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  1. B

    New trainee looking for agency recommendations

    Hi from Bristol, UK - my name is James. I got my nvq level 3 in October and I'm looking for work as an electrician's mate to get some time on the tools under my belt. Does anyone have any recommendations for agencies to contact or any other tips to help me get some experience? TIA
  2. M.Polipartov

    Offshore/Drillships agencies that take on without offshore experience?

    Hi every one, I am qualified 18th edition electrician and I have recently attended CompEx 01-04 course and waiting for my results to turn up in few weeks. Im planning to do offshore survival courses in next few weeks wich are: OPITO Combined BOSIET OPITO MIST OPITO Compressed Air - Emergency...
  3. M

    Just received a call from an agency - Should I take on their work?

    Just received a call from a company called professionals immediately who would like to sign up trades to undertake emergency call-outs for very good rates & no strings or obligations. Electrician has to collect £'s from customer & then send the agency their cut which has its benefits &...
  4. A


    Hi everyone don’t post much on here but am after some advice you fellow sparks for the last few years I’ve been debating going self employed I’ve spoke to blokes on site who work via agencies, I’ve never done agency before so am completely in the dark, I’ve phoned a few agency they have said I...
  5. Joshua

    Earwig, a new upcoming agency rating website.

    I hope this is in the right forum I thought I would share this, it's a website that's due to be released by the end of the year. It's a Service for agency workers to review agencies and rate how good they are. Hopefully it'll benefit someone in the forums. You can sign up here earwig -...
  6. sham

    Agency and Umbrella companies, is it worth it.

    I am really in need of work, I have applied to jobs via internet and got a call, telling me that I am ready to start but I need to join an umbrella company. I have heard of these types of companies and most people have bad things to say about them and a few say they are ok. It's seems to be...
  7. Stephen Hossack

    New to the forum. Can anyone recommend a electrical agency around the London area

    Hello I’m Steve, new to the forum. I’m looking at getting back into the electical trade. I did c+g 2361, 2362 years ago. I’ve recently got my ECS card. Have done lots of bits and pieces in the past, and am now working as a gas main layer. I’ve had enough, and want to become a electrician. From...
  8. G

    New Electrican don't like working away, good company, is the agency any better.

    My dad keeps saying that the grass is not always greener on the other side, was considering quitting the good company & moving back home & go on the agency, & have a life where I can attend night school and be around family. What is the agency like? is it worth it. & how would I get the best...
  9. T

    getting work as a start up. Is agency, subbying a way to go?

    Hi all, Unfortunately redundancy has reared its head in my direction. I've decided now is the time to start up on my own, currently in the registering process with napit and am curious what can be done to get my name about other than handing out my cards to friends, family and whole salers...
  10. K


    Hi guys Been a sparky for 10 years now with various companies current company is a lot of London work so long travel but the work is very good (super mansions in Chelsea) however I have just had a child and want more flexibility and less traveling times plus wife isn't working so more money...
  11. S

    Am I nieve?

    Would love to hear from anyone who is or was self employed. Am looking at starting out on my own in the new year. Currently employed approved electrician large company do mostly testing for about 2 years. I am in the fortunate position that I have a sensible mortgage and a few thousand behind...
  12. D

    Electricians Mate Electrical improver/ mate needing work in Preston lancashire area

    Hello everyone I have my level 3 city and guilds 2330 in electrical installation and the 17th edition wiring regs. I have a full clean driving licence with van driving experience. Domestic newbuild , extension, and rewire experience as well as the normal circuit extension work etc. I am no...
  13. D

    Working weekends ADVICE NEEDED!

    Hi, all ive been an electrician for about 9 years now (including 4 year apprenticeship). I am going to be going to university in September to study electrical engineering. Rather than work in tesco I was wondering if anybody has any advice for what is best to do making use of my qualifications...
  14. S

    Demand to stop agencies deducting Employers National Insurance from our hourly rates

    http://www.thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/takeaction/929/567/163/?taf_id=14323213&cid=fb_na# We have starting a petition to get ACAS to look into the deduction of employers NI from our rates. The aim is to ensure that when working under an umbrella company that the agency pay our rates and 13.8%...
  15. S

    Warning: Do not work for ahearne agency

    Just a heads up for anyone doing agency work. If you come across an agency called Ahearne stay well clear. They used to be called Gulmanda. I worked for them for 8days hired by an Irish woman called Jackie. She always uses a mobile never an office number. Tried to force me to go under the...
  16. Dan

    Survey: Agency workers stop ‘level playing field’

    Electrical contractors say difficult to compete for contracts with firms using agency workers Read the full news article
  17. T

    Another Aussie moving to London

    Hi guys, I'm looking at moving to London in a few months time. I'll probably only be there for a year. I have my full Australian electrical license and 4 years post apprenticeship experience. Do you think its worth getting my 17th edition? or can i still find enough work without it? There...
  18. T

    Anyone worked for NG Baileys

    i dont know if this true or not but if you worked for them once they have a policy not to retake you on again? is this for real? or just bull i have previously worked with them through an agency over a year ago, the same job came up recently so i thought i would give the agency a call to get...
  19. N

    Is there any money in agency work

    Hi all! My first post here. I've worked for the same big company for many years now. Started as an apprentice. Now I'm fed up with the company and wouldn't mind a bit more pay. I'm only contracted to 37 hours a week and get no chance of overtime. i have a mortgage so would worry a bit about...
  20. H

    new zealander looking for work

    hey guys, just moved to london from new zealand. im a qualified electricain back home and was wondering what the best way to find work here is. ive emailed afew companies in the area im gona be living in....or should a talk to an agency? and if so whats a good one? thanks
  21. C

    Working through agencies?

    How fair is agency work? This is a genuine question. I started work for an agency. Its the first time I have done this. I dont get paid by the agency, but by a some organisation that calls itself my employer. So the electrical contractor pays the employment agency and the employment agency...
  22. T

    Been knocked BY AGENCY for three days work HELP

    Hi all heres my problem I was sent to a huge job in London by an agency (don't want to mention whom yet) we was told two to three months work but on arrival you could see there was no chance of that. It was a fire alarm job and way past the second fix stage we was just literally popping the...
  23. L

    Subbying to subsidise going self employed

    Afternoon all, I was wondering if anyone had gone down the route of subbying to an agency while trying to pick up business as self employed as I'm sure I'm not the first person to think about this. Bit of background, I'm 29, time served, 17th edition with 2391 and CompEx, been at the same...
  24. i=p/u

    Hss drill bits

    Anyone know any good stores online for 6mm drill bits. I use to buy them in engineering counter at home but need to order a few today..
  25. S

    Agency work

    Hi folks, this is to anyone with experience of working through agency as a general contractor (not self employed). I've been offered a few temporary roles on agency recently ranging from a few weeks worth of work to a few months. I've been fortunate that most my career i've been on the books...
  26. S

    No work

    So finally after 4 years ive been hit with a serious lack of work these last 2 months or so. I keep having a run of good jobs for maybe 3 weeks then 2-3 weeks with barely a peep. After moving from the midlands to surrey it has not helped trying to establish a new client base all over again. How...
  27. W

    Agency work

    Advice please, Have jib gold card 17th editiion c&g 2391 c&g 2400 ipaf ticket do you think i am to old at 61 for agency to take me on
  28. R

    Movin into Self Employment/Agency work?

    Hi Guys, Im a recently qualified electrician (full apprenticeship) working for a small local firm doing mostly domestic work with a bit more chucked in. Also booked in to take my 2391 soon. Im slightly older than your average apprentice and very keen to push myself forward, both professionally...
  29. trev

    Is This Another Scam

    Went down to the good old jobcentre this morning, picked up an ad for a company called Labour4u Ltd. Usual kind of crack, self employed vacancy, loads of work etc etc. Being desperate I'm thinking of applying but I thought I'd run it past the forum to see if anyone has heard of them and can...
  30. 4

    Dodgy agency............... BEWARE sole trader sparks !

    Hi all. Recently had the misfortune of working at Gatwick airport on a major build with a mickey mouse contractor and agency! The electrical contractor was Davies & Fox and aledgedly went bust. I was there for a few weeks employed through an agency called RIGHT CONTRACT SERVICES LTD who are...
  31. S

    Agency work

    As a newby on here, I just wondered what the general opinion of agencies was?
  32. L

    Agency Work - Qualifications

    Hi, ive recently been made redundant while doing my apprenticeship so havnt finished my NVQ3 or done my AM2, i only have my C&G 2330 level 2&3 with the 17th, has anyone done agency work with just these qualifications? Am i allowed to work through agencys? im still with JTL and finishing my...
  33. mrloy99

    london underground pink pass

    hello, I wonder if any London sparkies can help me out.I nned to find out how to get an entry pass(i think it is called)in order for me to take up some work on LUL. Where do I go to get it and who do I have to see. Many thanks in advance. mrloy99.
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