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  1. R

    I would like some help to bypass a touchscreen climate control (strictly fan speed and vent settings (eg, floor/dash).

    I would like some help to bypass a touchscreen climate control (strictly fan speed and vent settings (eg, floor/dash). Background - 2003 Acura mdx. For some idiotic reason Acura designed the climate control fan speed and vent configuration into the touch screen. Not a terrible thing but...
  2. B

    Settings on veritas r8 alarm

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum thread. I have installed myself a Texecom veritas alarm system. it’s either the r8 plus or excel, as it has a shared manual and no mention on the remote control panel. I initially was trying to change the part set bell delay, but concluded it’s not...
  3. B

    RCD with variable ms an mA settings

    Hi, been looking at variable RCDs as came across one at a job, settings range from 30mA to 3 Amps and ms from no delay to 3 second delay can someone explain please? As if I come to test my tester only goes up to 1000mA also some I’ve seen are set on like 0.5 seconds which isn’t an RCD meant to...
  4. hey-hey-my-my

    Multi-stage charging: skipping absorption?

    Good morning, I'm on the road year round in a motorhome with two 100w solar panels (soon to be doubled) charging a 260ah AGM battery via a 20a MPPT charge controller. I also hook up a 30a multi stage mains charger about once a week to properly charge the battery. I'd like to get the most out...
  5. Dan

    Google Ads have New Settings / Subscribed members new tools

    Okay, so this is part of a wider efforts to balance the books for the forums. We're trialing it out. But it comes with some good benefits as well as a few ads. So read the whole thread please before judging and replying. :) New Ads for logged-in users unless you have any one of the below:- You...
  6. Edtwozeronine

    Doogee screen keeps turning off despite settings

    This is my grandfather's doogee phone, not sure of the exact model - running some version of Android obviously... I did the usual and turned it off and on again, no luck! Screen goes to sleep mode or whatever they're calling it these days after what seems like 5 seconds of inactivity. It's set...
  7. Sms88

    Ir dome camera dip switch settings

    Hi. Just wondering if any one has experience with one of those ?
  8. B

    MCCB with RCD settings

    MCCB with RCD bolt on, anyone know how to work these settings out? Ignore settings now but this is upfront RCD TT system so I want to top one to be 0.3 for 300mA but unsure on bottom?
  9. Spoon

    Profile Settings.........

    Yes, this is probably a silly question... again. I want to stop receiving emails every time I get an Alert. I have gone into my Profile settings but I can't seem to find the tick box. The settings for my Alert Preferences look ok. I still want to receive them... Just want the emails to stop...
  10. Madocks

    Torque settings - hmm

    Bought a torque driver today, any clue on recomended values for connector blocks, henleys, MCB ? I imagine its cable size dependant? Anyone have a quick table i can print and laminate? Please dont say manufacturer instructions! would be poop!
  11. Gavin John Hyde

    KT64Dl changing settings from hidden menu

    I have come across a little menu on a KT64Dl and it may work on a 65Dl aswell. Put your tester in Loop, then turn on, as soon as the little red light goes out press F1 twice really quickly, a hidden menu then comes up which lets you add or take away values, so if you have say a 1 ohm source...
  12. O

    BT Email and BT Spam filter

    This is a bit of a long shot but can anyone give me a clue as to the "workings" of the BT spam filter? We have 4 BT accounts - 1 each plus a generic family one. Yesterday I forwarded an email from the generic one to my son ..... it didn't arrive. It wasn't in his spam filter. So I logged on to...
  13. B

    Forum clock

    @ Dan Is there a forum clock anywhere? I can see my posts are minutes old then eventually a time . I believe I have the settings correct to autocorrect the clocks going back (and forward next year) I expect loads have the settings wrong tho as its hard to check (or is it and I am missing...
  14. S

    stop filling up my email account

    Hi how do I stop this forum sending everything to my email, computers not my thing cheers
  15. L

    Advice needed for configuring alarm system to make it pet friendly!

    Hi, can anyone give me some advice into configuring my home alarm system to make it pet friendly? I have an ADE Accentra+ user panel and Honeywell G4 fitted last November, i'm now looking into acquiring a pet and want some help about how to configure the PIR settings to make them pet friendly...
  16. G

    help needed with dno

    Help needed witj dno installed 3.9kw system with sma 3600tl which limits output bang on 16a max but dno says this is g59 as panels are over 3680 w is this right what they are doing?
  17. O

    testing equipment with electronics inside plus

    Guys as more and more equipment have got electronic or computerised equipment fitted ie a washing machine used to have a elctromechanical dial now they have on board electronic / software control so my question is how do you approuch this with regards to the type of test ie test with 500vdc or...
  18. S

    Battery powered golf trolley.

    I am flogging my battery powered golf trolley. It has twin 250w drive motors, brand new (year old) 33ah battery goes for miles. It is remote control but i have never had a remote for it. It is as quick as fcuk has 4 speed settings and i cant keep up on any higher than speed 2, anti wheelie bar...
  19. W

    veritas r8plus alarm

    how can i find out the engineer code for this alarm system ( already fitted when i bought the house). i need to reprogram some of the settings and the user code does not work for programming. the default engineer factory code..1234 has clearly been changed so also does not work, or do i need an...
  20. D

    "Protection settings have been set to comply with Engineering Recommendation G83/1"

    Hi all, In our DNO notification form it asks for confirmation that, for the inverter: "Protection settings have been set to comply with Engineering Recommendation G83/1." & "The protection settings are protected from alteration.(except by prior written agreement between the DNO and the...
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