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  1. happyhippydad

    A question about torque screwdrivers

    I have been umming and arghing about a torque screwdriver for some time but have not yet bought one. My fears are the following: 1. There are set torque settings that conductors in a consumer unit should adhere to. However, in the neutral bar which are screw terminals I tend to screw a 6mm in...
  2. Lister1987

    Entry Level / Getting Started Torque Screwdriver

    Anyone got any recommendations for one? I've got all manner of normal VDE screwdrivers but don't have anything like this yet. Any preferences? Ones to avoid? Bottom, mod, top end of spectrum?
  3. D

    Torque screw driver anyone bother ?

    Ok tin hat on for a minute... I have never ever bothered to acquire or use a torque rated screw driver I have been offered a second hand wiha one by a mate for £20 as he is buggering off to Spain to work Are they worth using ?
  4. BruvDunk

    Torque screwdriver !!!!!

    Anyone ever feel the need for one? Or been required to purchase one for an inspection.... Is it a world gone mad or are they worth it.
  5. L

    Torque Screwdriver.....

    My elbow is out of calibration and i would like to use a torque screwdriver instead, its something ive been putting off but i have finally caved. What torque screwdriver is everyone using? A little review would also be helpful
  6. Madocks

    Torque settings - hmm

    Bought a torque driver today, any clue on recomended values for connector blocks, henleys, MCB ? I imagine its cable size dependant? Anyone have a quick table i can print and laminate? Please dont say manufacturer instructions! would be poop!
  7. Dannyg8810

    Torque VDE driver sets.........

    Going to treat myself tomorrow to torque interchangeable blade set tomorrow Anyone used any and recommend a certain brand?? Been looking at this Armeg 5 Piece VDE Torque Screwdriver Set | Armeg Screwdriver Set -...
  8. J

    torque drivers

    Afternoon Had my annual niceic assessment today (only DI mind) Showed him a rewire I done few months back- literally had nothing to 'pick at' only thing he said is when I was un-screwing the mcb to get end to end reading- I just used a normal screw drive- and I should be using a torque one...
  9. U

    Torque Screwdrivers

    Anyone use one? Had my NIC audit other day, told to get one, been told in the past too but this guy I think won't take it well if I don't bother. So, cheapest thing made and kept with the probe tips/H&S policy statement etc for annual inspections? Or something decent? Whats good and what...
  10. K

    Question help

    any help with this greatly appreciated..the output of a series dc motor when connected to a 230v supply and running at 1320 rev/min is 3.5kw. the supply current for this loading is 20.5A 1.calculate torque developed 2. Operating efficiency
  11. The Solar King

    Which Cordless Drill?

    Perennial question I know. Some little toerag knicked my Dewalt 18v combi drill and tool folder on Friday. Sorting out a replacement. What do you reckon is a good buy at the moment? A little reluctant to spend over £400.00 to replace the Dewalt.....
  12. Dan

    Makita Combi Drill

    There is as new combi drill coming out brushless and 125nm worth of torque apparently the side handle may as well be a scaffold pole! Also around the same time there will be a 5ah battery launch! Currently out at the minute is the 36v range but instead of needing an expensive 36v battery that...
  13. V

    TorqueLeader Torque Limiting Screwdrivers, SETUP for DB USE

    Purchased these around 2 years ago for a particular contract where it was required, then didnt win the contract so have been sat in my garage ever since They are made by Torque Leader, which is a world leading manufacturer in torque tools, the design and finish is second to none, both...
  14. R

    Dewalt 10.8

    Has anyone tried these DeWalt DCK211S2-SFGB 10.8V XR Cordless Drill & Impact Driver Twin Pack |
  15. E

    makita brushless combi drill

    I currently have a makita BHP 451 combi drill, but on too many occasions recently i've found it too big and heavy to do what i want it to do. In the US of A they sell a brushless combi drill LXPH05, and theres a seller on ebay offering them for £80 delivered. from looking at the specs i can see...
  16. P

    Combi drill & impact driver, Milwaukee or makita?

    Hi all, Looking at getting a twin pack of combi drill and impact driver. Narrowed it down to either Milwaukee or makita, on paper the Milwaukee is winning with better torque for both tools. Anyone got any opinions on either?
  17. G

    3 Phase Motor Overload Problem?

    A conveyor system at work is powered by a 3-Phase Motor. It's a simple setup really. It is DOL start/stop system with a telemechanique thermal overload. The problem is, when the conveyor becomes jammed-which is regularly does the overload does not cut out fast enough to prevent damage to one of...
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