -- Can't Reset to Factory

    This little radio is 2 or 3 years old and very handy for portable DAB. I use 4 x rechargeable AA batteries. Not mains-operated. There are 3 station presets but I can't erase them or even factory-reset the radio. It will accept a new station to any preset but the memory of it is lost on...
  6. N

    Any amateur radio operators on here?

    Anybody have a license?
  7. K

    Reverse camera nissan qashqai aftermarket radio

    hi guys I want to use the oem camera for my qashqai 2011. I’m using the connects2 CAM-NS1-RT adapter for the video output but there’s a lead that says “reverse signal” the guy at connects2 tells me this is what I need to power the camera. Can you please tell me where I can get the power from...
  8. J

    Safe use of an old valve radio

    Apologies if I'm posting this question in the wrong forum. I have an old valve radio that has been rewired internally so is basically sound. The problem is it has no provision for a protective earth, the internal chassis is wired to neutral (was live before rewiring!) and it is far from double...
  9. R

    Interlinked radio smokes supplied from lighting

    In a position where only possibility is to install smokes supplied from local Pendant. The smokes are radio linked, however I want to double check Regards isolation point. I don't plan on installing one due to possibility of somebody turning off. However wouldn't a permanently wired appliance...
  10. Leesparkykent

    Jeremy Vine BBC radio 2 on part P

    Did anyone listen to it? Had that Clive Holland on the show as the expert....Expert my @rse he didn't even know what areas of the home notifiable work applied... Here it is from 1:10 if anyone was interested BBC Radio 2 - Jeremy Vine, Electricity and Retiring Royals -...
  11. Startinez

    Live working on DC -48V systems

    Afternoon all, Just after a bit of advice and clarification on an issue that was presented to me today. For a bit of background I work in the telecoms industry and today was notified of a manager for a client I work for, advising live working in DC distribution boards. More specifically...
  12. E

    RF / EMF Interference

    Hi Guys,Haven't posted for a while ,should be retired really but you are never too old to learn. Any solutions to Radio interference caused by LED lighting or Photocells would be be most useful . Many Thanks in advance.
  13. Rockingit

    Ford Radio codes

    Hi, does anyone of you fine peeps have a copy of the Ford codes? I've got the infamous V coded radio and having changed the battery now have no tunes..... Annoyingly, the code was missing when I got the van so I feel slightly grieved at the thought of giving Ford money for something I already own!!
  14. exdevonboy

    LV Transformers & Radio Interference

    Hi all, A customer has recently replaced some of his 12V MR16 down-lighter bulbs with LED bulbs instead. One of the transformers (which were old) failed a month or so after he installed the new bulbs and I was asked to replace both of his existing LV transformers. They supply 4 No downlighters...
  15. Michaelgell

    Biggggg Problem co aux tv aerial

    Just renovated my house and had the whole house rewired and asked the sparky to put in some aerial sockets around the house.. had it all plastered and decorated and tried tuning in the TVs for no channels to be found.. after some investigating i noticed the new co aux cables outside that is...
  16. N

    Alba car radio

    A very strange problem..replaced my stolen car radio with a new Alba car radio , connected the universal ISO connectors with no problem. Engine OFF radio works perfectly, however Volume control does not work when the engine is RUNNING...(obviously voltage exceeding the 12 volts with the...
  17. Dan

    Why Not Say Good Morning Before Work?

    Morning lads. What do you have on today?
  18. N

    Wiring Domestic heat and smoke detectors

    Hi I have recently been to look at my friends newly built extension. The guy asked me about the fire alarms and how I would go about doing them as he wasn't sure . I advised that the way to meet regulation would be to take the existing Battery powered alarms down, and hard wire from an RCBO in...
  19. J

    aico mains wired interlinked/radio linked smokes and heat detectors

    A little query for you guys that fit these smoke detectors, I've got a site visit next week to quote up for a landlord requesting more smoke and heat detectors fitted in his apartments. He has explained on the phone that he currently has aico mains wired smoke detectors fitted in some of his...
  20. S

    LED lighting kills DAB radio signal

    Installing a solar powered lighting and power system for a stables today and tested the LED floodlight. The owners radio that was on cut off. Soon as I disconnected the lamp radio came back on. It is a battery radio and the lamp was on the other side of the building so 12 metres away. I know LED...
  21. amlu

    interconnecting wired and wireless smoke alarms

    Hi, do you have some experience with fire/smoke alarms that would have an option for part of install to be linked up with cable, and part by radio bases? like that- alarm----cable----alarm----cable-----wireless alarm (radio link) wireless alarm (radio link) wireless alarm...
  22. J

    Dewalt radio ?

    I know makita radios rule sites but it's time for me to get one all my tools are dewalt so would be handy to get the dewalt radio . Anyone got any reviews on them ?
  23. keniff

    For Sale [South]: Both for sale

    Hi guys i have a Makita dab radio in the green colour and a veto pro pack Xl I'm looking for £100 each if anyone's interested they are both excellent condition, used the radio for around 6 months and toolbag for about 6 weeks
  24. D

    Wireless external switching

    Hi all Looked at a job for garden lighting and the client wants all the switching done via remote do any of you know of any decent systems to do this? Looking for approx 7 different switch lines Hope this makes sense No dimming required
  25. A

    Domestic Using the lighting circuit for a radio in a bathroom?

    I want to put a DAB radio in our upstairs bathroom, but getting the supply to it could be awkward, so I'm considering putting an RCD fused spur on the ceiling and running the supply off of the lighting circuit. This way, the radio can be mounted above head height and be switched remotely by the...
  26. E

    smoke alarm interlink and wireless

    The building inspector wants smokes In Every habitable room! We only wired main escape routes and kitchen! We used 3 core to interlink! So we need extra smokes but ceilings plastered! Do the aico radio control smoke alarms have a termination point for a hard wired interlink cable? If so I...
  27. L

    bell and stereo timer

    Hi all. Hope your all having a good day. Does anyone know a timer that will operate to work a bell or siren with a stereo. To turn off the stereo and sound a bell for breaktime. Im having trouble. I cant find one that will work both. Thankyou. Luke
  28. A

    110v yellow site transformer in reverse

    a few years back i installed the electrics on a site in weymouth including the site supply ( large 110 temp transformer) the carpenter had a yellow site transformer but it was wired/converted in reverse(ar se about face) 110 in 220 out his tools were all 220 ac just thought i,d post this as a...
  29. K

    how to use mulimeter analog. i require to check charger volt and ampere.

    how to use mulimeter analog. i require to check charger volt and ampere. Please help me...I want to say thank you for all your kind help.
  30. J

    Rewire taking off peak into separate sub dis board

    Hi, We're re-wiring a flat that currently has a split load board with an off peak section for some convector heaters and 2 storage heaters. The off peak has its own meter that is radio controlled. We need to rewire the board and put the off peak into a separate board via a henley block, just...
  31. jaydee81

    radio link smoke alarm bases

    been to a barn conversion today converted about 2 years ago and wired by a couple of clowns.was there installing outside lights but thats another story but looking round the property i noticed that all smoke alarms 8 in total were all fitted on a radio link base now my understanding is that you...
  32. E

    Economy 7 meter radio transmitter fault?

    Hi there, I'm scratching my head on this one. Client has a wireless radio transmitter thing next to their meter which sends a signal at 2330 to the main meter (two dials - one for economy7/off peak one for on peak/normal) to turn on economy 7 and then off again at 0630. Side note: apparently...
  33. W


    7 x Radio link smoke alarms 1 x radio link heat alarm Replace cu for 10 way dual rcd Fit isolator for Shower Cable What would you charge?!

    aico optical smoke alarms, sensitivity, and hairdressers

    Hi fitted 3 radio linked smokes a few years back, one ionising in a communal hallway above two shops (these got radio linked, mains free optical AICO's, the expensive ones - mains free as wiring was shot at time so refused to connect anything to it!). Only option at time was the optical...
  35. K

    Dewalt DCO13??

    Just got my dewalt dc013 radio 110volt today, Does the USB connection only work when connected to 110volt supply, because at the moment its not working off the battery I've got in? Does anybody know ? Cheers.
  36. N

    REAL and solar PV on radio 4.

    Virginia from real was on the radio 4 "you and yours" programme earlier today. Thought I would post it for those interested Link is: BBC iPlayer - You and Yours: 08/09/2011 Its about 14 mins in.
  37. A

    Domestic Low volt lighting PSU and DAB interference

    Hi everyone.. Looking for some feedback with regard to low voltage lighting power supplies and problems with RFI .. I have tried various makes and models and they all seem to have the same issue. I realise that inherently switch mode psu's give off some airborne interference and my cabin like...
  38. D

    Quick battery question...

    I'm looking at a set of Bosch drills (GSB and GDR) 18v but they only have 1.3ah batteries. My mates Milwaukee is running 3.0ah. Am I right in thinking the only difference is run and charge times? Or will the 3.0ah be more powerful? Because if they are more powerful I would rather save! I'm...
  39. Newsome3

    radio link smoke alarms

    hi im doing some work for a builder at present and hes just come back to me today when ive completed my2nd fix and said he needs 2smoke alarms fitting and a heat alarm all interlinked as its all plastered i said to get radio link ones but he nearly cryed when i said to him it was going to be...
  40. I

    How long to second fix a socket?

    I am pricing a massive rewire and the easiest way is to break it down so I have allowed 20 mins to second fix a socket or switch do you think that is fair? I have never priced a domestic as big as this only ever commerical!! I am finding it wierd lol

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