Aico 3000 Range
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  1. S

    UK Wiring emergency lights

    Hi Guys, how would you wire three gang two way switch for emergency lights so you have 3 feeds coming to the switch aswell as 3, 3 core and earth going to the light aswell as 3, 3 core and earth being strappers to the others 3 gang two way switch new to electrics so help would be appreciated cheers
  2. Thomas Connolly

    Two way light switch and feed question

    Hi Chaps, Re: The picture.... Is the Brown Wire that goes in to L1 on the second faceplate a permanent live? If so, could I change the faceplate to a 2 gang and add a link from the L1 to the Comm to feed another lamp? Thanks, T
  3. sparks55

    Domestic Earth Clamp On Oil Feeds

    Just had a customer request to ensure his installation is correctly earth bonded prior to install of Water Meter Now we all know that water is Bonded near to stop cock and gas is before 1st joint on the outlet But where do we bond Oil Feeds as not in BS7671 ??
  4. P


    Doing a Distance learning course and thought it might be a good idea to build my own board.
  5. S

    Security Lighting Controls

    Hi All, my friend asked me for some advice but im not 110% sure. He has installed a outside security light with built in PIR detection, but also wanted it to operate as a normal light when switched. So he has wired to switchlines from a 1g 2way switch, 1 switchline feeds directly to the live of...
  6. T

    advise on sky installation please????

    Hi all was wondering if anybody could help who has knowledge with sky installation , currently doing a rewire and am pulling in the sky points so the cable is hidden, in total there is going to be 8 tvs and they want sky for each one of them, pulling in twin satalite cable for sky plus but do...
  7. G

    When NOT to take neutrals to switches

    This is a 2 way 2 gang dimmer switch, which has feed in/out, and 2 switched lives and neutrals. So 4 neutrals blocked in a connector block, which was then put behind the switch as there was no room inside (only a 25 mm back box used), and the feeds had to blocked as 'the installer' could not get...
  8. K

    Radio link smoke alarms

    Hi Guys Got a loft conversion going on soon, i would like to fit radio link alarms on ground,1st and loft level..prob is, all 3 floors are on a different lighting circuit, Is this ok to connect from three different feeds ? or as i suspect , they should all come off the same circuit ? Any help...
  9. sythai

    Website Upgrade..... RSS feeds required ?

    Morning All... This year I'm going to focus on seeing if I can develop my website so I actaully get some business from it. Rather than just having it as a one page basic necessity. Been speaking to my marketing/web designer chap who says the best way to get it further up the page with well...
  10. L

    PVC trunking behind cooker??

    Ok im on a contract installing kitchens and I was told by a collegue that its fine to put PVC trunking behind the cooker but I have reservations if this against any regs??thought id quickly ask here 1st.
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