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  1. S


    Hi, Just making my presence felt. Thanks for accepting me to the forum. Steve
  2. Lou

    Down To Earth Electrical

    Down to Earth Electrical Steve Williams, electrician serving the people of Bedford and the surrounding area since 1984 Down to Earth Electrical was founded by Steve Williams, a trusted Electrician in Bedford with over 30 years of experience. Steve Williams has seen many changes in the...
  3. B

    New member intro

    Hi folks. Retired and living in Bulgaria.
  4. happyhippydad

    How To See Your Previous Started Threads?

    Before the changes you could get a list of all the threads you had started (as well as your posts). I can only find how to see my posts, not my started threads. Any idea if this is still possible?
  5. S

    Does a sunbed require RCD?

    Hi I've been asked to install a power supply for a sun bed in a salon: Sunbed is 60 x 225w lamps = 13.5K Divide 230v = 59amps Table 4D2A: 10mm T&E 63amp capacity clipped direct. I'm installing a dedicated CU with a 63a MCB and isolator fed via a henley block on the meter tails for the sunbed to...
  6. S

    Domestic 110v T9 circular florescent ballast

    Hi, Got a client that's bought an old Timex rotating display stand to display his extensive sunglasses collection :beatnik2:. It has a 110v motor to rotate it and there is a T9 circular flourescent tube fitted. (4 pin plug) The ballast has failed and needs to be replaced. Client wants to keep...
  7. S

    work experience ?

    Hi, My name is Steve recently qualified as an electrician and gained my 17th edition but cannot seem to get any work or work experience, any ideas
  8. S

    new domestic

    hi my name is Steve, love electrics (crazy) ye, domestic electrician (sorry), started late 54! would like to b fully qualified but don't think can b taken on as apprentice. love he forum, Steve
  9. T

    2391 inspection & test .......passed it!!!

    Hi all, Just found out that I have passed my 2391 inspection & test exam that I sat in march. Chuffed to bits Looking at joining Napit Steve:yes:
  10. T

    Help with Honeywell CM720 Wireless Programable Room Stat

    Hi Guys Please bear with me dont often get involved with heating wiring, got a customer who wants there current heating controls upgradded to wirless as the wall where the wired room stat is on is comming down and they want to be able to operate it in different rooms. Currently got all...
  11. T

    Is this the best ad on ebay ever!!

    Just looked at facebook and a friend has posted a link to the bay if you look for item 330591109342 at the moment it has 3 pages of q&a funny... it is well worth a read:smile:
  12. S

    2392 course in Birmingham

    Hi, I will be doing my 2392 the end of this month. I have not touched a test meter for about 8 - 9 years since doing my am2. i just wanted to know what the course involved i.e practical wise? Is there anything i could do with brushing up on before the course? or will the course cover...
  13. Tester Steve

    New EICR - editable PDF certs

    We have been updating our certs and have created the new EICR that will come with the next amendment. You can insert your own logo and the signature fields also take an image if you need to email them to your customer. You will be prompted for the report number. Please RTFM!!!!! All the usual...
  14. K

    ice breaker

    hello to all.. ive just joined, so i thought id do the right thing, and say bonjour! I have been in the scaffold game for the past ten years, and for the last 3 years i have attended college (after work) to get my CG2330 level 3. Ive passed my 17th edition also and then im going for my 2391 in...
  15. D

    Robin MF tester wanted

    Long shot I know, I'm after a robin 1630 multifunction tester, using one at college, getting on really well with it. Or does anyone know of one for sale somewhere else:D Many thanks Steve
  16. T

    Health & Saftey Policy & Risk Assessments

    Hi Everyone Has anybody got a up to date health & safety policy I could use and if possible some risk assessments re electrical testing and other more general to electrical work. As I have been accepted by NAPIT, but they need this in place! I would be greatful for any help with this, thanks...
  17. T


    Hi Guys I know this sounds daft but could anyone tell me how to wire up a RCBO please, not 100% especially regarding functioning earth. Many Thanks Steve
  18. C

    Excel Spreadsheets for Book keeping

    Hi Guys Anybody have a Template they wouldn't mind sharing for my book keeping? Been looking on Google to find some examples but nothing I'm after... Have been Pen & Paper keeping for past month & although a fluent MAC Operator, Excel isn't strong point for setting up Templates... Cheers if...
  19. D

    Invoicing Software,

    not sure if any of you chaps use any type of software but i come across a very very very good piece other day.. Invoice Software | Invoicing Software | Billing Software worth a try, its 30 day full free trial and then 25 quid after!! bargain! it also does my bookkeeping for sales...
  20. T

    Steve Willis Training

    Firstly thanks to you guys for encouraging me to take this course. Steve Willis training Steve Willis Training - Home is located in Burgess Hill, West Sussex and also Portsmouth and was recommended to me by my brother in law who has grown up from being a small dog to a Gas Safe person ;) The...
  21. S

    Work in a Kitchen

    Hello All, I was listening recently to the MK 17th edition podcast as I've got my 17th ed exam coming in the next few weeks. They started to talk about notifiable work in a kitchen. They went on to saying that if the kitchen was an open plan type (like a kitchen/dining room), then the...
  22. D

    Aspiring Sparky

    Hi all, Names Steve, Alias Diablo. Im currently serving in the Royal Navy, and comming to the end of my time after nearly 22yrs. I have decided to become an sparky and have compleeted all the relevent courses. I am currently shadowing a friend of mine who have been in the bussinness for the...
  23. S

    Whirlpool Bath - Notification to building control

    Whirlpool bath - Notification to building control. I'm currently in my 3rd year of C&G 2330. I'm not 'in the trade' so to speak but I am doing various bits of work to get site practice. So far, all my work has not needed notifying to LABC, I tend to stay away from those sort of jobs. However...
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