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After 12 years, ive decided to refloor the kitchen in our house. The cabinets are ok... so just a new floor.
I'm going with laminate that looks like concrete slabs... but my style and taste aside, whats the best way to edge the flooring?
Tight to the skirting board? instructions say to leave a gap for expansion. If i leave a gap, will the gap get filled by crap over time?
Ive laid laminate before and glued scotia strip moulding to the skirting. Looked awful!

Got 3 doors and a patio door to navigate around too.

I know i could ask on a joinery forum, or ask a mate.... but i thought id ask you trustworthy lot for your suggestions first.
normally use an edging strip to cover the 10mm ish expansion gap eg

or depends how good you are with the silicon gun could kill the gap with a colour matched silicon


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The flat edging looks good. Ive used the angled moulding before.
Not bad with the old silicon gun... if I can get a dark grey, it would match the artificial grout lines on the laminate pattern.
Will be using a multitool to cut the bottom off the door architraves and slip the board under


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I just used the edge moulding like the top pic, but coloured to match the skirting not the floor. Unless you're going to drop the skirting into the laminate after fitting it's the only way really.


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Ive already got the flooring from howdens. Suitable for kitchens it says on the pack. I wouldn’t use it in a bathroom.

I was hoping not to take the skirting off as some of it extends behind the kitchen units.

I’m just trying to convince the wife I know what I’m doing


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Unless you take skirtings off then the only way is to use scotia bead really. If you have any stop ends where it meets a door for example then cut the end at 45 degree and cut another bit to fit the angle. I would brad nail the scotia on to the skirting and fill and paint it along with the skirting . Scotia looks naff though imo and I would have the skirtings off if decorating. And use a sliding bevel to get your angles to cut any miters.
You can use the bevel to intersect the angle and set up your mitre saw.
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Take a look at this video....this is the easiest way to intersect angles and set up your saw. Ignore the accent....I think he’s one of @telectrix mates.
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you can undercut the skirting if you don't want to take it off, but I struggle to think of a tool that would make it easy. Normally you'd just undercut with a multi-cuttter around door frames and the like that aren't easy to remove, not the whole skirting.
Another option is to put some of that compriband or some other foam tape in the gap, keep the muck out.

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