1. B

    Commercial Seaward Europa Plus compatible printers

    I have a Seaward Europa Plus tester & a Kroy 3100 printer & want to replace the Kroy as it's done a lot of tags & i'm looking for something like the Test n Tag Pro, its light, prints fast & labels are reasonably priced but I don't think its compatible, I know the TnT Pro is made by Able Systems...
  2. Moley

    Any Seaward Supernova users out there want to test some software??

    I've written a small program to download the data from the Supernova in any of it's downloadable formats (PATS+, Certificate, Summary and SSS) plus an additional CSV format to open direct into Excel. If anyone wants to try it out you'll need a USB to RS232 lead. PM me and I'll give you the...
  3. Moley

    How to change a Seaward Supernova backup battery

    My Supernova wasn't keeping the time/date so it looked like it was time for a replacement backup battery. After a search on the net I couldn't find any info on it's type or location so, after a quick chat to the guy who calibrates my Supernova, I was fully armed and ready to go into battle. The...
  4. Moley

    Download format for Seaward SuperNova & Megger PAT420

    I'm planning a little project so that we can access all our PAT records online and create PDF files for the info/certificates. If any of us are working away and the site engineer wants copies we can just log in, select the records, create online PDFs and download them. It'll be a PHP program...
  5. Moley

    Seaward Supernova Plus

    Anyone know where I can find the serial number on a Supernova plus? I've been through all the settings, searched all over the case and not a sausage, bugger all etc... I'm getting to the point of looking in the manual but as we all know, that's a sign of failure :(
  6. Moley

    Anyone want a Seaward Supernova handbook?

    Just been having a bit of a clear out and found a handbook for a Seaward Supernova tester. I haven't got the tester anymore (got a horrible Megger 420 now :() so if anyone wants the handbook just let me know. It's a bit damp (stored in a shed) and the pages are a bit bent here and there but...
  7. B

    seaward primestar 100 pat tester

    hi guys im wondering if any1 here has any experiance with the seaward pat tester? i have been using it for a few days and nor when it does either a class 1 or 2 test once in does the insulation resistance test (R iso) test it starts to test then comes up error, i have tired taking the batteries...
  8. T

    Anyone any experience of the Seaward Powertest 1557 ?

    Hi all I recently finished my domestic installers course and on that used Meggers and Flukes. I'm semi retired and will not be doing much work - maybe some testing and the odd installation. I'll be replacing the consumer unit in my own place shortly. The instructor said the Seaward 1557 might...
  9. Suffolk Sparky

    For Sale [East]: Seaward Apollo 600 PAT Tester

    Seaward Apollo 600 PAT Tester This is a great tester and easy to use, I have only used it a handful of times. I bought this tester back in 09/10/2016 so still under warranty. Email for more info if needed £900 ono
  10. ray-bentos

    PAT tester recommendation for domestic rental properties

    Hello We hold a contract with a local letting agent who has approx. 450 houses. They are wanting us to start a PAT testing program across these and I have negotiated some not too bad prices so it is definitely worthwhile us completing this as it is also a foot in the door for further faults we...
  11. stephanjs

    Seaward Solar Survey 200R Meter

    Seaward Solar Survey is a simple easy to use meter able to record solar pv and solar thermal values of time for use in generation design or fault-finding and reporting. Links/syncs to the PV150 tester. Data can be sent into Seaward Solar Elements software or to other databases if needed...
  12. G

    Seaward Apollo 600 & Barcode Scanner

    I've purchased a barcode scanner that is advertised on some testing web shops as suitable for the Apollo 600. However, i cannot get it to stay connected to my tester, as soon as i leave the setup it loses connection. When i go into a 'test' the barcode symbol at the top is crossed out. Latest...
  13. davegeezzer

    testing seaward live line testers - 2377 ??

    Hi guys I work on the railway maintaining the ticket offices and platform equipment, ive been approached to test DC live line testers...
  14. P

    Seaward PV150 FOR SALE *brand new*

    I have a brand new Seaward PV150 for sale. It is unused and still in the box, I am selling it because I have now finished doing PV installations. I had two of these and have already sold the used one. The kit comes with all test leads and Seaward software worth £150! The calibration certificate...
  15. K

    Fixed appliance testing/point to point testing

    Hi, Is there a risk of tripping a consumer unit RCD when measuring earth continuity on a class 1 fixed appliance e.g. a wall heater supplied via a FCU. I carry out a continuity test between accessible earthed metal parts of the equipment and the earth in the supply (i.e. FCU screw with...
  16. G

    Download software for Ethos tester...

    Does anyone know where i can get download software for the Ethos 9300? Have just emailed the manufacturer for a price but wondered if anyone else knew of a place to get it... Cheers.
  17. Toby Kuhnert

    FOR SALE Seaward Test 'n' tag printer in mint condition, with all connecting leads

    Hi I have a Seaward Test 'n' Tag printer for sale in mint condition (as new). It's never been taken out on site, it is not longer needed (I've only had it month and a half). As I'm sure you're aware, these retail for anywhere between £250-£350 new. It comes with a cartridge, that has been used...
  18. G

    For Sale Ex stock K2 mountings, Cable etc.

    Probably not the right place to do this and may get in trouble for it but i thought i would give it a try. If this is the wrong place for it then any suggestions on where to sell my ex stock would be greatly appreciated. I have recently closed down my Solar PV installation company and have an...
  19. michaelw6

    WANTED Seaward Primetest 100

    Seaward Primetest 100 WANTED secondhand right price.
  20. S

    Wanted [South] solar instal test kit

    Hi we were late starters in the solar game if your not planing on a future in solar then we are interested in aquiring kit top of the list is C.A. Greentest FTV100 PV System Efficiency Meter , Seaward Solar Survey 200 Irradiance Meter , Seaward PV100 Solar Installation Test Kit , Leica Disto D8...