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I've just had a laugh with @Lou who spat her tea out and nearly choked.

She said I'm bored with dealing with them lot now. I said I am. But they're delicate flowers on that sparky forum and there's a storm going on with me changing things and they're unsure about it.

When she got her breath back she said 'Hurricane Dan'.


But in all fairness I have come on your forum, changed its domain name, made you confirm you understand the terms again by clicking a big button, installed a system that lets you delete your own account, of which people are using. Then people mentioning they want their account deleted, but not clicking the button themselves, I take as a cue to just delete the account for them. Perhaps they didn't see the thread about the self-delete I'm thinking. Perhaps they're after attention and now regretting it and wanting all their content erasing. Who knows.

Let's be clear.

I am sorry if it appears as though I'm coming on your forum changing everything you like about it.

But you're just one person. You might get 10 likes on your sarcastic comment. But that's still only 11 people.

I aren't changing the whole forum for 11 people. We literally have millions of hits a month, from over a million uniques.

It's for the grand scheme of things I do things. And while I'd like to debate each change I make and let you understand the pros and cons of each change, then us all come up with a collective response. It takes too long.

I just change it. I've got the stats to A/B test and see which change works best. I've got multiple (at one point 28) forums to test things on.

I strongly believe you are on the best forum going, not just electrical, but best forum out of all you visit. And my mind wouldn't easily be changed. Not sure if that's just me, or there isn't an actual forum better out there.

So I apologise if you feel overrun with changes. Some forums I'm on don't change much at all, and they're the ones that usually get left behind and forgotten.

So hang in there with me and come on this mad ride.

Or just moan about it somewhere else.

But I will delete your account for you if you want it deleting. I aren't going to nurture your delicate feels. That's your partners job. :)

All the best lol

You delicate flowers. :D :D :D

SWD - If you get this, you CAN come back. You weren't banned. You asked for your account to be deleted in a public forum (hence me being able to quote it here - not breaking DPA). But you can't have your content you gave us erased. That's ours. You clicked you agree to that only a week ago.

If you want to register a brand new account, and be open about it, even use the same name, that's fine. But don't talk pish about it.

I hope everybody is okay with the changes I make. But if not, I hope you can eventually come to terms with them being made.

Some, like the Directory, we have running on TilersForums.com and it's ranking already. Getting calls for people.

Here's the directory: Directory of Tilers - https://www.tilersforums.com/resources/categories/directory-of-tilers.17/
Here are some listings I've personally been involved in and are using to tweak the whole directory to make sure they rank well: Featured resources - Directory of Tilers - https://www.tilersforums.com/resources/categories/directory-of-tilers.17/featured

The charge for my time: NOTHING. :D

We do give back as a forum. If not just a host to chat to like-minded people. My aim is to bring you business in.

Maybe I can be a delicate flower too. If you knock my forum online somewhere else and I find out, I aren't going to dish out "Trusted" on my forum now am I?

Hope I've dealt with a couple of issues publicly here now that are being discussed behind the scenes far too much really. Come out your shell people. Get involved. :D
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