smart lighting control

  1. DrewHamilton

    Smart Light Switch Wiring - Advice Needed

    Hey guys! New DIY 'new build' homeowner trying to not cause any damage to wiring! I'm looking to swap out the existing traditional light switch with a 3 gang smart switch in my kitchen. I've successfully managed to wire in two 2 gang smart switches in the bathrooms but this 3 gang switch has...
  2. Dartlec

    Advice on decent RGBWW tape and wifi controllers

    I'm doing a job which needs LED tape under shelving, 6 shelves with ~1.2m of RGBWW tape under. I've used downlightsdirect and for tape before with no issue, but quite pricey at 12.68/m. They are also probably a bit over powered for what will be ambient light under shelving, but...
  3. D

    Can't get smart light switch to work

    Hey all I have some basic electrical wiring experience, and I'm trying to install a wemo smart light switch in my bedroom Load and line wires were easy to find and connect, but I'm having trouble narrowing down where the neutral wire is (or if I even have one) Here's a picture of what I have...
  4. Introducing Click Smart +

    Introducing Click Smart +

    Can you imagine how your home could integrate itself into your daily life? ClickSmart+, Scolmore’s leading smart home brand, has been created to simplify and streamline your home life via the use of integrated technology. ClickSmart+ boasts an elite range of smart home products. Utilising Zigbee...
  5. W

    Using bulb converters/adapters with Philips Hue bulbs but struggling.

    My wife and I bought some Philips hue bulbs for our ceiling lights. They are E27 screw fit bulbs but our lamp holders are gx24q-1 so we bought some converters or adapters so we could use the E27 hue bulbs. I’ve plugged them in though and the bulbs don’t seem to work. Any advice? Do you think I...
  6. Gazthesparky

    Pro Electrician Garreth

    Glasgow Based small family run electrical company serving Glasgow and surrounding areas Providing all aspects of electrical work. Light Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Electricians. All aspects of electrical work undertaken please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements...


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