1. D

    Instalment from Chris the sparks

    Chris walk away from the £5300 rewire , your price was already on the cheap side imo for a full rewire of a 4/5 bed house. Any less and you might as well do it for free. The cheaper sparks won’t do a good job , I guarantee it will be s rushes bodge. In my area you would be looking at £6000+ for...
  2. C


  3. C

    Christopher C New member

    Hello everyone, Just a few lines to introduce myself to this forum. Fairly new to this industry and currently working for the local authority as a domestic electrician, mainly carrying out installation work and faultfinding. Hoping to get involved in some rewires shortly to gain as must...
  4. fergus12

    Mature qualified electrician looking for work to gain experience in or around Leicester

    Hi all, My name is Chris and I am 37, I have recently come to the end of my electrical training. I've recently completed my C&G 2382 (17th Edition), 2365/2&3, 2394 qualifications and just waiting for the result of 2395 exam, and now I am looking for work to get my NVQ3 and gain as much...
  5. C

    In Need of advice to become an electrician

    Hi everyone New member here in need of a little advice. Any advice much appreciated. I'm considering a career change perhaps and becoming an electrician. In my teens at college I did a BTEC national diploma in electrical eng and a city and guilds 7261 in the same, with the idea of going to...
  6. C

    New guy

    hey just signed up
  7. N

    Useful youtube videos and other resources for trainees

    I am planning on finally starting my level 2 when I save for the deposit. I am quite lucky in my current job that I get an hour's break for lunch and i plan to spend my time wisely learning as much as I can before I start. I have been watching he's videos on youtube (is he a member here?) I...
  8. C

    New member Chris day

    Hello guys Looking to make the jump to my own approved contractor scheme this year. Currently working for London based company, I have been doing my own jobs for a while and finding it no longer cost affective having your friend sign off your work. Besides that I hate relying on others and...
  9. M

    Hi all :)

    hello everyone i'm chris from east yorkshire although i'm DEI, part p and BS7671 qual, i have limited experience, so go easy on me ! :D hoping to learn lots from you all stay safe chris
  10. Lou

    Vanda Electrical

    Vanda Electrical are family run business founded by Chris Jones. Chris has over ten years of experience working for Cardiff Council on planned electrical maintenance and testing. Using the skills acquired with the Council, Chris decided to start his own company. We value old school values and...
  11. U

    Believe it or not, I joined to ask a question about a fuse....!!

    Dear Everyone. I myself am not an electrician, that's why I'm here. I've got a Baby Belling style cooker that rather spectacularly blew its plug fuse a couple of days ago - took out the entire plug circuit. I've got the plug sockets working again, but now of course I have no cooker! Is it...
  12. C

    newley qualified domestic installer looking for experience

    Hi all new here. I have recently qualified as a domestic installer however i have no experience whatsoever as i have been in the security business for the last 12 odd years! I am ideally looking for work fairly local to myself i understand i need to start at the bottom and thats no...
  13. C

    Distribution Board

    Hi, i have a supply from my main DB in the house supplying my garden shed. The garden shed has a small DB supplied by SWA. I would like to use the shed DB to supply my summer house and then from the summer house onto an additional shed. Obviously, I realise there are other factors to take into...
  14. C

    Domestic Fitting new CU to TT system and old BS fuse box

    Hi there, new to this site and just after a bit of advice. I am part qualified as a Domestic Electrical Installer and am just waiting for the course to complete my Part P. I have been asked to install a new Consumer Unit on a TT system in a very old cottage. As seen in the photographs, the...
  15. I

    Megger 1553 Lead Configuration

    Good Evening Lads Been out of the game for a while, I have a 1553, can someone please explain the lead positions and the correct test procedures. Many Thanks Chris
  16. C

    Bosch Impact Driver

    Anyone got and experience of the Bosch GDR 14.4v impact driver? (old Ni-Cd version, not the new li-on). There are still a few on the market at a very good price for the bare unit and as the rest of my kit is 14.4v (only limited use on the odd install job as its mostly machinery maintenance) it...
  17. S

    Worcester, Greenstar Ri problems

    Hi all, I've been asked to wire up this new boiler which is on an existing y-plan system. It should be a simple case of giving it a permanent live...apparently. However on the existing y- plan the over run pump ( in airing cupboard) live comes off the oranges, which I believe to be the s/l...
  18. A

    Central Heating and hot water programmer

    I am having trouble removing the front plate on a Newlec / Horstmann 425 Programmer. There is a backplate that has all the connections to it and a front plate with the timer control switches. I think it hinges or pushes into the connector on the back plate but am not sure. The later version...
  19. R

    MCS Sign off

    Ive just , as of yesterday done an installation in Manchester on my house to get my MCS .Problem now is NAPIT are so busy that i may not be able to get it signed off with this tarrif if i cant get mcs approved in time. Is there an option for me to get this completed job MCS signed off by a...
  20. F

    6mm Main Bonding on TN-S domestic install

    TN-S, 60A Main Fuse, 16mm Tails, 16mm Earth. Question - CU change required & at the moment has 6mm Main Earth Bonding to gas & Water, less than 0.05 Ohms continuity measured & good condition. I'm pretty sure that this 6mm size Main bonding is compliant - just thought i would check if i should...
  21. C

    Contract opportunties for MCS PV Installers

    Hello I am looking to recruit MCS Solar PV installers for schemes across the South East and South West from the roof down. These roles will work woth a team of roofers who will fit the array and the rails. If anyone is interested or would like to know more please send your contact details to...
  22. I

    Passed AM2

    Lads Just say say I passed my AM2 Regards Chris
  23. C

    Domestic Voltage drop on a ring?

    Morning, Just a quick question? In the OSG (2008) (page 44), it says that you can have 106 metres of 2.5 T&E with a 32A type B cb. Any ideas how they are working this out? My understanding of vd on a ring is mvam x half of length x half of ib / 1000 So 18 x 53 x 16 / 1000 = 15.2 v?? I assume...
  24. P

    passwords for practice questions / navigation software v4.31??????

    hi, ive downloaded the software by chris_b_52 but all the passwords that are given on the post dont work, does any1 have any info on it? it looks really good and need the extra revision, please help if poss, thanks paul
  25. C

    Megger 1553 OnSite MFT

    For sale my mft 1553. Tester only used in my own house. Calibration cert out of date (approx 3 months) but understanding with some comp schemes that its not needed annually? Genuine offers only please. Excellent condition and hardly used. Comes with original packaging etc. Chris
  26. R

    New book from Chris Kitcher

    I am a fan of Chris Kitcher, and have his Practical Guide to Inspection, Testing and Certification. Seems he has a new book coming out on 24th August A Practical Guide to the 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations. I have yet to get a copy of GN3 and was wondering whether the new Kitcher book...
  27. C

    Home Test Records for MFT - Confused!

    Hi I am in the process of keeping test records for my megger1553 and have a checkbox which does the continuity and insulation tests BUT when it comes to doing the LOOP and RCD tests do I do the following (as some of the answers in previous post have confuddled me a bit):- 1) Choose 1 socket...
  28. mattyevz

    Passed my niceic dommestic installer!

    had my NICEIC domestic assesment today and i passed. I am really happy! wasnt half as hard as i thought only 2 hours.I would like to say thanks to everyone on the forum for their help!people have been really helpful thanks guys & girls!
  29. S

    Testing for IR

    Hi Gents Using a Megger 1553 tester how do you test for insulation resistance in lets say a ring main? Also what readings should be attained? Sorry for the basic question, I'm learning ahead of my training to gain a better understanding. Thanks Simon
  30. steamboatwilly

    Bathroom Heating Options?

    Folks, Need some ideas.....small bathroom with 150w towel rail and pull switch globe light. She wants more heating but without those ugly light heaters. No room on the walls for a fan heater alas. She has no plumbed central heating....all storage heaters. Ceiling void and stud walls. Solid...
  31. E

    Service Fuse Removal

    Got wrong today :( problem with earthing at property, was splitting tails to install shower db had both a pme and tns setup, had a good ze for tns but also a bad read on the pme. got leccy board out and he had a go for pulling the fuse, and then he got on the phone to his office and reported...
  32. G

    wire size for kitchen socet outlets chart 230 V mains

    Hello to everybody, I need to reinstall a new Kitchen, and mabye someone can send me this info please. MCB' s are 32 amp thank you Regards.:)
  33. M

    what quals do you need for competent person scheme

    ive got my 17th edition nvq level 3 am2 passed jib registered just wondering if this is enough to join upto a scheme
  34. B

    Minor Works Cert

    Hi, can someone tell me what qualifications you need to be able to produce a minor works certificate? I am an electrician with 5 years experiance, am able to test but am not NIC or Part P registered will this matter, as i know it is easy to get hold of these cert pads.. Thanks
  35. S

    Niceic help!!

    Hi huys, i have been a sparky for a few years now and want to strat up on my own, i want to join the NICEIC but am not sure what qualification i have to have to be the quallifed supervisor and what the company would need eg public liablity??? Any advice regards sam
  36. A

    Windows 7

    After a recent update for windows 7 I have found internet explorer sluggish and crashing on me. Is this happening to anyone else or is the pleasure all mine:( Chris
  37. W

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC assesment today !

    Hi all wanted to say a big thank you to all the people that have helped me out with loads of questions ! you know who you are :D I passed my niceic assesment today and was very very nervous but the guy was really nice. heard mixed responses about the assesment but i can honestly say its...
  38. C

    Juat finishing packing case for hols full of books papers

    Just loading my case for holiday put plenty of books and past papers from the 2391 to sit and look at while I am sunning myself. Got full week of revision before doing exam next Thursday.:eek: We will have to see how much actually gets done though :cool:
  39. S

    business phone

    I've just set up my new business phone contract and can't seem too better the price anywhere happy days.:D I get 500 minutes any network any time(inc calls to Europe, USA & Canada) Unlimited landlines Unlimited texts Unlimited Internet & E-mail And a free HTC Desire for £22.66 (should be...
  40. B

    cheapo customer

    Doing some remedial work for a customer thrown up by a periodic done by another company, We're 2 days in and have done a CU change, main water bonding, fan + isolator in bathroom, rewired undersized spur in the kitchen...blah blah Anyway, now most of the installation work is done, customer says...
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