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  1. E

    Telephone Line Question

    Not sure if this is in the correct section Hopefully someone can help me with this one So recently rewired a house and included was some additional telephone points. All cables installed correctly away from mains cables The telephone points are wired in cat 5e There are two slave points and...
  2. H

    Domestic Dimmer confusion

    Apologies for what I am sure will turn out to be a noob error/misunderstanding, but I've done all the tests I can think of and cant make sense of what I'm seeing... Basically I have a 3 lighting zones (13x GU10 downlights in total), each using one of the standard 2way dimmers that make up a 3...
  3. W

    two way light switching

    my son has just moved into a new house and has asked me to have a look at a problem with his lounge lights. his lounge has a switch on one side of the room (call it main switch) and on the other side is a double switch. one switch is the downstairs switch for the landing light which works fine...
  4. S

    Touch/Remote Master/Slave dimmers 2-way wiring

    Hello all, in need of some advice. I have just installed 14 downlights (two circuits of 6 and 8) in what used to be a living room and dining room - the wall has been knocked down in between the two and rsj put in. I have wired for 2 gang two way switching at either end, so either side of the...
  5. S

    Telephone points

    Had virgin media install an new phone line today, they placed one master socket behind my tv and now my existing Bt phone and slave sockets don't work throughout the rest of the house. To get my other existing phone points to work do I just have to run a cable from my virgin master socket to the...
  6. W

    Domestic Will this work?

    Dear all, This is my first thread on this forum, so please be bear with me! I've found my self in a situation where I'm having work done on my house and the electrician on the team has pretty much decreed, you buy everything and I'll fit it. Basically, I need to make sure what I'm purchasing...
  7. Sparkie30

    3 phone points

    hi there, sorry if posting in the wrong section rewiring this house, been asked to put 3 phone points in the house. now do i run a cat5 cable to each from point of entry point or do i link them. I know few of you will laugh lol thanks
  8. R

    Domestic Telephone Slave help

    Good evening chaps, ran a slave socket off the master telephone point using contacts 3 and 5 as i always do, the slave socket will ring from an incoming call and has dial tone but will not make or answer a call. I am thinking maybe i need to connect terminal 2 as well but just after some...
  9. H

    Anyone installed a DYGIZONE lighting control system?

    I have been called to a customers property and they have a controlled lighting detection system with PIR sensors and external lights. They are having problems with lights not staying on and flicking lights. They have two GJD DYGIZONE controllers in property and I have noticed both are operating...
  10. i=p/u


    a house i just done the last few weeks, in the lighting circuits with 2 way dimmers , do you find if one dimmer is set low the other dimmer only goes to that range.... seems bull... is this the case - - - Updated - - - in your experience
  11. K

    Siemens dimmers r/c etc,

    just seen these on the orange shed site... they look great TBH, anyone had a dabble? Lutronish in design.
  12. stidge

    Phones ?

    hi all, sorry youve probably been asked a thousand times. I have wired 1 x master feeding 4 slave phone sockets. Total run approx 30 metres.have got signal at master and no 1. have had them all working individually but were not all connected to plate(just twisted pairs). Have been told too many...
  13. D

    security lighting

    Can anyone recommend a make of security floodlight which are reliable and dont play up as the cheap one's ive been using are poor the pir's dont work properly. And do you just take a permanent live to your fittings or do you take a switch live perm and neutral? can anyone help cheers
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