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  1. T

    surface box multiple knockouts align with trunking advise

    Hi Guys, I have to fit an MK 3 way grid surface mount box below 3" metal trunking and require the use of all three knockouts on the top of the MK surface box. This needs to be repeated for a number of surface boxes. Cutting one hole in the trunking for a 20mm coupler and bushes is easy, but...
  2. S

    Kit for sale - sensible offers please.

    We've unearthed a few boxes of roof hooks, fixings and some limpits - we need to make some room in the warehouse and not planning on doing any installations in the near future so if anyone can make use of them then make me a (sensible) offer. Pick up in Sheffield or can arrange delivery for a...
  3. C

    Locks On Residential Distribution Boards Or Isolator Enclosures

    Hi Guys, just a quick question to see if anyone can point me in the right direction. Does anyone know if there is a Reg stating that you cannot put a lock on a dis board or isolator enclosure in a residential environment. Something along the lines of it needing to be accessible without the use...
  4. telectrix


    anyone within reach of stoke-on-trent, this might be of interest: Inspection & Testing Saturday Course Rebus Training Ltd ([email protected] Inspection & Testing Saturday Course!!! View this email in your browser Inspection and Testing...
  5. M

    volt drop query

    Hi all, Am wiring in some lights in a carpark.. The total distance is 150m there are 4 lighting posts rated as follows A-200w B-300W C-300W D200W (with A closest to CU) All loads are LED They are spread at distances of CU - A = 30m A-B = 40m B-C = 40m C-D = 40m Having done my volt drop calcs...
  6. S

    Confused on exprt metering illustration

    Dear all I wonder if you can help please:- I have a customer on a farm who has 3 x 5 total 15Kw of wind turbines installed foc by wind crop, I am assumining windcrop claim the deemed export rate of 50% of the wind FIT meter reading. The customer has now been in touch with me as he would like...
  7. D

    London rates for subcontractors?

    Anyone have a ball park figure on an hourly/day rate?? £16-25 or £150 - 200 about right??
  8. infinity

    ET Solar And Eversolar

    HI ALL, Seen some panels at great price, ET solar 235wp All looks good on the spec sheet along with ever solar inverter. Just wondered if anyone had heard of these so i can get some feedback before i buy! Many Thanks
  9. F

    Software To Show Yearly Output Graph

    Is there a software/tool available to show the monthly output of a typical PV System. e.g. Bar chart to show what you can expect to generate from Jan through to December. - Free software would be good but open to suggestions.
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