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cable calculations

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    UK Hotel extension cable calculations

    So I've calculated my hotel lighting and 1 circuit has an (ib) of 0.33a and I put a 6a breaker on it (in) then got my (iz) 5.8a which is suppose to be equal to (in) or greater right but it's not so what should I do to change this. By the way my (ca) is 1.03 my (cg, ci, cf,) are all 1. Please...
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    UK how to work out what breaker to use and why (level 3 hotel extension assignment)

    I have 10 7.5A lights in a room on a breaker 10x7.5a=75a so 75a ÷ 230v is something crazy like 0.3A so what am I going to use a 1A breaker 😂 another example I have 700w AC unit 700w ÷ 230v= something like 3.2A yet again ovs not gonna use a 4amp breaker for a AC unit??? What am I doing wrong...
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