1. BulkWorkwear

    Cyber Monday @ Bulkworkwear - 15% Off

    Cyber Monday - 15% Off @ Bulkworkwear ends today!! Have you checked the site out yet?
  2. BulkWorkwear

    Black Friday 15% Off @ Bulkworkwear

    BLACK FRIDAY SALE @ starts Friday! Bag yourself a fantastic bargain using our 15% off discount code 'BFCM15' #highvis #highvisibility #workwear #ppe #safety
  3. BulkWorkwear

    Bargain 50 High Vis Vests Deal - Don't Miss it!

    BARGAIN - 50 High Vis Vests Deal - Don't Miss it!
  4. Loki

    Got myself the bargain of the day

    Morning all, Just been to Edmondsons to get some bits & they had a Megger DCM305E Earth Leakage Clamp meter on the shelf on its own looking lonely. So quick check on testerman £216 inc vat So just thought id get a price.......... Bossman at the shop said £43 inc vat I'm like ok I'll have it then
  5. P

    Another possible bargain?

    And in of all places, TESCO. They are doing a set of five flexi head ratchet spanners for £15...Sizes are 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 14mm and 17mm. Thing is they actually look and feel very nice, with the ratchet being very positive. They may not be up to mechanics standard, but for less intensive use...
  6. telectrix

    rocker switches bargain

    orederd these last month. arrived today. quantity wrong. there's 20 in the parcel. 5X(Red Light Illuminated 4 Pin DPST ON/OFF Snap in Rocker Switch 16A 20A 250V AC | eBay -...
  7. Rocboni

    Bargain fuses On ebay

    Just won these on eBay for £1.20 feel a bit guilty to be honest, not sure if I'm going to take them 253199553457
  8. Cadgey123

    Bargain of the century

    Just picked up 96 - 5amp single square edge sockets from S***ty Electrical factors. The grand total of £8 + VAT ( wasn't a mistake ) Probably never use them but just had to buy em. What's your best purchases then?
  9. static zap

    Camping bargain from China-RCD Electric Hookup ?

    Just picked up 3 socket "mobile" Mains kit. hi gear , with 16A isolator and 30 mA RCCB by Hgg . It had the traditional at least 1 screw loose on Outgoing Neutral ferrule. ( finger tight ) Incoming cable is a bit frugal at 1.5mm sq( and GREEN ) . Is anyone aware of other problem areas . (...
  10. R

    Mem rcbo pods

    Following the recent shocking increase in price is there any alternative?
  11. G

    2 FREE Panels when you buy ???

    Lol, looking through my personal sites and saw an advert in google adwords saying 2 free panels :D Surely this means overpriced in the first place as we all know nothing is FREE, So far I have seen "FREE IPAD", "NO VAT", "FREE INSTALLATION" and now "2 PANELS FREE" Do people still fall for...
  12. E

    Metal clad Socket and backbox

    What do you guys pay for these. Bought a couple from my wholesalers today. Thought price was very,very high...
  13. R

    Bargain MFT1553 OnSite on ebay...

    It's not mine, but I've just seen an absolute bargain Megger MFT1553 with the Powersuite software on ebay - item 250781140611
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