1. E

    Working as an electrician apprentice in other countries

    Hi I'm new to this forum.I am currently an electrician apprentice in Hong Kong. I yearn to work overseas. However, licenses may be required in certain countries. As far as I know, Australia trade assistant has to be granted provisional license in advance. If I want to start electrician...
  2. Morris19911

    Jobs abroad, hot countries

    Hello looking for job sites for electricians abroad preferably hot countries in Europe or middle east so not to far away from home. Just looking to browse and see what the money is like but more for the hot weather
  3. S

    where in Europe is city and guilds qualifications recognised?

    Hi, I have spent several hours trying to find what European countries city and guilds are recognised in. The information online is very limited and mainly says covers 81 countries without specifying which ones. Any help would be appreciated. Any english speaking expats around Europe feedback...
  4. Q

    Working abroad

    Hi all. My company is going to be doing work across Europe, I'm currentley the QS but don't have much experience about the standars abroad, Can some one tell me what I will need to do to meet eu standards and do they except niceic certificates, any help will do, just not to sure where to start...
  5. D

    Migrant workers

    Un-restricted access for Bulgarians and Romanians to live and work in the UK at the end of December 2013. This country really is ****ed
  6. Rockingit

    Middle East solar

    I've put this here rather than the solar forum as it's more an 'interest' thread than a techy one. I was travelling back from a job in the middle east yesterday, and passing through one of the airports I saw a series of advertising posters for HSBC - those supposedly inspiring future technology...
  7. W

    How does the trade differ in other countries?

    Has anyone here done much work in other countries? I'm planning on doing some travelling in the not so distant future and although i would like to fund this with savings and not work as i travel, i realise that at some point i may need to work. I'd like to hear from anyone who has worked...
  8. C

    Working abroad?

    Hi, just wondering if any countries regard electricians who are qualified in the UK as being qualified in there own country? + What are the best countries to work in for lifestyle, pay and job satisfaction?
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