1. Gavin John Hyde


    Bought one the nice fancy Brother label printers... Only £114 from toolstation. Anybody got any tips for getting the most out of it. tricks for speeding up fuse board and consumer unit labels would be welcome. Completely different to my previous one. having a play at the moment but quite...
  2. J

    Brother P-Touch label printer cartridges.

    Good morning ladies and gents. For those who use a Brother labeller, do you use genuine cartridges or compatibles? And where do you get them? Cheers.
  3. 8

    Eleccy work favors for brother requiring certs???

    Afternoon all. I sence I may get some abuse for this but here goes... I tried starting up self employed as an electrician a few years ago but basically the phone never rang, so after a slight gap I ended up on the books with an FM firm covering MoD sites etc as a spark, I negociated a good...
  4. D

    Heads up. Brother label printer. Half price.

    At screwfix. Good price if anyone is in need of one. Only until midnight. Brother PTE-300VP Hand-Held Label Printing Machine -
  5. G

    Brother 55 label maker, template?

    HI all, anyone got any mains consumer unit templates for the E550 label maker having a right game here getting it right cheers Grand
  6. Pat H

    Labeling solution.

    What are people using for labeling on jobs? I've used simple thermal dymo labellers before which have been ok.
  7. A

    Labeller recommendation?

    I'm looking to purchase a labeller for labeling Consumer units, patch panels etc.. anyone reccomend a particular model? thanks
  8. uksparks

    Today's board change

    Hi, This morning's job, in and out in 4 and a half hours. Vast improvement. Feel free to rip it apart and tell me I'm a fool and I've made a bodge of it and don't know what I'm doing. I did actually heat shrink the end of that line conductor and disconnect the relevant earth and neutral and...
  9. I

    EIC or EICR. That is the question.

    My brother in-law is in the process of building an extension to his house, he is doing the lot, including electrics but he is not formally trained. Whilst I don't have an issue with the correctness of his work, I won't complete a "Single signature Electrical Installation Certificate" to sign his...
  10. A

    Domestic Lighting fault

    My brother in law has been in touch saying that his lights aren't working. He's had someone round to have a look and they've told him that Theres 240v at the neutral. Does anyone have any ideas what the reason could be?
  11. ste mac

    For Sale Brother P-Touch labelling machine. BNIB.

    Brand new in box, Brother P-Touch 7100VP electricians label printer. Comes complete with 12mm yellow tape, mains power supply and plastic case. Surplus to requirements: £30 ono. Brother P-Touch 7100VP Handheld Electronic Labelling Machine Ref PT7100VPZU1 and other Brother for sale online. PM...
  12. B

    Fitting solar free on relatives house

    My brother in law is emigrating to Australia next year and intends to keep his house here in UK and rent out. He says i colud fit panels and keep the FiT for myself.Is it worth doing?What are the pitfallls?Should i draw up a contract?Any info would be appreciated. House in question is bang on...
  13. D

    labelling machine

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a labelling machine but not sure which one's best. Does anybody have any idea which ones I should be looking at. It's main uses will be for marking up consumer units, heating controls and cables ect. I've been looking at brother pt7600 and rhino 5200 but just can't decide...
  14. D

    For sale brother PT7100

    I'm selling a 6 month old (hardly used) Brother 7100 Labelling machine Brought it 6 months ago because I needed a labelling machine and had lots my dymo, Found the dymo about a week later and haven't used the brother since. These machines come with 2 year warranty (I can also supply a copy of...
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