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city electrical factors

  1. T

    Customer service from City Electrical Factors

    Just had a phone call. HELLO! I wait ARE YOU THERE! Who is this? say I I CANT TELL YOU WHO I AM I HAVE A SECRET CRUSH ON YOU Put the phone down Check the internet for who the number is, it is CEF. Call them and someone answers and like me finds it very weird. They say they will ask technical...
  2. J

    Cef yess electrical

    Hi fellas, I'm new to this site and was asking you guys in another post about using CEF and good suppliers for price and service both online and offline ect, the name Yess Electrical came up in a post,someone said about a buy out or family fall out with CEF and I stumbled across this Welcome...
  3. darkwood

    CEF Family business in turmoil!!!

    Not sure if you heard but the founder and owner of CEF recently passed away but left a family rift in his wake (no pun intended). He passed the family business CEF to one of his sons even though he had promised to split things up between his other 2 children, from what i gather it has caused...
  4. D

    Buying from CEF...

    Anyone use these guys? If so, where on earth do I get a price list from?! No prices on their website and they don't do a physical catalogue! Even the stuff they have instore doesn't have price labels!
  5. P

    Alarm System Chalanger (CEF)

    Good Morning all I bought an alarm system from CEF made for them by chalanger I have had installed 5 sensors 1 bell box 1 controll panel and 2 keypads everything works fine but from either keypad I get a ticking noise that the customer says will keep him awake I can set D/s or u/s or both but...
  6. B

    how much for 2 single blank plate from CEF

    Just going through the expenese claims for last week and iv'e a receipt from CEF for 2no white plastic blank plates quess how much = and its over £2.
  7. O

    CEF Proteus mcb

    All CEF have their own make of DBs Proteus range can anybody tell me who make this ie is it Grabtree badged as proteus ?
  8. Dan

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