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  1. V

    Optima Compact G3 Outside bellbox ( Sounder) change

    Hello everyone, I hope you’re well. I have a problem with my Optima Compact Gen 3. I don’t know how can I change the outside bellbox, sounder without raising the alarm. If you have any idea please let me know! Thanks
  2. Basiluk

    Unusual request for audio sounder

    I am after a device that can take up to 10 NC or NO inputs and for each input make an audible sound unique to that channel. Will be used as a 24 hour chime system for external PIR's and will audible identify the area detected. I have searched and cannot find anything - Any suggestions please?
  3. F

    Siren sounder wire length

    This is something I have never come across before even though I have installed a good few alarm systems in my time as a DIYer. I know it is a cheapo alarm but it shouldn't be any different. It came with a little siren and about two feet of flex, black and red two core. I intended to put in to...
  4. B

    Fire alarm Sounder wiring

    Hi got fire alarm sounder beacon, call point and micro switch for when the door opens to wire, Wire 2 core straight to call point this will be connection 1 for perm and connection 3 for load with neutrals in a wago then to beacon this has 4 terminals T1 is beacon negative supply T2 is sounder...
  5. M

    Honeywell / ADE ----Reson8 sounder box

    Is there a 12 volt supply that will drive an additional single 20 m amp led due to the manufacturers led hardly being seen at the bottom of the box? Tried wiring a 6 volt 20 m amp led across the battery no good as the battery is flattened immediately which must be an abysmal 300 m amp hr back...
  6. P

    Auxiliary sounder on Twinflex pro panel

    I am replacing an old Fike Twinflex panel with a new Twinflex Pro panel. The old system had an auxiliary sounder but there seems to be no where to attach it to on the new panel. Any ideas?
  7. N

    Connecting a pyronix twin alert to a texecom panel

    I am trying to connect a pyronix internal twin Alert sounder to a texecom premier elite wireless panel but I am not sure how to connect it and don't want to start blowing fuses. Any help appreciated?
  8. W

    Alarm Sounder?

    Hi All Can anyone recommend a siren for an house alarm. Fitted a system at one of my properties on Saturday which was an Honeywell AG8 but o fancy a different bell box for my house. Looking at Texecom Premier Elite Odyssey 3 or one of them pyronix deltabells. Any recommendations? Thanks
  9. yellowvanman

    Alarm going off

    Just been out to a local farmer whose alarm is going off. Sounder goes off intermittantly and when sounding is not consistent in its tone. No tamper or alarm indication on panel (Citadel XRI). Have disconnected power and battery and suggested that the panel has a problem. Just reading manual...
  10. S

    Gardtec alarm

    Hi All,I have a gardtec alarm, when I set it all well and good, when I come in the entry exit zone it beeps for me to turn the alarm off, unfortunately I didn't make it this certain time, (nothing to do with the beeeerrr!!!!) the alarm went off, but strange thing is that the bell box did not...
  11. E

    Loud door bell for person hard of hearing

    Good evening all i have a elderly client that has asked me to supply and fit a loud doorbell which she can hear from anywhere In the house as she is hard of hearing. I've searched the net and unable to find something that will do the job. Dome door bells keep coming up but customers not happy...
  12. G

    DECENT socket tester

    had a metrel and a kewtech kewtech now doesnt work atall completley dead metrel neons work but no audio , pretty new aswell :( any good makes out ?
  13. imago

    Alarm advice required

    I'm taking on a Unit which is a railway arch (Network Rail properties). It has power but no phone/data connections. I'd like to fit an alarm/CCTV set up to it that won't break the bank and can be connected to the internet via wi-fi (BT open zone). I'm not really bothered about having it make a...
  14. B

    Intruder Alarm time delay on armed zones

    Hell all, I have bought and installed a LS400 Intruder Alarm. On testing I have found that when set in the Away Mode, and excluding entry/exit zone/route the following: If the alarm is activated there is a 15 second delay before the internal sounder operates and a further 30 second delay...
  15. A

    sounder for domestic interlink smokes

    Morning does anyone know where you can a sounder that you can wire into domestic smokes. reason being rewiring a flat above a shop that has interlink smokes but building control want a sounder fitting in hallway of flat so if shop smokes go off then tenants of flat will know. Looked on aico...
  16. D

    Domestic Second sounder for a hardwired doorbell run on a transformer.

    I will start off explaining the scenario. Three storey house. One doorbell sounder on ground floor with transformer. It's for my friends Mum who's quite deaf, she can't hear the doorbell in the living room on the first floor, she wants another sounder in the living room. I bought another...
  17. C

    Accenta Min G4 with AG6 problem bell

    Hello, I'm new here and after some advice. I'm installing an Accenta Mini G4 Alarm with Honeywell AG6 Bell (SAB). I tested the system with a battery only and everything seemed to be working fine - once I fixed a fault on one of the RKPs. My problem is now I've connected to the mains and apply...
  18. the pict

    alarm sounder

    I need to fit an external sounder, but I need it to go off with either zone 1 or 2 ( mag 2 system) any ideas chaps
  19. J

    Galaxy 144 alarm system

    Hi all I have a Honeywell galaxy 3-144c main alarm board and want to connect an external sounder and strobe unit to it, The sounder has the following connections : V+ V- Sw- R- St- But the panel has nothing that matches these ? Can anyone help? Thanks Jack
  20. G

    Optima Alarm Help

    Hello all, I have no access to the alarm forum so am posting here, hope you don't mind.... I have installed an Optima Compact panel with a Honeywell AG6 bell box. The panel works fine however I get no siren or strobe from the bell box. I have used the 'test' as per the manual and also...
  21. B

    About alarm systems?

    I have limited knowledge about alarm systems, i no only the very basic things about them, but i am wondering can any make outside bell box be linked to any make alarm system? I no its a bit of a strange thing to say but if anybody can pass on any information that they think could help me for...
  22. J

    Smoke Alarms With External Sounder?

    Hi All, Just fitted 8 Mains Voltage interlinked Sector Smoke alarms went to fit the external sounder to find it is not compatible by far, this was sold via my wholesaler who had assured me it was! Having beed around the sheds it seems this does not exist yet. Is there anything on the market...
  23. N

    Newbie user - alarm wiring

    All, I am obliged to wire in a new alarm sounder. The old one was wired (with six core cable) thus: Grey: Negative - Strobe trigger Blue: Negative siren trigger Black: Zero V - Supply hold off port 1 Red: Positive - Supply hold off port 2 Orange cable and yellow cable: A/T Return...
  24. W

    Alarm wiring

    I am in need of some assistance with my house alarm. When I moved in 3 years ago the alarm was already in place but not working, no battery and fuse pulled out. I have replaced the battery, put the fuse in and am able to operate the alarm exept for one thing, the external bell box just won't...
  25. S


    Hi guys, I got called out to a fault last night at the sea cardet building where my daughter goes. One of the upstairs lighting circuits had gone off and the alarm was ringing(internal sounder only), They told me it had been ringing since monday:rolleyes:. It turns out the braker...
  26. D

    Voltage drop

    Hi guys I wonder if someone can give me a bit of their advice. I have a customer who owns a medium size factory, he wants me to install a two sounders 230volt in an area so it warns people that there is a heavy vehicle coming, operated by a switch in the same area, by personel who are given...
  27. J

    Electromagnetic door..

    Hey guys Just been given a set of plans to price from and the electromagnet smoke alarm operated door has cropped up.... Not had any experience with these before. Any ideas on how they link into the smokes? Relay? Guess i should wire in a push switch to release the door as well. James
  28. Q

    smoke alarms in office premises

    hi there, i got a job to fit smoke alarms in office premises, it is 7 office rooms + kitchen. i am not sure whether it should be fire panel with zones or shal i just fit regular interlink domestic smoke alarms? what government body will inspect and give approval for this type of job? thanks for...
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