Aico Carbon Monoxide Detectors
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  1. M

    Texecom prem elite ricochet

    Hi I'm looking to find a wireless alarm system to use as my 'normal fit' alarm system. I liked the look of the features on this. Has anyone any experience with them or any better suggestions? I haven't a huge experience with alarms but do tend to fit a lot in new properties recently. There is...
  2. T

    Texecom Prem Elite 48 setup

    Hi Guys, anybody in the bacup area willing to give me a price for setup of texecom premier elite 48, 2 expanders full and 1 expander with 2 periphials, I have Wintex software on my desktop. struggling to understand the terminology, also there are no EOL resistors as I have linked out tamps where...
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