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  1. O

    Bigger panel or upgrade service?

    Hey guys, I just purchased a home that was built in 1960. It has a 100 amp service coming Into the house with only 12 breakers in the panel. A buddy of mine who is familiar with electrical keeps hounding me to upgrade the service to 200 amps. I don’t think I really need 200 amps. I was...
  2. T

    Voltage drop problem not resolved with bigger cable

    Currently working on a job where the client was concerned about the swimming pool heat pump tripping the mcb (the mcb is more than adequate for the job). The heat pump 4kw and pool pump 1.2kw were drawing 27/28 amps with only 197 volts measured at the pump room. It’s about a 60 meter run. I...
  3. B

    Building An Electric Kiln For Pottery

    I intend to build an electric kiln for pottery, clay ( and other materials ) sculptures. The internal dimensions would be 40cm(height) x 40cm(width) x 40cm(deep). Therefore, its internal surface is 9600 cm2. I need a maximum temperature of 1300 Celsius. 1) I would like you to confirm or correct...
  4. T

    What defines you as a supervisor?

    What defines you as a supervisor? The company I am working for at the moment expect me to have 2-3 apprentices working on the same job as me, not all ways the same people, Mixed abilities and pretty much run the job. Who takes the flack when things are done wrong, and are had to be re-done. I...
  5. J

    4in Low Voltage bathroom fan.

    I have checked the core cutter I have been issued and it has a 4.5inch core bit. The fan I am putting in is 4in (100mm) does it matter if its slightly bigger hole, as the fan square itself will still be big enough to hide this. Also trying to get my head around why I need to get a permanent...
  6. S

    Network Cabling

    hello guys, any of you have dealings with cat6 terminations(RJ-45) and what sort of labelling do you/ have you used? is the cat5 plug ok to use or do you need the cat6 modular units? does it make that much difference?? regards
  7. M

    double socket "surround"

    hi i have a customer who has the following situation . wood paneling above worktops in kitchen where a single socket has been modifed to a surface mount 3 gang conversion thing with 13a fuse. i have been asked to remove this and caerfully chase out a double. i did this and the existing single...
  8. C

    Main cut out fuse

    got DNO to come out and fit a main isolator switch, he could see they was 2 cu's consisting of 2 showers 2 rings 4 lighting circuits and 1 radial, but he hasn't upgraded the 60 amp cut out fuse does anyone know why
  9. Amp David

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa Logo on T shirts

    Has anyone had t shirts done with the new Elecsa logo embroidered on yet. Been told that the 'part of the ECA group' is to small to stich.
  10. A

    sole trader or ltd

    i am trading as a sole trader at the min but im thinking or setting up as a ltd company i was just wondering does any one have any ideas what benefits there are with being a ltd company compared to a sole trader and if they had a choice what would the prefer.
  11. S

    Tails in three ph fusebox.

    Hi there, Three phase board, 125A isolator, are tails 25mm ok? Shouldn't the neutral be bigger? Im having EDF monday, and i need to be sure. Thank you
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