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    Looking for Ad hoc work as an electricians mate London

    Hi, Just wonder if someone can share contacts for agencies or electrical firms looking for ad hoc electrical mates (even few days here and there would suit me). Currently working on 3 weeks on 3 weeks off rotation so I can only do 2weeks (+) in every 6 weeks period. I can’t give up my main job...
  2. R

    Advice about Agencies - Any recommendations

    So I have been looking through a list that was posted on here and registering my CV with them. I have seen some of the reviews on Google and some are really awful. There is also a lot of mention about Ltd Companies and Umbrella Companies which I am not too familiar with. So any information on...
  3. R

    List of Agencies that offer Electrical Work

    Can anyone recommend a list of agencies that offer work, please.
  4. N

    Agencies? 20 charecters

    My maintenance job in a school ends mid November and I am looking at agencies to gain experience and start my level 2 in early 2018. I have rang a couple in my county (Suffolk) who say they can get me work so close to xmas as a labourer and i will be signing up with them in the next couple of...
  5. S

    Agencies not paying please add

    Hi guys There's a page been setups on Facebook to share names of agencie that don't pay Se connecter à Facebook | Facebook - https://www.------------/groups/132250190680832/
  6. S

    Warning: Do not work for ahearne agency

    Just a heads up for anyone doing agency work. If you come across an agency called Ahearne stay well clear. They used to be called Gulmanda. I worked for them for 8days hired by an Irish woman called Jackie. She always uses a mobile never an office number. Tried to force me to go under the...
  7. N

    Is there any money in agency work

    Hi all! My first post here. I've worked for the same big company for many years now. Started as an apprentice. Now I'm fed up with the company and wouldn't mind a bit more pay. I'm only contracted to 37 hours a week and get no chance of overtime. i have a mortgage so would worry a bit about...
  8. G

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Jib rates

    Jib rates going up tomorrow, 06.02.14. £14.86 for approved spark. Why do we keep seeing ads for JIB sparks but at much lower rates? Boydy
  9. J

    Working In Gibraltar

    I am moving to Gibraltar at the beginning of February and am looking for any information or contacts on the best way of finding work as an electrician. If you have worked or are working there any info would be appreciated. All the local agencies don't really deal with construction labour so I...
  10. L

    Subbying to subsidise going self employed

    Afternoon all, I was wondering if anyone had gone down the route of subbying to an agency while trying to pick up business as self employed as I'm sure I'm not the first person to think about this. Bit of background, I'm 29, time served, 17th edition with 2391 and CompEx, been at the same...
  11. F

    compex work

    I'm an electrician from Dundee and I recently passed the CompEx course. I'm just new to this side of the trade and I don't know what agencies to contact regarding work in north east Scotland. Does any body know?
  12. R

    Movin into Self Employment/Agency work?

    Hi Guys, Im a recently qualified electrician (full apprenticeship) working for a small local firm doing mostly domestic work with a bit more chucked in. Also booked in to take my 2391 soon. Im slightly older than your average apprentice and very keen to push myself forward, both professionally...
  13. C

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) CSCS or JIB

    Have been calling into the Agencies (in desperation) and nearly all are asking for CSCS Cards. No worries. I have ECS & CSCS Test Certs, so called CSCS and they are saying they will not issue a card as my background is electrical & need to go to ECS. Phoned ECS & they are on a 4-6 week...
  14. J

    Agency work

    I am currently in full time work, but need more time to visit family abroad. The 5 annual weeks I get is not enough. I am looking at working for agencies doing part time contacts of 2- 3 duration. What is the current situation with available work out there?? I am in the North West area..
  15. S

    Agency work

    As a newby on here, I just wondered what the general opinion of agencies was?
  16. E


    Hi, I would like to know how relevant is a JIB card today ? In College they told us, most electricians dont belong to it, its not any real advantage. Of course for London Underground jobs they insist on it, but we all know the unions control the railways. I think the JIB dont serve any purpose...
  17. L

    Agency Work - Qualifications

    Hi, ive recently been made redundant while doing my apprenticeship so havnt finished my NVQ3 or done my AM2, i only have my C&G 2330 level 2&3 with the 17th, has anyone done agency work with just these qualifications? Am i allowed to work through agencys? im still with JTL and finishing my...
  18. D


    What are you doing this week then...any big jobs on..?
  19. H


    hi all any1 outhere from a contracting background, how are you getting on finding work ? i have been phoning the agencies but not much joy down that route, unless your willing to travel to siberia for £8.00 an hour. also cards in jobs seem to be few and far between. also have yer noticed the...
  20. M

    London Underground Agencies

    Does anyone know who the main recruitment agencies are for London Underground work... Many Thanks
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