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  1. S

    Conversion Efficiency Of 18.2% Achieved Using Perovskite Solar Cells

    A research group in Japan achieved energy conversion efficiency exceeding 18% using standard size perovskite solar cells. A research group led by Liyuan Han, a leader of the Photovoltaic Materials Group, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan, achieved energy conversion...
  2. E

    Semi-transparent Solar Cells With Thermal Mirror Capability Developed

    Semi-transparent perovskite solar cells have been created that demonstrate high-power conversion efficiency and transmit visible light while blocking infrared light, making them great candidates for solar windows. Typical solar cells today are made of crystalline silicon, but it is difficult to...
  3. Spinball

    Advances in photovoltaic technology

    We were hoping to get a solar installation done by now, but we ran out of money. While we continue to save up, I read today that solar panel costs could significantly come down. Breakthrough in solar panel manufacture promises cheap energy within a decade - Science - News - The Independent But...
  4. vxwestie

    replacement Bosch 36v batteries

    Ive used Bosch power tools for years without problems, However both batteries on my Bosch 36v SDS have failed within weeks of each other and the drill is just out of warranty. One battery wont hold any charge, one will only hold enough for two rawlplugs There seems to be several option, the...
  5. Rockingit

    Anyone tried to repair / replace cells in Bosch 10.8 L-ion?

    Got one that's not very happy - claims to be full when it isn't - and a quick look suggests the pack will pop open and can probably replace whatever the cells are straight off the RS shelf. Anyone tried this before? [have posted this here and not tools as it's equally an electrics issue!]
  6. electromonkey

    Domestic Servant call bell/box

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  7. M

    Megger 1720, rechargeable or not, that is the question??

    Hi all got a megger 1720, tried using it with rechargeable batteries, 2450 mah duracell type and they seem to last not very long, bout a week of constant testing, however using duracells alkaline batteries pro-cell type they last for about 3 weeks, is this normal.....anybody else tried this and...
  8. R

    18V de walt lith ion battery question?

    Hi guys I've got 2 de Walt batteries as explained in the title. One of them is older than the other (3 years) It will not charge. When I put in charger the red light flashes faster than normal and doesn't charge. Anyone experienced this before? Is the battery stuffed? I would have thought the...
  9. P

    shaded panels weird effect.

    In the cold mornings as the sun rises, there is condensation on my panels. I noticed a weird effect on my shaded panel and took a pic. Is this as expected?
  10. R

    Scratches on PV Panels

    Hi, Just had 16 PV panels fitted last week and all seemed to go well, but have just noticed a few of the panels have quite long scratches (see images) on the top of them (scaffolding is still up, so I went up for a look)! I can really only see the bottom row of panels and 3 out of these 8 are...
  11. P

    5 x 10V 2A panels but what to do with them

    I have been given very old panels from where I work. there are 20Cells on each panel and I have tested both at 2A at 9-10V. Open CCT voltage is not much more than that. They are 4"x4" poly silicon cells. I am in Ireland so no real payback of a proper grid tie system. I have a large 1500VA UPS...
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