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Wiring a container

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Just looking for pointers, looking to do the donkey work before getting an electrician in to do the final bits.

Purchased a container block that came with a 63amp board inside, on the outside is a 100amp feed. What wire do I need to get this connected up? I've read that 16mm2 3 core armoured swa cable should produce about 99amps if above ground?

I'd be looking to connect this to a house 25/30meters max away from the container, the house isn't in use, it needs a fair few repairs but it has mains electric that work. Do I need to buy anything for the board inside the house? Does it require a fuse or a breaker?
Am I correct in thinking a 16mm 3core swa armoured cable will do the job?
If and when I have the correct wire, will that connect directly to the breaker on the outside of the container?

Finally, do I buy a grounding kit for this? The ground cable on the outside connects to the main board inside, which then grounds to the bottom of the container, is this enough or do I need a rod to go in to the ground?

The two pictures are of the board inside and the breaker outside.

I'd be running average appliance, I won't be having a washing machine or a tumble dryer, just things like an oven, electric hob, TV, ceiling light, the 2 heaters that are already in there, microwave, kettle, etc. Possibly an instant water heater for the dishes.

Thank you for any pointers in advance.


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Ask your electrician when they do a site visit as to what is required they can also notify the installation to Building Control under Part P of the Building Regulations.
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