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  1. B

    Good samaritan did not get the reaction he thought he would

    The biker notices a wallet fall from the roof of a car that pulled out of a junction in front of him so he picks it up and proceeds to return it. The driver possibly thought it was road rage and hence his reaction. see Biker's act of kindness is a story of revenge and then karma -...
  2. i=p/u

    SJIB (Scottish) Certification Scheme Sjib/jib

    How quick can I get one of these cards. Do you know anyone who has got one fast from applying.
  3. E

    3 switches 1 light problem!

    Howdy, Moved into our house over a year ago and have only just found out we have a problem with the hall lights. There are 3 single switches in the hall that run a ceiling full of spots. The problem is that occasionally I turn on one of the switches (can be any of the three) and the lights do...
  4. B

    cooker keeps tripping rcd

    Hi Im pulling me hair out got a cooker that keeps tripping rcd not the trip it mainly happens once its had fan oven on for a while and when you want to check ya dinner ya open the door and it trips it doesnt have a light on it so it doesnt have a switch on door oven remains running when door...
  5. C


    i have wired in a ring circuit and there is power there, but it doesnt work when anything is plugged in. another fault is that the landing light doesnt work, this is a 2 way on stairs. problem is, it doesnt work until the down stairs lights mcb is switched off and upstairs is on. again if the...
  6. sparkdog

    ELECSA wait time?

    Hi,Does anyone know what the average wait time is for ELECSA after you have paid them?I don't fancy having to wait for weeks after shelling out £400+.Thanks,sparkdog.
  7. T

    Wiring Ring Final Circuit.. Laminate floor ??

    Have a customer who wants me to wire a new upstais ring main in his house.. The only problem is that one of the bedrooms has laminate flooring, he doesnt want to lift the floor up and cant touch the ceiling from below. The customer has asked if i can run the wiring behind the skirting board...
  8. R

    RCD problem

    Hi When I do a loop test on an installation protected with an rcd using my robin kmp 4118 (no d lock) the rcd doesnt trip. Both the tester and rcd have been tested ok by other means - any ideas? Thanks A very frustrated engineer
  9. P

    henley blocks in trunking

    I have to connect up a check meter. Is it ok to terminate the 2 armourds into 4" metal trunking. Then use henley blocks to terminate the feed/loads, and come out of them with double insulated tails into the check meter?
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