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  1. edexlab

    Solidgear boots any good?

    Hello Gents I've got pretty wide feet think flippers and a touch of plantar fasciitis or policemans heel from working on concrete floors for years and I'm constantly looking for boots which don't cripple me I recently tried a make I hadn't tried before "Solidgear" made by Hultafors ( same...
  2. Steve Smith

    Recommended Work Boots.

    Sorry for my weak english and posting. I'm working better than my sellers two years or more, and I wear shoes worn, but they do not seem to last, whether the stitch is restored or starts to get rid of bits. The last pair was bought, repaired after two or 3 weeks, so my wholesaler changed the...
  3. T

    Good work boots which model to choose?

    My last pair of boots got completely destroyed during my last job. I need a new one, preferably with steel toes. I'm browsing through this guide https://handymanpoint.com/buying-guides/best-work-boots/and am hesitating between the Thorogood Men's American Heritage 6" and Timberland PRO Men's...
  4. sam400

    For Sale [South]: Snickers toe guard boots sz11

    have for sale size 11 toeguard jumper boots there owned by snickers so good quality. Have been worn for one day, all my colleagues wear trainer style boots but they are not for me. £30 + post Toe Guard Jumper Safety Boots with Composite Toe Caps and Composite Midsole -...
  5. Dan

    New Work wear and boots

    New Work wear and boots advice reviews and feedback 2017 I'm due for some new work boots I've always work Adidas LA Trainer for work but my toes are getting tired of being bent back all day so I'm gonna go for some steel toe boots I'm thinking... New Work wear and boots Are you a DIYer? find a...
  6. D

    Work Boots

    I have better getting and wearing scruffs work boots from my wholesalers for 2 years or more. But they dont seem to last. Either the stitching comes undone or bits start to come unglued. The last pair I bought the stitching started to come undone after 2 or 3 weeks so my wholesaler changed them...
  7. A


    Hi all, Looking for some new boots and trousers to replace my tired dewalt boots and snickers. Any recommendations and websites? Thanks
  8. D

    Dewalt Apprentice Boots

    Been having a nightmare with my gear recently, everything seems to be giving up on me! So now my boots are knackered... Lace hole has torn so now i can't tie them properly, i've been looking at replacement boots and can only find them for £50-60. Is that the normal price or does anyone know...
  9. K

    Dewalt rigger boots

    Brought some today , got home and my heel S are blistered to hell. Anyone else use these ? Shame because they are nice like
  10. E

    reccomend me some footwear for domestic

    recently i've been wearing trainers, but i've ran out of old trainers, and i think i'd like some decent work footwear that is comfy and hear wearing, steel toes not really necessary but not fussed. i'd prefer to be able to slip them on and off, so boots would be out of the question. from that...
  11. T

    Winter Workwear

    10 X Polos 4 x Jumpers 2 x Fleeces 2 x safety Boots £249 + vat Logo embroidered to left or right breast Free Delivery Free Set up If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected] http://www.tmsprint.co.uk
  12. T

    Winter Workwear

    10 x Polos 4 x Jumpers 2 x Fleece 2 x Safety Boots £249 + VAT Free Delivery Free Set up Deal is available until the 26/10/2012 If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us. [email protected] Our new website is going to be launched very soon. If you would like to...
  13. S

    which work boots?

    bought a set a of grafters a while ago after 2 months of apprenticeship they are falling to pieces what do you recommend? don't have a clue what to go for, am tempted by dr martens as ive got a pair of there normal boots and like em
  14. P

    dewalt apprentice boots

    Great pair of steel toe boots. Well after 2 weeks of breaking them in that is. had a pair for 3 years and apart from the odd smell :) and scuff mark they are still going strong
  15. D

    Footwear to work

    what type of foot wear does people wear to work ? i had a chat with a good family friend son who a Sparky about this question i said i like "Dewalt" Rigger boots and he said it likes Trainers so i tho ill ask on here as there alot of Members in here
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