1. Dan

    We've done a member cull. If you didn't login, not matter how many....

    We've done a member cull. If you didn't login within the last 2 years, not matter how many posts you had, what groups you were in, your account has been erased. Sorry. :) We want our stats to be true and accurate. We have 3,124 login over the last 30 days. I think I just erased around...
  2. D

    Friday morning stupidity,nearly didn't make lunch time!

    Carrying out a few minor remedials following an EICR on a small rented cottage this morning. One item was to replace the immersion heater stat for one with a thermal cut out. Switched off DP isolator alongside the tank, check with probes, crack on. Only trouble was the airing cupboard was a bit...
  3. Dave OCD

    Customer didn't get his Smart Meter.

    Had a call earlier from a chap I've worked for in the past, his CU [renewed around 12 years ago] and meter is sited in a cupboard under the stairs. The meter fitter was 'on site' and concerned about a buzzing sound in the aforementioned cupboard. He thought it could be dangerous and also thought...
  4. M

    The 'you don't need to change it socket'

    Hi guys First off I'm not a qualified spark yet I'm a mature level 3 apprentice, however I thought you might like to see a socket I was greeted with in the house I recently purchased. I purchased it from the in laws and the socket in question was in a room I was going to use for my children...
  5. Adie moore

    do the DNO have a duty of care

    went to a house today, it was a tt system with no rcd protection anywhere. Ze was 143ohms, Zs on a socket ring was a bit better. mcbs were old bs 3871 push button conversations. thing is, the overhead supplying the house had been replaced about 4 years ago, nice new service head ripe for a PME...
  6. U

    microwave light bulb, what is Z187?

    Hi there, I have a Russell Hobbs microwave. I have to replace a light bulb on it. The bulb comes with the base on which it says 250v 2a Z187 20w. Is Z187 compatible with T170 base? I spent a few hours googling and searching this Z187 and I can't find anything. The only place I can get a light...
  7. Adie moore

    rcd bust?

    strange goings-on or it might be me, this is what happens; • 3 lead loop test on final circuit = rcd trip • 3 lead loop test at board, outgoing side of rcd, all circuits off = rcd trip • 3 lead loop test at incoming side = rcd trip • rcd test at outgoing side= X.5 no trip X1 45ms X5 29ms...
  8. M

    Generator supply help please

    Morning! I've asked to sort out a generator to supply a occasionally used 'holiday home'. Apparently it's quite remote, and there have been some issues between the supply authority and the owner of the land they would need to access in order to provide / maintain a reliable supply. Their...
  9. O

    Testing fluorescent ballasts?

    So my old mans garage has various fluorescent fittings (inc a few he got secondhand from work during a renovation) asked me to come have a quick look as the RCD was tripping when they switched on but not immediately pulled various starters and tubes, ended up pulling all the starters and tubes...
  10. uksparks

    Poor work

    Hi, To cut a long storey short, I saw another electrician do this, new sub meter. they were both middle aged and he drove a brand spanking new VW transporter, a nice black one so obvious making the money, but anyway, they looked like they had been doing it years, they also did the rewire on...
  11. A

    Stupid stupid stupud customers.

  12. happyhippydad

    Is there a tube holder made for LED tubes T8?

    I'm not actually fitting any LED tubes but I like to be prepared! I cannot find any LED tube holders for a T8 LED tube, they all seem to be for fluorescents so you would have to remove the ballast and also replace the tube holder sockets. Surely there must be an LED holder? One of the threads...
  13. VoltzElectrical

    Philae' Rosetta mission is a hoax!

    Does anyone else think that it's a bit far fetched to believe a probe launched 10 years ago, with possibly even older technology can be shot through space 300 million miles, then somehow 'landed and operated' on a gravity free rock hurtling through space? This is the Western Front Willy...
  14. R

    rcd protection

    hi guys I've recently installed an saw cable from mains incommer to ccu which moved from old position in a property as i said I've used swa from outside electricity box into loft in bungalow then swapped to pvc 16mm via proper terminations enclosed ran it along onto of insulation in loft away...
  15. M

    Difficult customers...

    In a chatty mood.... So just wondered if anyone had had any really difficult customers...Or the customer that calls you up to do the work and then they know better once you've arrived. Had one recently, Customer wants a downflow heater put in 2 of their bathrooms. Had a look around the property...
  16. J

    Exit and Entry Doors on Scantronic 9600 Alarm

    Hi ... Apologies if this is the wrong place to post but everything I come across says closed thread . We have a Scantronic House Alarm and we have a front and rear door both with the contacts on them for exit and entry.I have looked at the paperwork and they are listed as exit and entry but we...
  17. A

    LED Tape

    I recently ordered some LED tape to try out at home; I've used it at work and it can produce a nice, subtle effect. After shopping around the net I ordered it from a company called 'SimpleLighting', or 'Trade Lighting'. According to their website they do next day delivery if ordered before 3pm...
  18. S

    Is 2394/2395 changing

    Hi everyone, can anyone confirm if the time scale on doing the written exams is going from hour and a half to two hours soon or is not true.
  19. Pete999

    Other Trades Persons

    Reading thread just now reminded me of a job I helped my Lad out on, we were wiring some down lighters, anyway we got to the jobsite ealy to make a start, about 09:30 this Muppet turned up, no introduction, nothing but "how much longer youse goin to be ere matey" all day we replied with that he...
  20. R


    hello everyone, i am in process of making some led light units for my aquarium, i have made a diagram to show how i have set out the circuit, i have a 12V driver thats powers the lights but i dont think its the right one and i dont want to leave it on for long periods of time if it is the...
  21. D

    Domestic Pulse pir?

    Hi guys, I have been asked to price a job to replace two outside lights which are switched and run in twin and earth. the customer would like to have a pir on these but with an override. Am i right in thinking its a pulse override pir that I need?
  22. M

    Domestic RCD not tripping under test

    Hi all. New user, but have lurked around here and used advice in other threads before, but haven't been able to find this problem anywhere, so figured I'd register and give it a shot. I've put in a new dual RCD consumer unit for a customer, went through all the testing with no problems, tested...
  23. B

    Econometer fitting and RCD tripping or not.

    Two things. A man from British Gas came to fit an economiser to my house yesterday. Surprised to see that he used a plug tester to "prove" isolation when pulling the sealed fuse and that he, although presumably not an electrician (he did the gas as well) was authorised to re-seal. If he is ok to...
  24. J

    Any advice on the matter? 'tis for my NIC DI Assessment

    Morning all, I've got a quick question regarding a consumer unit change. Basically, i'm using my parents house for my NIC assessment installations, one of which I'll be changing the consumer unit. Now here's where i'm a bit curious as what to do... The house is a small-medium sized 3 bedroom...
  25. M

    Web sites do they work

    Hi guys im mark ive been popping in and out of here for sometime now but have never joined in the chat/banter Anyway im thinking of building a website (or having one built) what are your views on them do they work for you ie getting enquires and leads for work
  26. R

    Testing Transformers

    Hi, Could anyone give me some advice on methods of testing 12v transformers if at all possible? Why I ask is because been to a customers because one of the under cabinet 12v lights wasn't working. First I tried changing the lamp which didn't work but worked in another fitting. Then just assumed...
  27. D

    Bitron entry-phone wiring

    Hi chaps, Thankfully this is my own cock up, not a clients... Took the entryphone off the wall in my flat while I redecorated, making careful notes of which terminals the cables went to. Unfortunatly, when disconnecting, an internal wire to the buzzer popped out of it's terminal and I've no...
  28. S

    Different Types Of Customers

    Have noticed now by doing lots of jobbing that there are 3 types of customers. One type is really concious and wants the best equipment and peace of mind for safety, the flip side to these customers is that they are really fussy and look over you when you are doing the job and ask so many...
  29. V

    MEM 45 amp push button breaker

    Hello any/everyone I'm trying to get hold of one of these. anyone any idea where i could pick one up? cheers
  30. J

    How Induction Motor Work?

    Hi everyone. I am a student of electrical engineering. I want to know the functioning of an induction motor. How it works and what are the advantages of it?
  31. E

    MCS annual Visit

    on your Second MCS visit Is this based still around the ONE solar pv job you will take the assessor to later in the day. IE Quotes/Sap - Contract - Surveys- Wind Cals - Roof Cals based around the single job????? or Will the assessor need access to all documents for all jobs you completed...
  32. H

    My Builder - Beware.

    Was advised to use the site MY BUILDER. What a load of rubbish. Registered last week and have been sent 14 leads for different jobs. Some sounding half decent others not so. Anyhow I got sent a job clearly marked - REWIRE. So said I was interested. The customer shortlisted me and I went to give...
  33. A

    Taking over unfinished job

    Been asked to quote for a job where the builders have gone bankrupt. All first fix electrics are done so the company who has taken over wants second fix done and testing. All walls are plastered and is in finishing stages. Would you issue an eic or a EICR
  34. J

    Megger MFT1730 brand new

    I have a Megger MFT1730 for sale. Brand new in box all sealed with 3 years warranty once registered. Reason for sale is I won it in a prize draw just before Xmas! And I also have a newish Kewtech KT64 which Im very happy with. I can send pics to anyone interested. I was planning on listing...
  35. G

    That's one way of installing a socket behind a wallmounted plasma TV!

    Rough as!
  36. E

    killing an alarm

    Hi guys, was going to post this on the relevant forum, but its private. . . . . .so I have a job that needs the water, gas and CH bonding, no prob, but there's a mains powered alarm system (R5 series security alarm), thats all that's on it, it's a brown box about 15 x 15 inch, sorry didn't have...
  37. Paul.M

    I'm not putting this one in the accident book!

    First thing this morning I picked up the apprentice and went to the first job in the city center. Need to unload and park up ten mins walk away kind of thing. Anyway, got there and parked on double yellow lines, jumped out to off load tools + mats. In a rush I opened both back doors of the...
  38. E

    Brand NEw Socked & See Fuse Finder & Extra Reciever

    I have a brand new socket and see fuse finder as pictured below, but also includes a second reciever unit which is ideal for large installations where two people can search for the supplying board. Full Spec here: Socket & See Easy Fuse Finder Kit :: Sparks Direct Supplies Any questions feel...
  39. R

    RCD rating too low

    Went to inspect a rented property the other day. TNC-S, Consumer unit has RCD as main switch protecting all circuits. Not too keen on the idea of one RCD (16th edition install about 10 years old), but anyway that wasn't really my concearn. The RCD was only rated at 63amps and it had the...
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