1. 5

    Advertising issues

    Hi all, I live around Portsmouth in the south. I have been with Checkatrade for 8yrs. I work about 35 weeks of the year since I take kids holidays off. I do domestic gas, heating and electrical work. This year my Checkatrade subscription went from £995.00 to £1500. and with that the amount of...
  2. Gavin John Hyde

    Advertising and cutting back in these times

    This isn't about the pros and cons of the various job lead and advertising sites. Had an email from checkatrade saying that during April and probably future months you can either pay a reduced 50% monthly fee or become associated member which means you won't appear in general search results but...
  3. 5


    Hi, I have been with Checkatrade for 6 years, and in that time it has more than doubled in price. I have now been quoted £1500.00 for me on my own. I am a sole trader who does domestic gas and electrical work. Is that similar to other agencies? Since i have gone nearly part time i find it s...
  4. Dan

    Advertising with - What's allowed? was launched 2007-ish. Under the domain We changed our domain to suit the traffic we were getting in 2019, and this is the same for and Members get access to the forum for free. You just sign up an account...
  5. Gavin John Hyde

    How to steal advertising space!

    Driving home tonight and get to a roundabout, had to do a double take as my mate had his decorating firm advertised on plastic boards on the roundabout and the approaches. Thought fair enough but knowing how tight fisted he is wondered how much he paid for the advertising. Turns out he hasn't...
  6. R


    Hi all, Been in business for quite a few years now. Work has always come to me due to advertising and word of mouth. Things have got to a stage where word of mouth and repeat business (domestic 40% commercial 60%) are keeping me super busy. Ive found that the last 6 months ive been pretty much...
  7. E

    Advertising and websites

    Hi everyone was just wondering how much money people spend on advertising and how much work they receive from the advertising? ive been on my own for about two years and 90% of my work is word of mouth, I have an ad in yell and get the odd call from it. also with websites do you pay for seo...
  8. joel89

    Konecranes anyone work for them?

    Hi anyone work for these on the overhead crane electrics? they're advertising for service engineer's wondering what the rates of pay you get? Im an industrial spark poor money though where im currently working. cheers
  9. B

    Hi, new to site hopefully I can add some value and LED expertise to the community

    Hello everyone my name is Ben, I'm one of the directors at www . ledstop, we specialise in professional LED lighting. I don't profess to know everything but I have a good few years of LED lighting knowledge under my belt, I hope I can help a few people out on the site whilst learning something...
  10. J

    how to get customers when your just starting out ?

    I am trying to get my business up and running, about 2 months ago i set up my website, listed my company on directory websites gumtree etc, try to drum up business but I have had about 3 phone calls and 2 jobs over 2 months, this may be normal for someone starting out, I am not expecting jobs to...

    just seen this on ebay

    what the hell: daihatsu midget 11 advertising van ad van "rare" | eBay
  12. D

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa...

    Considering registering with ELECSA and thought I'd see what people have to say about them. Did their online registration form and was a bit surprised to see they want payment immediately, which put me off submitting it. Any comments about them would be appreciated...
  13. F

    Website update of FIT rates

    Is there any requirement within the code of practice to have the current FIT rates rather than the old 41.3p rate? Seems there are some websites that still list the old rate giving an unrealistic comparison. Now the new rate is "agreed" I would most bona fide companies would expect webpages to...
  14. whinmoor

    Possible Scam

    I had an unsolicited phone call this morning from a guy claiming to represent a consortium of independent schools. They wanted an MCS company to install solar panels on school buildings and did I want my company to be the exclusive supplier of PV to such schools in my county? I needed to pay an...
  15. I

    is there much work out there ???

    hi there i recently started advertising in the Local free paper, and distributed over 2500 leaflets and constructed a website. i had five weekly adverts and to my amazement i recieved just 2 calls and two actual jobs. Is it really quiet at the moment work wise or is there something else...
  16. F

    Getting work

    Hi all, just wondered what was the best way to market yourself ( company) for PV installs. Do most of your clients get you from the MCS register? or recommendations from clients you have done installs for. What is the best way to break into this market? We don't seem to be getting many enquiries...
  17. D

    National Work/Advertising

    Hi Chaps, I m just about to climb on board a national LTD company's band wagon and after some advice, any ways, what i get / they get I am getting LOCAL advertising 100,000 leaflet drops a month ,National Advertising in a Daily Newspaper alongside the Main Companys advert! 3 days a...
  18. L

    Enough work?

    Thinking about going out alone to do domestic/small commercial work. Wondering how busy it was at the moment.
  19. S

    phone ringing

    Hi guys Just out of interest what advertising do you have and how many phone call do you get a week at the moment?
  20. F

    what works?

    Hello all some of this will probaly be repeated stuff from other threads(i have looked back already) and some of it might help others so here goes anyway. Advertising, flyers, websites etc just wondered who found gained best results.Im working on the website got it free for 2 years with 5 web...
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