1. polo1

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Certification website

    Anyone else tried to log into the NIC certification web site today and had problems?
  2. E

    Advertising and websites

    Hi everyone was just wondering how much money people spend on advertising and how much work they receive from the advertising? ive been on my own for about two years and 90% of my work is word of mouth, I have an ad in yell and get the odd call from it. also with websites do you pay for seo...
  3. J

    Manchester Electrician Website for Sale/Rent

    Hi guys, I'm actually not an electrician but a student. I started an electrician website as a part time hobby to try to understand how online marketing works. The website is targeted towards Manchester and has been online for the past 2 years. I had actually left doing any work on it and a few...
  4. P

    Website review

    Hi, would any of you good people mind having a glance through my website and giving a bit of advice, I'm content with it and getting hits but still got a very high bounce rate. I'm concerned I may have been a bit too honest in my blog about my background and being new to the industry but that's...
  5. L

    clone bsi module

    Hi guys, I have a spare bsi unit and would like to clone it to have as spares for my citroen berlingo multispace mk3 (2012) I have a progammer (minipro TL866) If I remove the eeprom 95128WT from the original, copy the contents, then write all data into eeprom in spare bsi unit will this work...
  6. S

    Did FITS just get extended on Ofgem website?

    Have Ofgem just extended FITS? - Ofgem website says published 30th October, but file dates says last night? Confused!
  7. T

    HMRC proposal for Tax Relief for Travel and Subsistence

    This is a proposal that could take effect April 2016. It will effect nearly all self employed contractors either working through agencies or direct to companies. Write a letter to your local MP to raise the issue in the house of commons...
  8. S

    Classified Ads website For Electricians

    Classified Ads website designed for electricians and electrical trades. Free to join and Free to use. Take a look its free. Sell anything to do with the trade Sparkys Classified Ads ? The Classified Ads For The Electrician
  9. T

    Website builder

    I've been looking into building a website to promote my business, had a read through some threads on here and seems like a lot of people have had the same idea. Just wondering what people use to build them, I have registered on wix and their website builder seems ok for what I need, but I also...
  10. NDG Elecs

    NAPIT Certification Scheme NAPIT notification credits via the website.

    Just a quick un as I am in bed ill and bored! It's just a word of warning. Just noticed when I tried to top up my notification credits the connection is not a secure encrypted one. Tried on two different laptops and neither have the little padlock symbol in the address bar (on chrome). So...
  11. L

    Domestic Converters for CEE7 Europlug to UK 3 pin (BSI363) - question on fuse amperage?

    Hi guys, Thanks for taking the time to read my question. So I have a couple hair straighteners from Germany I want to convert, both of which have CEE 7/16 Europlugs. From my understanding, these Europlugs are used for low-mid level appliances and only support currents up to 2.5 amps. In...
  12. The Solar King

    Path to Zero Subsidy, and FITs Review

    Trust everyone is aware there will be a major review of Feed In Tariffs in the second half of the year. This is an obligation under the terms of the scheme. It has already been telegraphed quite strongly that returns on smaller systems are currently too high in terms of the Levy Control...
  13. P

    Informative electrical magazine or website?

    Hey chaps, I am looking for some a magazine or even better a free web site which I could use to keep up to date with everything that is going on in the electrical game, if I have to subscribe to one for a little fee I am willing to do so, anyone know of any? cheers
  14. Q


    Hi everyone im starting up on my own after 18 years and am getting a website built. I'm being quoted £700 by someone recommended to me. Plus £200 by someone else to build a logo and supply it with business cards, email letterheads. Can anyone spare some advice from your own experience about...
  15. T

    Website Design Packages

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick hello - TWD are sponsors of Dan's various trades forums but I've been spending more time on the UK Plumbers Forum. If anyone is looking for a professional web design service we are offering 10% off to forum members on these packages... Pricing | Tradesman Web Design...
  16. Worcester

    MCS 001 Consultation on MCS Website - Closing Date 30th May 2014

    MCS 001 Consultation – Closing Date 30th May 2014 Dear Colleague The MCS 001 Working Group has made some updates to MCS 001, and we invite comments on the revised document. The relevant documents can be found on the MCS website here. The consultation is open for a period of two months...
  17. J

    Displaying prices on website and marketing literature.

    Just wondered what the general consensus is regarding making customers aware of your prices before they have even contacted you. I have looked a quite a few 'Electrican' websites and would have to say that the number that display costs/hourly rates, or any form of pricing for that matter, is...
  18. H

    What do I charge for service? Is there a pay scale I could go by on a website?

    Where can I find a site so I can charge people? Is there such thing or can I just charge people whatever?
  19. P


    Hi, im looking at setting up a website, what type of domain would you go for? .biz .eu .info
  20. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC website job notification

    Hi Guys, when a job is notified on the niceic website and says "pending" does it say that until they notify building control? how long does that take? When I was with Elecsa they used to action it in about 24 hours? and from memory says something like processed? thanks
  21. J

    Show us your website!

    Just saw a thread about someone wanting critique on there website and saw how many pages long and the mayhem it caused lol. So a thought it would be a good idea if everyone who has a website for their business post the link and let others critique it. Get posting !
  22. O

    From the BBC Website:

    10. Electricity The arrival of electricity was an extraordinary innovation. At first, people didn't know how to use it - warning signs advised them not to approach the electric socket with a match. In the early 20th Century, electricity companies sought to interest consumers in electric products...
  23. L

    Subbying to subsidise going self employed

    Afternoon all, I was wondering if anyone had gone down the route of subbying to an agency while trying to pick up business as self employed as I'm sure I'm not the first person to think about this. Bit of background, I'm 29, time served, 17th edition with 2391 and CompEx, been at the same...
  24. W

    Websites SEO and online marketing

    Im looking at scrapping my existing website, which was only a basic reference based site i am planning on getting a professionally built, optimised site and using the company for seo to build the site up, and get a decent presence this isnt cheap but i can afford it within the marketing budget...
  25. N


    Any feedback on my website would be much appreciated? Any improvements people recommend?
  26. E

    The youth contract subsidy

    Good day all, received a letter today from a company called ingeus with regards to helping young unemployed people getting into work. Has any one ever used this company or government scheme? thanks
  27. M

    Getty images my website - help!!!!!!!!

    Great - just got a letter from a company called Getty images saying I owe them £879 for one poxy small image that they claim to own that is on my website. They say going to take it to court. WTF? Is this a scam? Anyone else experienced this? :90:
  28. D

    Electrical contractor website builder

    Does anyone know of a decent website builder template for an electrical firm? Most of the ones I've looked at are not very appropriate for electrical work.
  29. B

    Client Log In For Website

    Anybody have any advice on how easy it is to set up a client log in on your website to view and download reports? Know it might be a bit more of a IT bod question, but just wondered if anybody has the option there self or a bit more expertise than me on the subject. Its more of an option for...
  30. G

    Electrical contractors website for sale

    Hi guys I am looking to get out of sparking and want to sell my website, and ongoing work. Based in Hertford, site has good ranking for typical search terms, for Hertford, Herts and North London. Generates fresh leads every day, both domestic and commercial. Site is fasttrackltd dot co dot uk...
  31. S


    Hi all I currently have a Vistaprint website which is okay but seems to be viewed by everywhere around the world except for local traffic. I am considering starting again with a different source & seem to offering a good package has anyone used them (especially as first year is free !) ...
  32. F

    Anyone willing to critique our business website?

    Hi all. Had our website revamped a few months ago and since then quite a few changes have been made and also quite a few planned (& in progress) Just wondering if anyone could give me some constructive feedback on it. One of the thing I don't think is communicated very well is the fact that we...
  33. N

    Domestic Website feedback

    Hi, any feed back on my website would be much appreciated to help me make it better or make needed changes. It's at NDH Electrical Solutions | Electrical Services Oxford thanks you
  34. R


    Any one on here build website can give me a roughy idea on how much to build on for me as I'd like my own web site Before any one goes on I no I can build on for free or a small fee but I'm not very good with computers so would just be a headache I don't need So easier to pay to have on...
  35. applemac

    Website seo words

    afternoon good people, need to boost my search ability on the web, any best ideas for seo words to add to seo settings to bring my rank up the long list of results? i have a weebly site with my own .com name. any good ideas will be most appreciated thanks in advance..
  36. tombrooker84

    How do you pay mates/ subsides

    Hello guys, I recently needed a hand , so advertised for a mate on here, and he's been working for me for about a week now. We obviously agreed payment and I have paid him, but I wondered if you guys had any sort of template you use as a receipt, stating such things as "I'm liable for my own...
  37. D

    Good trainee's website

    Just found a good site for trainee's and so on . Flameport Enterprises DIY Information Pages some useful info and pics
  38. I

    DECCs new website

    Its one of the worst websites I've seen. I can't find the weekly Feed in Tariff statistics anywhere on the new website. Have they stopped doing the weekly statistics for Solar PV installations? I liked the old website as it was easy to navigate...
  39. E

    On low carbon generation and energy subsidies.(hacked off)

    I'm hacked off that the mainstream press lumps nuclear in with renewables. I'm hacked off that we keep hearing about 'renewable energy subsidies' when other generation subsidies get no mention. I'm hacked off that any stronger language than hacked off will get me censored or banned from the...
  40. Amp David

    Website tips and advice

    Anyone know about making websites. Been thinking about one for a while, don't know if i should DIY or pay for a professional one?
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