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  1. Pete999

    Reminicing and very bored xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    As per title, any members, used to work for the DOE/PSA? I'm interested in contacting anyone who is or was, especially from RAF Colerne in Wiltshire, or DOE / PSA RAF Troodos in Cyprus.
  2. Baddegg

    Bored bored bored.....

    As a few members know I recently lost a fight with a car, badly, looks like I’m gonna be out for a while so gonna use the time productively......question is can I do the 18th exam online completely? Or do I have to take the exam at a test centre? As always thanks in advance
  3. T

    In case you are bored with all the fuss tonight....

    The Great Electrical Christmas Quiz – Electacourse -...
  4. S

    Bored need new tools not to use just to look at, its an illness

    Worth getting or not, I assume the voltage tester works better then a Fluke does at the moment........ any its a deal its a steal deals available........ Wera Kompakt VDE Interchangeable Blade Screwdriver Set -
  5. Shammie

    Newbie - Qualified Maintenance Electrician looking for advice on career options

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I am a Maintenance Electrician on a gas plant and have been doing my current job for 7 years, I have just finished a HNC in Electrical Engineering this year and I am looking for a bit of a change. I didn't do the HNC for the purpose of moving on or changing career...
  6. Wilko

    Quiet Day Today

    Under-utilised (shall we say) for work at present, so I thought I'd have a play with some left-overs in the shed. It turns out to be 40 years since I last made thisun (!!!) and it even worked w/o electron dance routines. I understand it's part of AM2 but I think I'm a bit slow for thatun...
  7. E

    lighting circuit

    just installed a new lighting circuit, where do i stuff the neutrals cheers
  8. J

    Hello from Swinton (Greater Manchester).

    Hi, I’m James and new to the forum. Looks like I have lots of reading to do of all the treads and advice already given. I live in Swinton (Greater Manchester) and am on a career change from architecture to electrician.
  9. Jimmy Boy

    Turn back time on your favorite websites

    Quite a bit of fun if your bored lol you can trawl old pages of your fav sites.. Internet Archive: Wayback Machine Type in Enjoy J
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