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  1. A

    Bleed valves on electric towel rails

    Hi all could someone just clarify with me that there is no need for bleed valves on electric only element towel rads? Cheers
  2. P

    Flush Solar PV on a Zinc Roof.

    I have had an enquiry about fitting Solar PV 'Flush' on a zinc roof. Has anyone had experience of this before. Thanks in advance Regards John Pym Solargold SW Ltd
  3. S

    Fixing Sanyo N240 panels in landscape

    I read somewhere that when mounting in a landscape format, most panel manufacturers do not recommend that their panels are clamped on the short side. Is this case with the Sanyo N240 model and if so do Sanyo recommend using vertical rails? John
  4. G

    Help with landscape setup, what hangers?

    HI all, got some panels to mount in landscape but having problems in what brackets to use I’ve got a few options the tiles are plain roof but i can’t find plain roof brackets with a 90 degreeto mount the rails vertically so can i use the plain tile bracket which has 90 degree bend on it and...
  5. C

    Landscape panels, with rails running horizontaly

    Hi, installing some sharp panels in a few days in a configuration whereby they will all be in a horizontal line and in landscape format. i was planning on using hanger bolts with the rails also running horizontally. I know your not meant to use clamps on the short sides of the panels so...
  6. S

    Sharp NU 245kw Panel landscape orientation help

    Hello, I wonder if any other installer can help. I am trying to install Sharp panels with the Schletter solo rails/ klickfit system and Eco V roof hooks. Some installers are telling me that they have installed and its below the 200mm threshold in height to avoid planning permission. I cant seem...
  7. SolarCity

    Installing landscape and portrait panels

    Has anyone undertaken a install where panels were installed in both landscape AND portrait orientation? Seeing as the landscape panels will need fitting with a cruciform system, is it possible to get the panels to sit at the same height? I'm slightly concerned that the landscape panels will...
  8. M

    Sharp panels landscape-is this ok?

    I'm aware that Sharp doesn't recommend mounting their panels in landscape if they are being clamped on the short sides. If I used anti slide brackets on the bottom of the panels, does anyone know if this is ok? The problem I have is that the panels are going on a shed with the rafters running...
  9. R

    How do you get the panels straight?

    I find it very difficult to line the panels up straight on the roof, what tools and techniques do you employ?
  10. N

    Mounting PV panels landscape.

    Hi Guys, does anyone know the correct way to mount solar panels in a landscape orientation using the long sides as fixing points? I've seen a couple of installs on horizontal rails with panels fixed on their short sides but as far as I know panel manufacturers don't recommend this. Has...
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