1. Rosecom


    Help !! Need a diagram as to how to use the ntb-1 rcd tester, not sure as to how to use it with my pt250+
  2. S

    Seaward Nova PAT Tester

    Yay I am so happy I have finally fixed my Nova pat tester it failed with the error message of ( Internal Relay Fault ) well after some head scratching andFault finding it was discovered that the stupid NiCd battery had died and spat its guts out eating through several pcb tracks and ate a leg of...
  3. M

    Seaward Prime Test 200

    Good afternoon all, Just got my seaward prime test 200 out of storage due to my other tester in for calibration/repair Seaward recommended that insulation testing to be carried out at 250v but there is no option to change voltage on this machine, I now understand it’s been discontinued. As...
  4. J

    seaward supernova firmware needed au/nz

    hi everbody, im looking for the firmware for a seaward supernova xe for aus/nz thank you
  5. B

    Hi from the UK

    Hello folks, my name is Matt, I live in Cambridgeshire in the UK. I started working for a scientific maintenance company in October as their new Storeman. I was asked to look at the PAT testing equipment and familiarize myself..(a Seaward Pat Tester 250+). I have done the Pass/certificate on the...
  6. DaveyD

    Pat testing software for Seaward old Supernova EX

    Hi all Does anyone know of any software to download the results without all the bells and the annual cost of the PatGuard 3. We seldom do pat testing, but it would be good to drop into excel or something. thanks in advance. David.
  7. N

    Seaward PowerTest 1557 MFT for sale

    Seaward PowerTest 1557 for sale This was my first test meter purchased in April 2018. I have since upgraded. Great first little tester to start out with. It’s out of calibration as of May 2019. Only looking for £50 and will post nationwide. Comes with all leads and hard carry case.
  8. B

    Commercial Seaward Europa Plus compatible printers

    I have a Seaward Europa Plus tester & a Kroy 3100 printer & want to replace the Kroy as it's done a lot of tags & i'm looking for something like the Test n Tag Pro, its light, prints fast & labels are reasonably priced but I don't think its compatible, I know the TnT Pro is made by Able Systems...
  9. Moley

    Any Seaward Supernova users out there want to test some software??

    I've written a small program to download the data from the Supernova in any of it's downloadable formats (PATS+, Certificate, Summary and SSS) plus an additional CSV format to open direct into Excel. If anyone wants to try it out you'll need a USB to RS232 lead. PM me and I'll give you the...
  10. Moley

    How to change a Seaward Supernova backup battery

    My Supernova wasn't keeping the time/date so it looked like it was time for a replacement backup battery. After a search on the net I couldn't find any info on it's type or location so, after a quick chat to the guy who calibrates my Supernova, I was fully armed and ready to go into battle. The...
  11. Moley

    Download format for Seaward SuperNova & Megger PAT420

    I'm planning a little project so that we can access all our PAT records online and create PDF files for the info/certificates. If any of us are working away and the site engineer wants copies we can just log in, select the records, create online PDFs and download them. It'll be a PHP program...
  12. Moley

    Seaward Supernova Plus

    Anyone know where I can find the serial number on a Supernova plus? I've been through all the settings, searched all over the case and not a sausage, bugger all etc... I'm getting to the point of looking in the manual but as we all know, that's a sign of failure :(
  13. Moley

    Anyone want a Seaward Supernova handbook?

    Just been having a bit of a clear out and found a handbook for a Seaward Supernova tester. I haven't got the tester anymore (got a horrible Megger 420 now :() so if anyone wants the handbook just let me know. It's a bit damp (stored in a shed) and the pages are a bit bent here and there but...
  14. B

    seaward primestar 100 pat tester

    hi guys im wondering if any1 here has any experiance with the seaward pat tester? i have been using it for a few days and nor when it does either a class 1 or 2 test once in does the insulation resistance test (R iso) test it starts to test then comes up error, i have tired taking the batteries...
  15. T

    Anyone any experience of the Seaward Powertest 1557 ?

    Hi all I recently finished my domestic installers course and on that used Meggers and Flukes. I'm semi retired and will not be doing much work - maybe some testing and the odd installation. I'll be replacing the consumer unit in my own place shortly. The instructor said the Seaward 1557 might...
  16. S

    Seaward Apollo 600 PAT Tester

    Seaward Apollo 600 PAT Tester This is a great tester and easy to use, I have only used it a handful of times. I bought this tester back in 09/10/2016 so still under warranty. Email for more info if needed £900 ono
  17. ray-bentos

    PAT tester recommendation for domestic rental properties

    Hello We hold a contract with a local letting agent who has approx. 450 houses. They are wanting us to start a PAT testing program across these and I have negotiated some not too bad prices so it is definitely worthwhile us completing this as it is also a foot in the door for further faults we...
  18. C

    Seaward PrimeTest 350 Auto Options for IT Equipment

    I have a Seaward PrimeTest 350 and noticed these two options in the auto test menu: H) IT Equip CLI PE Current Which does these tests: Earth Continuity 0.10 Insulation 1.0 PE Conductor Current 3.50 I) IT Equip CLII Touch Current Insulation 2.0 Touch Current 0.25 Is this correct as I did not...
  19. stephanjs

    Seaward Solar Survey 200R Meter

    Seaward Solar Survey is a simple easy to use meter able to record solar pv and solar thermal values of time for use in generation design or fault-finding and reporting. Links/syncs to the PV150 tester. Data can be sent into Seaward Solar Elements software or to other databases if needed...
  20. G

    Seaward Apollo 600 & Barcode Scanner

    I've purchased a barcode scanner that is advertised on some testing web shops as suitable for the Apollo 600. However, i cannot get it to stay connected to my tester, as soon as i leave the setup it loses connection. When i go into a 'test' the barcode symbol at the top is crossed out. Latest...
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