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I think most will have their favourite one of the main brands of battery drill driver and/ or impact driver but use a manual torque screw driver where specific torques are specified.
I would say that you need to be more specific about the power you need vs. the weight of the screwdriver. Are you looking for a very light screwdriver with limited power, or a heavyweight, powerful unit?

Do you need any extra capabilities like hammer drilling or impact driving?
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Looking for a dedicated cordless screwdriver for domestic use, consumer units etc


There are various kits, you don’t need to get the kit with 6 million bits. The basic kit is more than adequate.
Phil, you could offer to fund a basic set for the OP, as then you can do a good deed and off set the cost against your tax bill. Win Win.


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I use the de-walt gyroscopic convertable unit, since found the non-convertable/fixed unit and wish I had that instead as mainly use it straight and the fixed unit would have no 'wobble' in the handle like the convertable, is also smaller.. that said I use the dewalt alot and really like it, sadly being in Aus I had to import it (from germany) but you can get it in the uk... also had a look at the bosch blue unit avail for the $60us mark, looks ok but cant swap out the batteries like the dewalt. Would like to give it a try to sample a 'non gyroscopic' style unit.. maybe one day!
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NDG Elecs

I have a Speed E. It's a gimmick at best in my view, with very few real uses in sparking. It does have some positives yes, but they are substantially outweighed.

A cracking little drill driver is the Bosch 12V. But it depends what you want to use it for as others have said.
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Are you confusing a cordless screwdriver with torque settings and the requirement to fix mcb's/terminals etc to a 'specific' torque?

I doubt you would find the accuracy with a typical de-walt or equivalent type cordless driver.
Much better to use a manual torque driver.
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