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Hello Gents I've got pretty wide feet think flippers and a touch of plantar fasciitis or policemans heel from working on concrete floors for years and I'm constantly looking for boots which don't cripple me

I recently tried a make I hadn't tried before "Solidgear" made by Hultafors
( same company that make Snickers gear)
They were trainer style safety shoes and the fit was really good for me and really comfortable

lightest I've ever seen just like cloud type trainers but these were lacking in support being made of plastic mesh like beach shoes which although would be nice in summer would let dirt and bits of copper in etc as nearly whole shoe was perforated and therefore not suitable for my job

So I'm looking at buying some more traditional style boots made by them and would like to hear any reviews by forum members ie do they last and are they worth the money before I part with any cash as they are quite pricey!

I've only found two reviews online , one really good one really bad which doesn't really give much away as I don't know the environments they were used in

Has anyone tried this make?


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I havnt tried them. Try grisport I tried many boots and none were ever that comfortable and now I'm on my 4th pair of these exact same boots. They last me 2ish hears a pair and are very comfortable


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I am using a pair of Grisport contractors now
Very good boots lasted well but I find if I'm moving around a lot they're pretty good
But when I'm stationary for long periods my feet hurt/ ache a lot after and feel cold, tried lots of different insoles which improve things but after a while same problems crop up


please let me back in to the prison cell.
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I have been using navy boots for some years , they are called lead last for years , the trouble is i cant seem to put my right foot forward.


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Navy boots is "lead" the make?
Being military they would probably offer lots of different widths


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Navy boots is "lead" the make?
Being military they would probably offer lots of different widths
there are only 2 sizes with military clothing/boots. too small or too big.


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I've got a relative serving RAF regiment and he said the boots issued now are best he's ever had

choice of 3 types and with that different widths available , he's supposed to be getting me a pair for non work purposes


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For more years than I can remember, my feet have been a size 8.
In the last 7 or 8 years, I have been suffering with bad feet.
Have tried using lighter boots, gel insoles, various different makes, and even pain killers and ibuprofen.
Over the last year I have found wearing size 9 footwear, has improved my condition tremendously.
Try going to a Clarkes shoe store and getting them to measure your feet.

Coincidently, I first started suffering with pain in my feet and ankles after being prescribed simstatins which are supposed to reduce cholesterol.
I found the situation improved within 2 weeks of me ceasing to take the simstatins, though it did not completely disappear.
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So many manufacturers and No real standardisation in sizes
I think length and width is not that different but the shape of shoes and toecaps vary a lot

I've bought a pair which have been good
Bought another pair the same the following year and couldn't wear them!

Used to wear Caterpillar and Dewalt for years
But they have gone quite narrow plus my feet have gone a bit flatter

Glad my feet aren't as dodgy as yours
Buzzlightyear at least you only need to shave them!


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I have problems with my feet as well. Last year I got a pair of Buckler boots, best boots I have ever had, they seem to support the foot better than any others.


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I have looked at Uvex
They seem to be very popular in Germany nearly everyone on site wears them

I did get a pair of uvex trainers to try for size found one of the pair was width perfect but I thought the toecap internal height was low as it rubbed a little on my toes
I've looked for a stockist so I could go and try a few pairs on but not found one
Arco do them but keep limited stock and nearest one is nearly 2 hrs away

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