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  1. D

    Apple Update Warning.......

    I have just discovered my iPhone’s mobile data usage has more than trebled, since the last update. All the Apps which I had set to not use mobile data have switched themselves back to using mobile data. Last two weeks, my phone used 2.5gb, when my monthly average is normally 1.5gb. Not a happy...
  2. Ib≤In≤Iz

    Does anyone use Jarsoft Cable-mate

    I have and normally use Castline, but I found this online for £19.99 and while it's got it's bugs, it's not bad. Has anyone else used it?
  3. Dan

    Google Pixelphone?

    Google Pixel phone launched to take on iPhone - New phone by google announced. Seems pricey for an android.
  4. Dan

    iPhone 7 - Anybody got or getting it?

    iPhone 7 is out. Lots of controversy around the headphone jack (or lack of) - anybody got one or getting one?
  5. amlu

    Cat 60 Rugged Smartphone

    I'm not a smartphone man, still holding to my business nokia e72, could not find anything better but this one leaves me seriously tempted... Thermal camera built in... CAT S60 review | TrustedReviews Smartphone makers: Go niche or go home (and why I love the Cat S60) £530 Buy CAT S60 Tough...
  6. O

    Iphone USB charger cable - lightning

    Ok, I'm fed up buying replacement (not Apple) lighting cables - the cheap ones don't last that long and the Apple ones are a rip off. Can anybody suggest a supplier of cables that last. Thanks:clap:
  7. P

    MacBook pro13" 16gb ram and lots if extras

    I'm open to sensible offers
  8. T

    I phone charger went bang

    Got back from work, phone battery was low so i picked up my charger (which i had left plugged in to an extension lead all day) and bang. Tripped out the mcb and partly popped off the plastic cover of the charger, and its all black inside and my flat now smells of fried circuit board. Morale of...
  9. applemac

    exploding apple iPhone charger

    good reason to switch off chargers after use!
  10. EoinConway

    iPhone App

    The New Meteor Electrical iPhone App is now available for download (see link below). Remember you don't necessarily need to be a Meteor Customer in order to find the App useful, you can browse all of the 7,000+ products without having to enter in any personal details which can be handy for...
  11. A

    Anyone after the new iPhone 5?

    I've had delivered today my new iPhone 5 16gb black, direct from apple store. But ive decided not to keep it, too shiney for work! It hasn't been used at all. im looking for £580 inc special delivery cheers ash
  12. A

    Iphone 5

    Just seen the new iphone and some specs looks pretty cool! anyone else watching the real time apple blog! CNET's Apple event live blog (Wednesday, September 12) | CNET
  13. F

    Apple certification software

    Hi people, What software are people using on Apple Macbook pro to complete installation test certificates? I need to put a logo on the certificate if possible. Thanks
  14. T

    NEW iPhone white 3GS 16GB

    This is a brand new White iPhone 3GS 16gb, this is a new replacement handset by my local apple store, I have the apple paper work for the replacement, since having this it has never been used and just put back in my original box with accessories. It is unlocked to any network £330 by paypal or...
  15. Amp David

    Warnig of scam ipod site.

    Just incase anyone is thinking of getting an iPod this christmas and they have looked at this site then don't. Have found out today that its bogus, even though it has all the approvals etc shown on the site. 1 family member and 2 friend have bought from it and have larger amounts taken from...
  16. S

    Apple Macbook

    Hi Chaps, Selling a white Macbook 2006 80Gb HDD, 2GB ram, 2.0 CPU OSX Snow Leopard (no disc). Apple Macbook 2.0/2Gb/80Gb White. Little Use. on eBay (end time 25-Jul-10 14:46:54 BST)
  17. U

    For Sell Brand New Unlocked Apple Iphone 16gb And Nokia N96 16gb For $210usd.

    Contact Name: Mr. Wyne Waller E-Mail: [email protected] TRADE LINK 247 LIMITED is a recognized distributer of various consumer electronics and we are one of the leading mobile phone distributors. We are Legitimate registered Company under licensed number(RC43215) and Registered...
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